Is Automatic Transmission In Toyota Corolla Reliable?

Last Updated on February 13, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Some trims of the Toyota corolla have a traditional automatic transmission, while newer models have CVT (continuously variable transmission). Both are pretty reliable, and they provide a smooth driving experience. If you maintain the car by checking fluid levels regularly and interchanging transmission fluid as required, you will enjoy the automatic drive train.

Key Takeaways

  • In order to get the best performance from the Toyota Corolla’s automatic transmission, you have to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule
  • You have to regularly change the fluid of the transmission and inspect its components for smooth shifting
  • The automatic transmission of the Toyota Corolla operates at its most efficient RPM range to offer excellent fuel efficiency
  • The average lifespan of a Toyota Corolla transmission is 150,000 to 200,000 miles with proper and regular maintenance

Do Toyota Corollas Have Transmission Problems?

Despite having many advantages, a disadvantage with the Toyota Corollas with a higher mileage tends to have a problem shifting. This shifting problem may cause a lot of shaking and lurching of the car.

Common Problems With Toyota Corolla

1. The Car May Be Consuming Excess Oil

This is the most complained about problem, and it is the most reported despite having more models. This can be corrected by checking the oil levels and generally keeping the engine lubricated at all times. It is also wise to replace the oil pistons and piston strings regularly. Failure to do so may also bring about poor vehicle performance, poor acceleration, and excessive exhaust smoke. Replacing the engine is also advisable if the problem is severe.

2. The Engine Having Problems With Cracking Due To The Starter

The problem has to occur at an average of 125000 miles, mainly on the complete starter, but at times, it may appear on the starter solenoid. You may be experiencing a faulty starter solenoid or complete starter when this occurs. 

Some ways to know if the car starter and not the transmitter is having the problem include:

1. A grinding noise

2. Freewheeling

3. A seized engine

3. Recurrent Transmission Problems

You now understand how important a vehicle’s transmission is; if the transmission problems recur, the following may be the ones causing it:

1. Transmission Slipping

2. The automatic transmission may not be shifting properly

3. The vehicle shudders may be vibrating at low speeds

4. The transmission may be experiencing a failure

How Long Does A Toyota Corolla Transmissions Last?

They are designed to keep up with the vehicle’s entire life cycle. The shortest life cycle is estimated to be 100,000 miles. This means that as long as you have your car on the road, then the transmission will always be in excellent condition to serve you.

The Most Annoying Toyota Corolla Problems Owners Talk About

The issues that have been mostly recorded and reported by most Toyota Corolla users include:

1. Daytime running light problems

2. Failure of the Automatic Transmission may fail to shift

3. Engine failure

The automatic transmission problem has also been stated here, but through gradual technology improvement, the matter reduces as more models are created.

What Are Some Of The Cvt Transmission Issues Encountered In The Former Years?

They are the most trusted and used transmissions; however, they cannot be perfect. 

The issues include:

1. Losing of power frequently

2. Problems with transmission jerking

3. The transmission experiences slipping

4. The CVT coolant hosing leaks and failures

5. Displaying of a CVT error message

What Are The Best And Worst Years For The Toyota Corolla?

If you are interested in getting the best model of Toyota Corolla, the 1997 model will do. It is ranked the best of all the models. Indeed, old is gold.

Toyota joined or entered the vehicle industry in the year 1966, and since then, it has advanced and has had 12 different and successful generations of corollas

The best years for Toyota CorollaThe Worst years for Toyota Corolla

The best years have quite a difference and a lot of boosting features. They include:

1. High fuel economy

2. Comfortable riding 

3. Easy driving controls

4. Automatic braking system

5. Anti-lock brakes

The worst years were indeed the worst, with many complaints from engine failure to excessive engine oil consumption, sudden loss of power, and even the accelerator getting stuck from time to time.

2022 Toyota Corolla Features

This car is incredible, from automatic conditioning to a continuously variable-speed automatic transmission to the inline- 4 cylinders to 3.6L engine oil capacity and not forgetting the three-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is Automatic Transmission In Toyota Corolla Reliable?

Yes, it is. The features mentioned above do explain that. Despite having problems from time to time, it is still recommendable, depending on the car’s model, because as the years go by, the CVT Transmissions keep upgrading and getting even better.

2. Is A Corolla With A Cvt As Reliable As A Camry With A 6 Or 8 Automatic Transmission?

Toyota Corollas are the best and most reliable whether they come with CVT or any other form. Therefore, a Camry with either a 6 or 8 automatic transmission is no match to a Toyota Corolla with CVT Transmission.

3. Is The 2020’s Corolla’s Automatic Transmission Reliable?

Yes, it is. The upgrade keeps getting better with each model. Therefore, there is a significant improvement from the former and 2020 models on the modified features, the automatic transmission included. 

4. Does Toyota Corolla Have A Warranty?

Yes, it has. The warranty is roughly for three years. The warranty offers a free bumper-to-bumper three-year servicing for your car. It also handles all the car issues in case of a sudden breakdown within the warranty period. Repairs and quick adjustments are also addressed. The systems may sometimes be stressful, but the customer is not to worry as the company manages it within the warranty. 

The warranty is comprehensive.

Final Word

Toyota Corolla has been there for many years; having twelve generations is no joke.

Comparing it with other car models is difficult because of its impressive models over the years. Its Automatic Transmission is also incomparable to other car brands and has been proven to be the best. Not only does Corolla tend to satisfy a customer’s wants, but it also has high reliability and a good warranty in case of anything. It can also last for an extended period under good maintenance. With the new 2020 redesign and other upgrades, if you are not into Toyota Corolla, you are missing out.