Top 10 Medieval Motorcycle Helmets (Best 10 Options!)

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Some of the best Medieval motorcycle helmets are Medieval Skeleton Helmet, Nagina International Medieval Knight Helmet , Medieval Functional Helmet, Nagina International Medieval Barbuta Steel Helmet, Nagina International Medieval Warrior HelmetMedieval Warrior Greek Corinthian Helmet, etc.

Key Takeaways

What Are The Best Medieval Motorcycle Helmets?

In this case, we have summarized the best options that are available on the market. With a glance, you’ll get familiar with the basic features of each option.

Best Overall: Medieval Skeleton Helmet

Those who enjoy unique styling can count on this helmet for structure, strength, and design.

Best For Knights Fans: Nagina International Medieval Knight Helmet 

Fans of knights will find this helmet with a wealth of historical details and a sturdy structure.

Best For Light Helmet: Medieval Functional Helmet

This helmet incorporates lightweight while also offering a resistant structure and a good level of visibility.

Best For Viking Fans: Norse Tradesman Handcrafted Viking Helmet

Fans of the Vikings will be able to wear this truly lightweight helmet. It is made of high-strength Leather.

Best For Women: Nagina International Medieval Barbuta Steel Helmet

Women will enjoy this helmet that incorporates unique warrior styling and a good level of strength and design.

Best For Complete Protection: Whetstone Cutlery Medieval Knight’s Helmet

This helmet provides complete protection for the head, neck, and face.

Best For Warrior Fans: Nagina International Medieval Warrior Helmet

An outstanding balance between visibility, lightness, and strength of the structure has been incorporated here.

Best For Spartan Design: Medieval King Leonidas Helmet

Here, the unique Spartan style has been incorporated so that fans enjoy great face and head protection.

 Best For Roman Trojan Warrior: Medieval Warrior Greek Corinthian Helmet

This helmet offers similar characteristics to the previous helmet, incorporating high resistance and optimum visibility.

Best For Mini Gladiator: Great Mini Gladiator Maximus Black Helmet

It is a very light helmet that protects the head while offering an excellent level of visibility.

The Best Medieval Motorcycle Helmets – Comparison Chart

The following table can be handy for all those users who do not have much time. Here, we include each medieval motorcycle helmet’s fundamental aspects to choose the best option in a short time.

Best Medieval Motorcycle HelmetsIt’s Best forWeightColor
Medieval Skeleton HelmetBest overall4.05 lbsBrown
Nagina International Medieval Knight Helmet Best for Knights Fans4.19 lbsSilver
Medieval Functional HelmetBest for Light Helmet4.5 lbsSilver
Norse Tradesman Handcrafted Viking HelmetBest for Vikings Fans2 lbsRusset
Nagina International Medieval Barbuta Steel HelmetBest for Women6.19 lbsSilver, Yellow
Whetstone Cutlery Medieval Knight’s HelmetBest for Complete Protection8 lbsSilver
Nagina International Medieval Warrior HelmetBest for Warrior Fans4.69 lbsSilver, Yellow
Medieval King Leonidas HelmetBest for Spartan Design5.09 lbsBrown, Red
Medieval Warrior Greek Corinthian HelmetBest for Roman Trojan Warrior7.45 lbsCopper
Excellent Mini Gladiator Maximus Black HelmetBest for Mini Gladiator1 lbBlack

My Top 10 Best Medieval Motorcycle Helmets Reviews in 2021

Here, we will be able to learn about the outstanding features, specifications of each product, pros and cons, and other additional details on each of these medieval helmets. This way, anyone will be able to make the right decision on their next helmet.

Best For Overall: Medieval Skeleton Helmet

Key Features

1. Historically authentic design

2. 18 gauge mild steel

3. Large interior space

4. Viking mask

Product Specs

MaterialIron steel and Leather
BrandThor Instruments
Weight4.05 lbs

1. Good level of comfort

2. Complete protection

3. High resistance structure


1. Limited visibility

All people who enjoy strange and innovative helmets can opt for this skeleton armor helmet. Here, an attempt has been made to reproduce the historical and authentic design from a Viking design. Beyond the design, this is a helmet of excellent strength and durability due to its manufacture.

Here, we found 18 gauge mild steel, which provides excellent resistance against all kinds of factors. Also, the antique finish gives it the perfect design for those who enjoy medieval-style elements and accessories.

