The Best Beginner Motorcycle Helmets

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When riding a motorcycle, it is mandatory to wear a motorcycle helmet from the beginning to the end of each trip. However, beginners need special helmets to learn how to use this vehicle more comfortably.

Logically, the choice of the best helmet can be a bit overwhelming for novice users. That is why here we mention the ten best options available on the market and analyze the fundamental aspects of each helmet. So to make the final decision we recommend you read on.

Top 10 Best Beginner Motorcycle Helmets

All those who are just starting to enjoy riding a motorcycle need a good helmet. They require a good level of protection to avoid the bumps and accidents that happen when learning to ride a motorcycle. 

1. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 – Best Overall

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The GLX Unisex helmet is a better option on the market for beginners in search of top-notch performance. The level of protection is top-notch as suitable as well as the inner protection, giving every user the best riding experience.


1. The body structure was built with excellent quality materials to provide beginner users with the best protection they need. Those who are not very used to riding a bike need a very suitable helmet. The likelihood of bumps is very high, and therefore the helmet must have the durability that this unit includes.

2. On the other hand, the ventilation panels prevent the wind from being an annoying factor for the beginner rider’s ride. In such a way, this unit incorporates different ducts through which the wind can enter, providing an excellent aerodynamic level that the user will notice.

3. The interior comfort has been developed thanks to a microfiber material that is replaceable and removable. This means that this unit can adapt to the user’s comfort, improving the experience of each trip. At the same time, this material is washable and can absorb moisture or sweat.

4. One of the most critical aspects of this helmet is DOT approved. This approval ensures a very convenient helmet to use on the first trips. Finally, it is necessary to note that this helmet also allows for decreasing the noise generated by the road or by the wind. 


1. Noise reduction

2. Good quality structure

3. Multiple ventilation panels


1. Design a bit simple 

2. Shoei RF-SR Helmet – Solid – The Best For The Vision

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The SHOEI RF-SR helmet of the options that have been integrated to obtain a large field of vision. Visibility is one of the main factors for beginners to avoid any mistakes on a motorcycle. Anyway, it is also a helmet that can incorporate other valuable features.


1. The structure has solid materials that provide the user with a high level of impact resistance. This allows the novice user to ride safely and learn how to ride a bike without worrying about accidents. Even the face shield protects the eyes and face from direct sunlight or other components.

2. We noticed a soft, multi-density material lining with a double layer on the inside. This type of material was integrated to optimize shock absorption from the outside. In this way, you will not feel great kinetic energy for each impact. Besides, the softness and comfort inside offer a comfortable experience.

3. Each of the aerodynamic properties allows riders to enjoy different riding speeds. This is a beneficial feature for motorcycle beginners as they will not have to deal with destabilization from the wind.

4. Finally, a very innovative design has also been incorporated, and different colors and sizes in the other helmets are available. So, beginner users will have the possibility to choose the best helmet to learn how to use a motorcycle correctly.


1. Excellent shock absorption

2. Optimal Interior Comfort

3. Excellent ventilation system


1. Requires a high budget 

3. HTTMT MT506-001 – The Best For The Budget

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Among the options available, it is unnecessary to spend a large amount of money to get some protection. As a beginner motorcycle rider, you need to opt for this helmet that has some beneficial features. Of course, the best part is the low cost of this unit which allows motorcyclists to be within their budgets.


1. In this case, it is a half-face motorcycle helmet that has DOT approval. This means that this is a helmet that will allow you to be protected from impacts on the road. So, it is not only a cheap helmet but also an efficient helmet with an excellent level of shock absorption.

2. Inside this unit, we found a soft and adaptable material to the contours of the head of any user. This is one of the fundamental aspects for those who want to enjoy a good motorcycle ride without the discomfort of a wrong helmet. Even the padded design manages to appeal to all types of users to enjoy a great riding experience.

3. The structure features an advanced thermoplastic shell that can offer an excellent lifespan. It is also a helmet that can be adapted to different motorcycles quickly and. That is why it is one of the most recommended options for motorcycle beginners.

4. Finally, the double D-ring strap is made of stainless steel and incorporates buttons. In short, this helmet has everything you need to provide reasonable protection in a structure that is highly lightweight. The wide variety of sizes available allows a user to choose just the right size.


1. Excellent shock absorption

2. Optimal Interior Comfort

3. Great freedom of movement


1. Unattractive design 

4. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet – Crossbar – The Best For Design

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Those with the proper budget can opt for this helmet that incorporates the best features that can be obtained for beginner motorcyclists. Here, you can get Comfort, Comfort, and unique styling. Along with that, this is a helmet that can be very compatible with different types of motorcycles.


