Cars That Start With M (Find Out All the Car Brands that Begins with “M”!)

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Among some of the best-known cars beginning with M are several Mercedes Benz McLaren models, the M2 and M3 from BMW, the Murciélago model from Lamborghini in different versions, and the Monza SP1 and Monza SP2 models from Ferrari. Anyway, there are several car brands with M as Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Mclaren, Mastretta, and others. 

List of Cars that Start with the Letter “M”

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mini Cooper
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mazda
  • McLaren
  • Morgan
  • Mustang (Ford)
  • Mosler
  • Mini (BMW)
  • Maybach
  • MG (Morris Garages)
  • Maserati
  • Mercury
  • Maruti
  • Mahindra

Cars That Start With M


Monza SP1 – Ferrari

Engine 6.5 L Transmission 7-speed Power output 596 kW – 810 PS – 799 HP Production 2019 – Present

McLaren MP4 – 12C

Engine 3.8 L Transmission 7-speed Power output 441 kW – 600 PS – 592 HP Production 2011 – 2014

Murciélago LP 670 – 4 SuperVeloce
Engine 6.2 L Transmission 6-speed Power output 471 kW – 640 PS – 631 HP Production 2001 – 2010

Maserati MC 20
Engine 3.0 L Transmission 8-speed Power output 463 kW – 630 PS – 621 HP Production 2020 – Present

What Sports Car Starts With An M?

Undoubtedly, nowadays there is a wide variety of sports cars that can offer unique features such as spectacular power and designs. Among all of them, there are some sports vehicles whose name starts with M and can stand out from the rest. Here, we can mention some of the most well-known sports cars in this regard.

1. Monza SP1 – Ferrari

One of the vehicles that have attracted the most attention in recent years has been this model together with the Ferrari SP2. Among all the sports cars with M, this Ferrari model has started to be built in 2019 and continues to be available to this day. In particular, this is a two-person sports car that can offer excellent speed and power.

In this case, it is a car that can offer 799 horsepower at 8500 revolutions per minute. In turn, the torque power at 7000 revolutions per minute goes up to 530 foot-pounds of torque. All this is combined with an ultra-novel and highly innovative design that aims to grab the attention of the greediest people.

Notably, there is no major difference between each of these models. To begin with, the Monza SP1 has been specially manufactured to include a single seat for the driver. Instead, the Monza SP2 model incorporates two separate seats for the driver and a passenger. Besides, this vehicle has a wide range of technology and unique driving features inside. 

One of the main innovations of this model is that it can reach 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and offers a top speed of 186 mph. The curb weight is 3307 pounds for the SP1 and 3351 pounds for the SP2. To reduce weight in these sports cars, carbon fiber has been incorporated along with other extra light materials. 

2. McLaren MP4 – 12C

In this case, it is one of the classic McLaren models that has ceased production in 2014. Here again, it is a sports car that can offer one of the best performances. At least that was the case in its time, as it featured a longitudinally mounted 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine.

At the same time, this car also has a chassis that is made of carbon fiber to reduce the overall weight. That is why the curb weight is only 3161 pounds in a vehicle with the ability to generate up to 592 horsepower of excellent power at 7500 revolutions per minute. Even at 5600 revolutions per minute, the torque output is 443 foot-pounds.

Brake steering has been incorporated as one of the Formula 1 technologies for this vehicle. The dual-clutch transmission is complemented with 7 speeds to be able to handle the great power that this engine can generate. Concerning performance, it is possible to reach 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds.

In turn, this vehicle can offer a top speed of 215 miles per hour in the Spider version or 218.61 miles per hour in the Coupe model. Despite this minimal difference, it is still one of the fastest vehicles available today.

3. Murciélago LP 670 – 4 SuperVeloce

One of the classic Lamborghini models is still this sports car that was completed in 2010. Among the different models of bats, only 4099 units have been manufactured. So, it is one of the most exclusive sports cars among all those that exist in the world. This vehicle was discontinued to give way to its successor Lamborghini Aventador.

With an engine of 6.2 L or 6.5 L in its V12 version, it is a car with great capacity. In turn, the engine can generate 661 horsepower at 8000 revolutions per minute. In this sense, at 6500 revolutions per minute, this car can generate 487 foot-pounds of torque. To achieve this, the intake system and valve timing had to be improved.

This vehicle needs 3.0 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour. It is also a sports car that can reach 213 miles per hour at top speed. That is why it is one of today’s unique cars.

4. Maserati MC 20

One of the newest and most innovative cars of 2020 and 2021 is this Maserati model. Here, a 3.0 l V6 twin-turbo mid-engine has been incorporated. In this case, the vehicle can deliver an output of 621 horsepower at 7500 revolutions per minute. Up to 5500 revolutions per minute, the torque output goes up to 538 lb-ft.

In any case, it is one of the vehicles that intend to compete with the latest developments of Ferrari and the rest of the exclusive brands such as Mercedes Benz. Among the vehicles beginning with M, this Maserati model is one of the most innovative due to its all-electric propulsion system.

Additionally, it is a vehicle that also aims to compete with Tesla’s all-electric cars. Beyond that, Maserati models remain exclusive vehicles due to the high cost of each of these units. In particular, a high budget is required to acquire this car, beyond the fact that the price of each unit is not yet known. For many people, the high cost may be worth it.