On the other hand, it is one of the ideal choices for those who enjoy costumes, live-action role-playing games, and any different situation that needs a medieval skeleton armor helmet. People here will be provided with an excellent design and a handmade helmet that is worthy of collection. 

Best For Knights Fans: Nagina International Medieval Knight Helmet 

Key Features

1. Historically correct design

2. High precision details

3. The thickness of 1 millimeter or 19-gauge

4. Compatible as a Halloween costume 

Product Specs

MaterialMild Steel, Leather
BrandNagina International
Weight4.19 lbs

1. High-strength steel

2. Covers head, face, and neck

3. Acceptable visibility


1. Not recommended for hot days

All those fans of medieval knights will have the possibility of acquiring this armor helmet that used to be used by the Knights Templar. A mixture of Leather and mild steel of 1-millimeter thickness were used for the production. So, this allows users to obtain excellent resistance without suffering a heavy helmet.

Beyond that, a set of padded materials has been incorporated in the interior to reduce the discomfort level of this helmet. Even the front of the face can be raised for complete visibility. In such a way that motorcyclists will have the possibility to use this helmet anywhere to fit perfectly.

A buckle has been incorporated at the bottom to keep this helmet efficiently attached to your head. The entire structure completely covers the user’s head and face, and part of the neck. It can be excellent when it comes to enjoying a high-speed ride without suffering from insects or any other road component. 

Best For Light Helmet: Medieval Functional Helmet

Key Features

1. 18 gauge steel

2. Free wooden stand

3. Ideal helmet for adults

4. Inner liner

Product Specs

MaterialMild Steel
Weight4.5 lbs

1. Lightweight structure

2. Optimum interior space

3. Excellent visibility


1. Intermediate front protection

The user who wishes to enjoy a helmet with a different Roman gladiator design can opt for this ideally designed helmet. Primarily, this helmet is made of mild steel with excellent strength and durability to provide specific protection. So, people can use this helmet when it comes to enjoying a motorcycle and rebellious style.

The bottom has a magazine built-in so that you can keep this helmet on at all times. Even the wooden stand is included and allows for much more accessible and convenient use of this helmet. Additionally, on the inside, excellent quality leather has been incorporated to avoid direct contact with the metal.

This metal helmet also features a polished finish that enhances the shine of the entire structure. As it’s usually the case with the best options, this helmet can be raised at the front for better visibility. Anyway, this is a comfortable helmet in different places, such as a road or an ordinary street. 

Best For Viking Fans: Norse Tradesman Handcrafted Viking Helmet

Key Features

1. The piece made by hand

2. Viking helmet of Nordic merchant

3. Adjustable size

4. Protection of the back of the neck

Product Specs

MaterialLeather, Brass
BrandNorse Tradesman
Weight2 lbs

1. Very light helmet

2. Excellent level of visibility

3. Very comfortable and soft inner lining


1. Low resistance structure

Many Viking fans enjoy any kind of Nordic accessories and items. Certainly, going for this Nordic merchant Viking helmet will be a great way to change a motorcycle rider’s experience. In many cases, this helmet can be the most suitable because it incorporates quality leather and brass.

So, this allows you to get a lightweight helmet that does not deliver any kind of discomfort when used. Moreover, this helmet has outstanding features that are plausible to what helmets were like in the Viking era. All these features allow fans to feel like Vikings when riding a motorcycle.

Nevertheless, the structure is of excellent quality and can provide a certain level of overall strength. In this case, it is a handcrafted piece that many people will appreciate because of its design and functionality.

So, people will be able to use this lightweight helmet when riding a variety of motorcycles. And finding the right size will be very easy because of the adjustable interior. 

Best For Women: Nagina International Medieval Barbuta Steel Helmet

Key Features

1. Head to sternum coverage

2. Universal size

3. Symmetrical design

4. Leather strap for proper fit

Product Specs

ColorSilver, Yellow
MaterialMild Steel, Leather
BrandNagina International
Weight6.19 lbs

1. High coverage and protection

2. Good level of visibility good level of visibility

3. Excellent design for women motorcyclists


1. Intermediate comfort inside 

Among all the helmets with a medieval design, this option may be a bit more adaptable to women. Some women motorcyclists will have the ability to use this helmet for fun while riding a motorcycle in different places. Beyond that, you can also get some benefits by using this helmet.