1. The structure has high-strength materials to have a high level of shock absorption. Of course, this is a fundamental feature to avoid the inconveniences that can arise in any traffic accident. Even eye protection is included to prevent insects or direct sunlight from being a problem during any trip.

2. The ventilation system manages to deal with wind at high speeds exceptionally well. This is very useful to prevent the wind from being a destabilizing factor that will detract from any rider’s ride. Even the air intakes have been incorporated along with different points of the same motorcycle helmet.

3. On the inside, the user can count on comfortable and soft materials at any time of the ride. This is one of the best ways to improve shock absorption without reducing the comfort level that the user can enjoy. Besides, the interior is removable and washable for good maintenance.

4. Finally, the user will have the possibility to choose between different sizes and styles to select the most suitable one. This is combined with a high level of protection and an excellent aerodynamic system that results in a helmet worthy of beginners or professionals.


1. Excellent protection

2. Good aerodynamic helmet

3. Built-in face protection


1. Somewhat expensive 

5. LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet – The Best For All Bikes

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This helmet can adapt to all motorcycle styles, making it one of the most versatile and suitable options that it is possible to choose these days. The best thing about this is that the features of this helmet are still as adequate as the cost-benefit ratio.


1. Inside this unit, we find a liner made from a soft and gentle material. This means that we can remove this material to wash it and apply the most appropriate maintenance. In any case, this is a helmet that can be worn at all times for an excellent level of Comfort.

2. The double protection incorporates a face shield to protect the face mainly from wind or insects during a road trip. Also, a second eye shield with a tint was included to lessen direct sunlight. This may be more than enough to enhance the overall protection of this helmet.

3. On the outside, we found a high-strength material that is most appropriate to protect the wearer during a traffic accident fully. We can be sure that this is an excellent helmet because this unit is DOT-approved and meets other quality standards.

4. Lastly, the reinforced quick-release strap can keep this helmet in place throughout the entire ride. So, this can be more than enough to enjoy the first motorcycle and learn how to ride this type of vehicle properly without worrying about traffic accidents.


1. Excellent cost-benefit ratio

2. Soft, removable interior material

3. Continuous flow dynamic ventilation


1. Few different designs 

6. LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet – The Best For Simple Style

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Proper and straightforward styling can be the best choice for many motorcyclists. This helmet can offer all that and more, along with a good level of protection on any motorcycle ride.


1. The structure of this helmet has been constructed using high-strength polycarbonate. In this way, it can offer users an excellent level of protection without necessarily increasing the overall weight of the helmet. Beyond that, the level of impact absorption is fantastic, which provides excellent reliability and safety to all people who are learning to use a motorcycle.

2. On the inside, each user will have the possibility to find a comfortable and removable material. This hypoallergenic material is washable to enjoy a pleasant aroma without the accumulation of humidity or offensive odors in such a way that the inside of this helmet offers the possibility to adapt to the different contours of your head.

3. Finally, this helmet is DOT-approved and meets excellent quality standards. To all this, we must add that the quick-release buckle allows this helmet to be removed easily and quickly. All this can be available along with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.


1. Excellent strength structure

2. Lightweight and easy to wear, a helmet

3. Soft, removable material inside


1. Intermediate aerodynamic level 

7. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet – The Best For Protection

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Another way to feel protected is with the help of this helmet. It is a helmet that does not require a big budget and can offer excellent protection and safety levels to every motorcyclist with peace of mind.


1. High-strength polycarbonate and ABS have been used to manufacture the structure of this helmet. This means that the system can provide an excellent level of shock absorption. This can be verified because it is a helmet that meets various quality standards and is DOT-approved.

2. A ventilation system has also been incorporated to deal with the wind smoothly and correctly. This is an essential feature for novice users because it prevents destabilization during a motorcycle ride. In such a way, the ventilation ducts are organized along with the entire helmet.

3. This helmet also includes two face shields to prevent wind and insects from being a problem. The dark smoke shield has the ideal tint to avoid direct sunlight from affecting the wearer’s eyes too much. The apparent security is also very suitable and is best suited for nighttime protection.


1. DOT approval

2. Noise reduction

3. Built-in shields for face protection 


1. Intermediate level interior comfort 

8. Bell SRT Street Helmets – The Best For Lightweight

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Among the most suitable options for users, protection is this helmet with excellent results. The highlight of this unit is that it can protect the user without adding too much weight. However, other high-quality features are also incorporated.


1. Unique materials have been used to offer an excellent level of protection to users without incorporating a sizeable overall weight. Among the materials included is fiberglass, which has exceptional durability and strength. Novice riders will be able to enjoy a motorcycle ride without feeling any discomfort from the helmet.

