Costco Tire Warranty (In Detail)

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If Costco sells you a passenger, performance, or light truck tire, you get a 5-year warranty. The Road Hazard Warranty protects against two things: Treadwear damage and Tire failure. You should keep in mind that Costco won’t fix your tires if you damaged them recklessly, like racing or driving in the snow.

Key Takeaways

  • Costco offers tire warranty for road hazards such as punctures, cuts, and bruises
  • If there is any manufacturer’s defects on the tire then Costco will offer repair or replacement
  • If the tire becomes worn down to the wear bar before the usable tread life then Costco will offer reimbursement for replacement
  • Costco offers 24/7 roadside assistance and it includes towing, tire change, and jump-starts 

Perks Of Being A Costco Member

ConsumerReports says that Costco is one of the best tire stores in the US. Their free perks and excellent customer service put them before most tire retailers.

To put things to perspective, here’s a table for you to study:

StoreFinal Rating (%)Free Perks Rating (%)
Les Schwab Tire Centers92100
Independent Retailers9140
Discount Tire Centers9180
America’s Tire9060

So, with Costco, you’ll get a tire warranty and more perks like:

1. Tire balancing

2. Tire mounting

3. Vehicle inspections

In this article, we’re focusing on the Costco tire warranty. Here, you’ll read about the following:

1. Terms and Conditions of the Costco Road Hazard Warranty (Details)

2. What the Costco Tire Return Policy Is

3. And If Costco Tire Warranty Covers Punctures

Now, let’s get on with it.

Full Details Of The Costco Road Hazard Warranty (Terms And Conditions)

From the Costco website, the terms and conditions are in five sections:

1. How do you qualify for the warranty

2. The conditions of the warranty

3. What the warranty covers

4. What the warranty doesn’t cover

5. And Costco’s tire care recommendations

Now, let us go through each section in detail:

How You Qualify For The Warranty

1. You should be the original buyer of the tires.

2. Also, you need to have bought them from Costco Wholesale.

3. Then, you need to show the receipt once you’re at the tire center.

The Conditions Of The Warranty

1. Before using the tires, you need to rotate and balance them. To do the task well, you’ll get the correct instructions from your vehicle’s manual.

2. Also, the tires need to be at the recommended inflation levels. Your vehicle’s manufacturer provides the PSI info in the documentation.

3. You should ensure that the parts affecting your tires are in good condition.

4. You must sign the tire form that Costco provides.

What The Warranty Covers

1. Costco will cover your tires if they become unserviceable due to:

a) Cuts

b) Non-repairable punctures

c) Impact damage

d) Also, Costco will repair your tires if they have tread face injuries.

2. The only tires that the warranty covers are:

a) Passenger tires

b) Performance tires

c) Light truck tires

d) The warranty stands for 60 months (5 years) from the day you buy the tires.

e) If the tires reach 2/32 of an inch (1.6 mm) or less tire depth, you can’t claim the warranty. It is because Costco will consider them worn out.

3. If a road hazard occurs, Costco will give you a refund along the following lines:

Costco multiplies the usable remaining tread with the buying price. They do so to get the amount payable.

Note: The buying price includes the discounts they gave you.

And what is the usable remaining tread? It is the original tread depth minus 1.6 mm. 

What the Warranty Does Not Covers

1. Vandalized tires

2. Tires damaged because of an accident

3. Tires that failed because you used the vehicle commercially. For example, the warranty doesn’t apply if you’re using your Costco tires on an Uber car.

4. Tires that you transferred to another vehicle from its original Costco installation.

5. Tires damaged due to:

a) Of-road usage

b) Racing

c) Studs and snow chains

d) Irregular wear

e) Improper maintenance

Costco Tire Care Recommendations

Costco recommends the following:

1. Check your tire pressure levels once a month or more. If not, have a professional check it for you. You can get No products found. or No products found. tire pressure checker from Amazon. They will prevent you from having underinflated tires.

2. As you fill your air, stick to the recommended PSI levels. If not, you risk overinflating your tires.

3. Don’t overload your car. If you do, you’ll put extra pressure on the tires, which may damage them.

4. During installation, Costco will give you a card from the DOT. DOT is the Department of Transportation). Ensure you use it to register your tires.

5. If you do your repair outside Costco, always insist on two-piece tire repair. It is the repairing standard that the USTMA recommends.

6. Avoid using a fix-a-flat product as much as possible. These are special aerosols used to seal punctures and holes in tires. If you use them, your tire may become non-reparable.

7. Once you replace or service your tires, retighten your lug nuts after driving for 25 miles.

8. When you take your tire for repair, ask the pro to use a calibrated torque wrench. They should use the manufacturer-recommended wrench to hand-torque the tire and rim assemblies.

What is Costco Tire Return Policy?

Costco allows you to test drive your tires for up to 30 days. But, if the tires don’t meet your needs, you can either:

1. Return them for a refund. But, the refund will exclude the installation costs

2. Or exchange them for other tires

Read on.

Costco Tire Return Policy [More]

Costco doesn’t talk about its return policy on its website. But it has one, thanks to confirmation by FirstQuarterFinance. The website contacted Costco tire centers in Nebraska, Florida, Alabama, and Kansas.

What Costco Does With Old Tires

After installing new tires, Costco will dispose of the old ones. So, until you’re sure about buying new ones from Costco, keep every old tire handy.

If the old tires are unsafe, Costco won’t reinstall them. But, you can change your Costco tires with others of another brand.

Have The Tire Warranty Details In Mind While Returning Them To Costco

All the tire warranty details apply when you return the tires. So, ensure you know the warranty details (previous section).

How Do You Return Tires At A Costco Tire Center?

1. First, you need to go to the nearest Costco Tire Center. Although different locations have different times, here are open hours for most centers:

a) Monday through Friday – 10 AM to 8.30 PM

b) Saturdays – 10 AM to 6 PM

c) And Sundays – 10 AM to 6 PM

2. Once you’re at the tire center, here’s what could happen:

a) The professionals may complete the return process

b) Or they may take you to the returns’ desk

c) Also, they will get your tires and give you a return form. To complete the process, you’ll need to fill the form and return it to Costco.

d) Ensure you bring your receipt. If you don’t, Costco won’t do anything about your issue.

3. When you return the tires, you’ll need to replace them. So, if Costco finds that the warranty is valid, they’ll provide you with new wheels. If not, you’ll have to buy them there.

In the end, you’ll have fresh tires.

Does Costco Tire Warranty Cover Punctures?

If your puncture is non-reparable, Costco will cover your tires. But Costco won’t accept your claim if you got the hole through ‘illegal’ situations.

For example, your Costco tire warranty will not cover punctures from off-road driving.


Now, you know all the details covered in the Costco tire warranty. With your situation, you’ll know if Costco will act on your claim. If they don’t replace your tires, you can return them. But be ready to incur new buying costs.