Mild steel with a thickness of one millimeter has been used in combination with Leather on the inside. It is ideal for having a structure that is resistant to various factors when driving. The leather on the inside will deliver a certain level of comfort to avoid improper use.

The lower part’s strap allows correct use of this helmet to prevent it from slipping off during sudden movements. On the outside, an asymmetrical design has been implemented with a lot of details and a mesh on the back. Here, the level of visibility remains adequate to not miss any point on the road. 

Best For Complete Protection: Whetstone Cutlery Medieval Knight’s Helmet

Key Features

1. Head-to-neck protection

2. 15th and 16th-century European design

3. Full face protection

4. Compatible with medieval knight armor

Product Specs

MaterialBright Steel Finish
BrandWhetstone Cutlery
Weight8 lbs

1. High resistance structure

2. Good ventilation system

3. Good interior comfort


1. Limited visibility

Another option available for getting a medieval helmet is this helmet that was worn by the knights of Europe between the 15th and 16th centuries. Here, fans of this era will feel flattered to wear this helmet and ride a motorcycle. Additionally, the helmet can provide other advantages beyond the medieval helmet design.

The design of this helmet is perfect to completely cover the entire head, face, and neck of the rider. Even fans of medieval items and fights will complement this helmet with full-body armor. Beyond that, this helmet alone allows you to avoid the wind and insects that are often encountered on the road.

On the inside, there is enough space to be able to use this helmet comfortably. The exterior features high-strength steel with a glossy finish. This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy their motorcycle and the Middle Ages.

Best For Warrior Fans: Nagina International Medieval Warrior Helmet

Key Features

1. Complete head and face coverage

2. Historically accurate styling

3. Built-in holes for improved ventilation

4. Reinforced structure with rivets

Product Specs

ColorSilver, Yellow
MaterialSteel, Leather
BrandNagina International
Weight4.69 pounds

1. High resistance structure

2. Avoids excess temperature in the interior

3. Maintains the person’s anonymity


1. Limited visibility

Another option available for fans of the Middle Ages warriors is this helmet that allows you to become one of them. In this case, it is a typical helmet typical of the Templar crusader knights who made up the warrior elite. So, fans will be able to use this helmet when riding the motorcycle.

The small holes incorporated in the front of this helmet can be used to optimize ventilation. In this way, the wind will not be a problem during any ride. Simultaneously, the rider will have the possibility to breathe comfortably without suffering from suffocation inside this helmet.

Although the visibility is somewhat limited, the truth is that this helmet can be one of the best options to have complete protection of the head and face. No one will even tell who is under this helmet since it is a unit that completely covers the head and face. So, many people would like to have this option to stay hidden.

Best For Spartan Design: Medieval King Leonidas Helmet

Key Features

1. Similar design to the helmet of King Leonidas

2. Replica with excellent historical details

3. Universal adult size

4. Eye-catching design

Product Specs

ColorBrown, Red
MaterialReplica Helmet Copper
BrandNagina International
Weight5.09 lbs

1. Structure of excellent resistance

2. Acceptable visibility

3. Intermediate interior comfort


1. Somewhat unsuitable on hot days

Many people around the world have enjoyed the movie 300 and the role of King Leonidas. A person with a motorcycle can purchase this helmet to feel part of this warrior tribe. Anyway, this helmet can also present some excellent advantages for motorcyclists.

This helmet structure can offer excellent resistance to the various factors that appear in a high-speed ride. Here, wind and insects will not be a problem due to the specific design of this helmet. Of course, materials of excellent durability have been used to manufacture the whole structure of this unit.

A leather buckle has been incorporated into the lower part to keep this helmet in place at all times. Leather has also been included on the inside to avoid a high level of discomfort when using this helmet. On a long or short-distance trip, people will enjoy a different experience when using this helmet. 

Best For Roman Trojan Warrior: Medieval Warrior Greek Corinthian Helmet

Key Features

1. It covers the head of a large part of the face

2. Black feathers and hair

3. Leather lining inside

4. Finished with a high level of detail

Product Specs

MaterialCorinthian Copper
BrandNagina International
Weight7.45 lbs

1. Structure of excellent resistance

2. Good air circulation

3. Excellent historical details


1. A bit hot in high temperatures

Of course, Trojan warrior design helmets cannot be missing from the list of the best medieval motorcycle helmets. These helmets seek to replicate the best of medieval times in the area where the Greeks lived. In such a way, this unit features a design that can make fans of the Middle Ages fall in love.

