Where does GMC fall in the G.M. Lineup of brands?

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GMC is the truck and coach division of General Motors, which is an American automobile manufacturer focusing on trucks and utility vehicles. GMCs lineup consists of SUVs, vans, pickup trucks, and light-duty trucks. The brand caters to the premium market, while Chevy is the mainstream trucks division.

GMC and Chevy have mechanically identical trucks, but GMC stands out as the premium brand. Initially, GMC also made ambulances, fire trucks, heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks, transit buses, motorhomes, and military vehicles.

 Here I take you through all you need to know about Where does GMC fall in the G.M. Lineup of brands; we discuss whether it’s a luxury brand and then tell you if it is a good or reliable brand. Keep reading!

GMC History and lineup

GMC started over 100 years ago as a subsidiary of General Motors called General Motors Truck Company. At that time, all their trucks were produced either in Pontiac, Michigan, St. Louis, Missouri, or Oakland, California.

The brand became famous in 1916 when a truck traveled from Seattle all the way to New York in thirty days. This fantastic record was beaten in 1926 when a 2-ton GMC truck was driven from New York to San Francisco in 5 days and thirty minutes.

GMC as a brand also played a significant role during the first world war. The company modified a ¾-ton truck known as model 16 to provide aviation support and 1-ton troop carriers. They produced most of the trucks for military use to the U.S. government, earning them a distinguished service award. GMC also produced 600,000 trucks during World War II for the United States Armed Forces.

After the Great Kanto earthquake in Japan, GMC trucks were exported to help with reconstruction and recovery. They were also used for transport as they rebuilt their infrastructure.

Did you know that GMC once built buses? The brand produced buses from 1962 to 1987 when they withdrew from the market due to increased competition. The brand now primarily focuses on trucks, with over ten models on their lineup.

Let’s have a look at GMC’s current vehicle lineup

                                               Crossovers and SUVs 
ModelYear introducedDescriptionOther G.M. models its related to
Acadia2006Midsize crossover SUVChevy Traverse
Terrain2009Compact crossover SUVChevy Equinox
Yukon1992Full-size SUV (RWD and 4WD)Cadillac Escalade and Chevy Tahoe
Yukon XL1937Extended wheelbase full-size SUVChevy Suburban and Cadillac Escalade ESV
Savana1996Full-size vanChevrolet express
                                               Pickup trucks
Canyon2003Mid-size pickup truckChevrolet Colorado
Sierra1988Full-size pickup truckChevrolet Silverado

Is GMC a good brand?

GMC is a good brand, and it has always been reputable. That’s why it makes vehicles for the military. The brand is known for its full-size trucks that are powerful and durable. Besides the full-size trucks, the brand is becoming increasingly popular for the SUVs on its lineup, including the Sierra, Canyon, Denali, and Savana.

What makes GMC a good brand?

We all know that GMC is an upgrade from the Chevrolet trucks, but what makes it stand out? Do GMC and Chevys share platforms? Do their trucks live up to the hype? Let’s find out together.

  1. Premium features

We cannot mention GMC and fail to mention all the premium features these trucks and SUVs have. This brand stands out in offering the best safety and technology features. The latest GMC trucks come with the following features as standard:

  • Google assistant capability and google maps
  • Google play access
  • Data sharing for better navigation
  • Continuous real-time map update
  • 3-year connectivity subscription
  • Durability

GMC trucks are built to last forever; if you want a car that you can use every day for many years, GMC should be your go-to brand. GMC trucks have an average lifespan of 250,000 miles; some, like the Sierra, can go up to 300,000 miles.

Most heavy-duty and off-road trucks do not have a tangible lifespan, but GMC trucks break this, record-making them a good brand.

  • Affordable to maintain

Everyone who owns a GMC truck testifies of how low maintenance they are. The trucks rarely break down or need repairs with regular service and maintenance. This helps owners to save on repair costs.

  • Reliability

GMC trucks are very dependable and versatile; the GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500HD, for example, consistently rank high on the J.D Power dependability study. The brand makes trucks with average repair costs that rarely break down, so you will have minimal visits to the repair shops. According to repair pal, only 17% of reported issues are considered severe with GMC trucks.

With a GMC Truck, you are guaranteed to get to your destination without stalling. Choose a GMC truck if you want a dependable truck for both on and off-road driving.

Is GMC a luxury brand?

A luxury car brand is defined as one that offers value for money through premium features and status. GMC is yet to reach a level where it is considered a luxury brand. GMC is a premium brand; it gives owners lots of luxury features and value for money.

Most GMC models share platforms with Chevrolet trucks and other brands on the G.M.s lineup, but only GMC stands out as the premium brand. If you are looking for a car that comes with all the comfort and luxury features, a GMC truck will be perfect for you.

Does G.M. feature any luxury brand?

Yes, on G.M.s lineup, Cadillacs are considered luxury cars. The brand is associated with premium comfort features and a sense of class or style. All their models are well thought out to the finest detail.

 Anyone interested in getting a luxury truck from General Motors should consider the Cadillac Escalade EXT pickup truck. This model’s final year of production was 2009, but the model remains iconic to date.

Final word

GMC is the premium truck brand on the G.M.s lineup; it makes quality and reliable trucks with better and more advanced features. Most people think GMC is a luxury brand because of its features, but it’s not there yet.