2. However, recessed speaker pockets have also been incorporated into the interior of this helmet. This allows users to enjoy different communication systems when traveling with other motorcyclists. 

3. As if that was not enough, this helmet incorporates a Class One eye shield, meaning that your eyes will be protected from direct sunlight, wind, and insects.

4. Finally, it is a helmet that has soft and comfortable materials to feel. These materials inside the helmet make it possible to offer an excellent experience to all motorcyclists. It is even the kind of helmet that the DOT approves.


1. Lightweight construction

2. Eye protection

3. Soft and comfortable interior


1. Poor aerodynamics 

9. Scorpion R420 Helmet – The Best For Street Bike

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This helmet is one of the most suitable for a street motorcycle. So, that means this is a helmet that can adapt to high speeds providing a good level of comfort and ease of use at all times.


1. The high-strength frame has been manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate. So this means that it is a very advanced choice among the helmets available today. The user will enjoy excellent Comfort together with a high level of shock absorption.

2. The aerodynamic ventilation system consists of mouth vents and a large top vent. So this means that this is a helmet that can cope excellently with the wind when the you’re at high speeds. Even the noise level generated by the wind or the road is not felt inside this helmet.

3. The DOT approval means that this is an excellent safety helmet to use when getting good protection. Moreover, the quality of this helmet can also be noticed in the design incorporated into the entire structure. Here, we found dynamic curves which are perfect for the best motorcycles and the best style.

4. For its part, this helmet also has the versatility of incorporating transparent eye protectors or with a dark shade. The latter option is one of the most chosen when protecting your eyes from direct sunlight. 


1. Highly innovative design

2. Excellent strength structure

3. Lightweight and comfortable to wear a helmet


1. Intermediate level versatility 

10. Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet – The Best For Full Face

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Lastly and very importantly, this helmet has the versatility to adapt to various types of motorcycles and users who enjoy full-face helmets. Specifically, this helmet incorporates a set of innovative features that provide comfort and protection to all novice users.


1. The high level of versatility allows users to utilize this helmet in various ways. Individuals will be able to use this helmet as a half helmet, an open face helmet, or a full-face helmet. So the user will have the versatility to use this helmet at their convenience, depending on the type of motorcycle or weather conditions.

2. A set of ventilation intakes was integrated into the front of the helmet. This was incorporated subtly to overemphasize the subtle and straightforward design. In any case, these are ventilation ducts that reduce the level of noise generated by this factor inside the helmet.

3. People will be able to obtain excellent shock absorption due to high-quality materials. This can be verified because it is a helmet that complies with the standards by DOT.

4. Finally, on the inside, a set of soft materials has been incorporated to comfort any user needs. It is a combination of polyester and EPS that adapts to each user’s contour while absorbing the energy of the impacts excellently. 


1. Various removable parts 

2. DOT approval

3. Subtle and complete design


1. Few different designs 

Buying Guide

Analyzing each of the options mentioned above is the first step in finding the best motorcycle helmet for beginners. However, other relevant aspects of any motorcycle helmet must also be considered. Considering the following options will facilitate the final choice procedure.

1. Eye And Face Protection: Many of the helmets we have mentioned can incorporate face shields that protect the face and eyes. Most include two shields as one is transparent while the other contains a dark tint. The latter option is much more advisable to protect the eyes from direct sunlight.

2. Frame Design: A motorcycle helmet offers different methods such as a full-face helmet, open-face half helmet, etc. Choosing the most suitable option allows the user to enjoy a more comfortable ride on the road, in a city, or in different situations. The best options incorporate removable parts to have all these styles in one helmet.

3. Air Intakes: This is one of the essential features for dealing with the wind when riding a motorcycle. The best ventilation systems allow the air to be diverted to generate too much noise inside the helmet. Some helmets even use this same wind to provide some freshness to the user.

4. Interior Design: The interior design is determined by the materials used in each motorcycle helmet. It is best to have a helmet that incorporates soft and comfortable fabrics to wear. Even these materials can be removable and washable to implement good maintenance, eliminating all colors.

5. Additional Features: Sometimes, we can find helmets built with lightweight materials such as fiberglass. This is excellent for getting a good level of protection in a much lighter helmet. DOT approval is also necessary to use a helmet that is safe in a traffic accident.


After looking into some features and benefits of the best beginner motorcycle helmet available on the market today. The buying process will be a lot easier. A motorcycle helmet is one of the most important safety items to use when riding any motorcycle. The helmets we have mentioned allow beginner users to learn how to ride this vehicle more easily.