This structure is made of high-strength materials such as Corinthian copper to provide an excellent result on all occasions. While this structure may present some sharp edges, the truth is that this is a helmet that can be perfectly adaptable to many motorcyclists. It can be a great advantage when riding a motorcycle.

The level of visibility is acceptable thanks to the specific design of this helmet. People will be able to enjoy a good level of comfort thanks to the leather lining that has been incorporated inside. This also makes it possible to keep this helmet in place and prevent it from slipping off at the most critical moment. 

Best for Mini Gladiator: Great Mini Gladiator Maximus Black Helmet

Key Features

1. High level of historical detail

2. Helmet for exhibition or personal use

3. The polished and painted surface

4. Roman gladiator-inspired design

Product Specs

BrandNagina International
Weight1 lb

1. Excellent level of visibility

2. Foldable front part

3. Good resistance structure


1. Low wind resistance

Finally, we can find one of the helmets that can be adapted to the design used by Roman gladiators. In this case, it is a style with black color that can be complemented excellently with many cruiser motorcycles or other types of motorcycles. 

Beyond that, this helmet has the versatility to offer an excellent level of visibility due to the eye-opening. The structure of this helmet allows the entire head of the rider to be protected at all times. So, in addition to using a helmet with excellent historical details, good protection can be obtained.

Moreover, the front part can be retracted upwards for much more comfortable use. In particular, this can be very important when it is a scorching day. Leather’s inner part offers some comfort and a proper fit, thanks to the buckle at the bottom. 

Medieval Motorcycle Helmets Buying Guide: How To Choose A Good Helmet?

Many different options are available on the market today. When we talk about medieval motorcycle helmets, the features can be very different from each other. So, to find a comfortable and efficient option, the following aspects should be considered.

1. Design: When we talk about a medieval helmet here, a great variety of strategies is incorporated. The inspiration determines the creation of a medieval helmet in each geographical area of the Middle Ages. The design is essential to consider the structure and coverage that each of the helmets we have thought of.

2. Materials: Most medieval motorcycle helmets are made of one-millimeter-thick mild steel. It is reasonable when you acquire a helmet with excellent strength and durability. In other cases, some other type of steel or even some copper may also be incorporated. The materials used are essential as they offer a certain level of structure and color.

3. Visibility: Of course, different designs take into account different levels of visibility. All of the options we had considered incorporate an excellent level of historical detail. Beyond that, the other helmets can offer a more significant and more minor eye-opening. The most appropriate here is to have a large aperture for a good level of visibility.

4. Coverage: Again, the design is essential as some helmets may offer a full range of your head, face, and part of neck. It may be more efficient for those who wish to maintain privacy and ultimately hide their face. Other models only protect the head and part of the face.

5. Additional Features: Most options can incorporate Leather on the inside to avoid direct contact with metal. In the same vein, the front of the helmet face may be raised upwards. Where this is possible, it is a feature that provides added comfort and may be best suited for hot days.


1. What Was The Best Medieval Helmet?

In the Middle Ages, the best helmets could balance a good level of visibility and protection. These two aspects are just as important as the mobility capability provided by each helmet. Helmets that are too heavy provide good protection but poor mobility. So, a balance between these three aspects was necessary for the best medieval helmet.

2. What Is The Best Motorcycle Helmet On The Market?

To find the best motorcycle helmet, it is necessary to consider the frame’s durability and design. Each of the options we have considered can provide a certain level of strength and head or face coverage. Along with this, comfort is also essential for a pleasant ride.

3. What Is A Medieval Helmet Called?

A medieval helmet is one of the medieval armor parts worn by warriors and knights during the Middle Ages. It is one of the most important factors as it protects the head and face during a battle.

4. How Heavy Is A Knight’s Helmet?

It is possible to find knights helmets with a weight between 4 and 8 pounds. The design and the amount of material incorporated can increase or decrease the overall weight of the helmet. 

My Top Picks

Everyone who has made it this far will have the ability to choose the best medieval motorcycle helmet. Each of these helmets can provide a different way to enjoy a pleasurable motorcycle ride.

My top picks are the Great Mini Gladiator Maximus Black Helmet and the Nagina International Medieval Knight Helmet. The first option provides excellent comfort and is lightweight to enjoy a medieval helmet. The second option allows you to enable much more complete coverage incorporating a classic medieval knight style.


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