My Honda Odyssey Door Was Not Closing – How Do I Fix This Problem?

Last Updated on January 28, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Occasionally, the door of this vehicle may not close because of an interfering rubber part or a switch that is in the wrong position. This problem can be solved by removing all obstructions and using the button correctly. However, it may also be necessary to reset each of the fuses or check the battery operation.

Key Takeaways

  • If your Honda Odyssey Door is not closing properly then you should check whether the door is aligned properly or not
  • Check the door latch to see whether it is damaged or not, if the latch is damaged then change it to solve the issue
  • If the door hinges of your Honda Odyssey is damaged then replace them to solve the problem
  • Sometimes this type of problem occurs because of the lock actuator, so check the lock actuator to find out whether it is working properly or not

Honda Odyssey Door Not Closing – Main Problems And Solutions.

Rubber BumpersYou can replace this part located at the top of the door, with very few steps.
Fuse ProblemThe main switch could partially close the door, so the fuse must be replaced in some cases.
Door Partially ClosesApplying a manual reset by disconnecting and connecting the battery may solve the problem.
The Door Does Not Lock.Dirty sensors may be the problem, and a skilled mechanic should take care of the solution.
The Door Closes And Opens.Using isopropyl alcohol may be suitable for the door contacts and pillars. 

1999 To 2011 Honda Odyssey

This vehicle is characterized by sliding doors, among other peculiar features. Of course, this feature gives users comfortable and versatile use on various occasions. However, many users have faced the problem that these doors may not close properly.

You might find some typical issues when it comes to this vehicle manufactured between 1999 and 2011. In most cases, the solution is straightforward. Besides, many users of the Honda Odyssey face the same issue. This means that with a proper guide, it will not be necessary to spend money on a professional mechanic.

The first problem is straightforward to solve and requires a simple and quick check. It is advisable to stand in the second row of seats and check both sides of the interior handle. There are seat belts in Honda Odyssey vehicles manufactured between 1999 and 2011. When the user tries to pull the handle, the problem should be solved, although this is not always the case.

If the result has not been as expected, the user should get into the driver’s seat. Here, the dashboard and sliding door buttons should be checked. The buttons on each of the doors should be pressed to check the proper operation of each entry. The front or rear door buttons should be encouraged.

Sometimes this solution may not be enough either, but we still have one more way to solve the door problem. Here, a very close inspection should be made at the door opening right at the top. At this point, you’ll find a rubber bumper between the door and the track.

If it’s an old model vehicle, the rubber on this bumper can become brittle and dry out. This means that the rubber part will fall off at some point, moving away from its natural position. The problem only appears when the door does not close due to the rubber bumper being too old.

A straightforward and easy solution is to replace the rubber bumper. This part of the vehicle does not require a big budget, and the installation is straightforward to do. So there will be no need for a professional mechanic either. 

The sliding door must be opened using the driver’s control button partially once the rubber bumper has been incorporated. The edge of the hook should be facing the rail at the time of installation. Of course, this piece must be used and slide inward. In this case, the door handle should be good enough to close the door properly.

Honda Odyssey 2011 Onwards

In these models, the solution is to use the switch and door release buttons. On many occasions, a person may use the sliding door buttons without getting the proper results.

There is a toggle switch near the driver’s steering wheel inside the vehicle. This switch can be moved up or down. Pressing this switch means preventing the automatic operation of the door release buttons.

In general, using this switch can be more than enough to avoid calling a professional mechanic and spending a lot of money on a simple solution. However, there are also a set of particular problems that we should mention.

The Sliding Door Opens Immediately After It Is Closed.

Sometimes the sliding door can open even if it is less than an inch after it is closed. This is some safety and security aspect as the door is not completely locked. The user can start by turning off the main switch on the dashboard and open all doors. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean the door contacts and pillars.

There are rubber components on the top of the door and near the door button. These rubber components should be located appropriately as they are often out of place. Sometimes it is advisable to get new rubber parts to prevent the door from opening any further. If all these do not solve the problem, it may be a fuse problem, which needs a mechanic.

The Sliding Door Partially Closes.

Performing a manual reset may be the most appropriate when none of the techniques listed above is working. The vehicle’s battery should be disconnected, and then the doors should be manually closed. The battery should then be reset by connecting the negative terminal and the positive terminal.

The toggle switch should be turned off and turned back on once the vehicle is started. This is the same switch on the steering wheel column that we mentioned earlier. The two power buttons on the sliding doors should be pressed and held down while the doors are closing. If the doors do not move, the switch should be reset and the procedure restarted.

The Sliding Door Does Not Lock, Or The Latch Is Jammed.

When the manual sliding door latch is working correctly, it may be because the sensors need cleaning or the fuse needs to be reset. You might need the service of a professional at this point.

Using a screwdriver, the jammed latch can be opened, or the parts of the closer motor can be replaced. With a new latch and an efficient engine, the problem should be solved. Of course, a skilled mechanic is highly recommended to avoid mistakes or further damage.