Can You Plug A Motorcycle Tire? (Find Out Whether A Motorcycle Tire Can Be Plugged!)

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

In general, tire manufacturers claim that it is not possible to use a plug for the repair of a motorcycle tire. However, some experts claim that this procedure can be performed from an indoor wall. Of course, this is only a temporary solution as the tire will have to be replaced with a new one anyway. 

How to Plug A Motorcycle Tire?

If you are wondering how you can plug a motorcycle tire then follow the below steps –

  • In order to plug a motorcycle tire you will need a tire plug kit, a tire plug kit
  • Now, you have to remove the tire from the motorcycle and identify the puncture
  • Next, you have to use the tire plug tool to clean out the puncture
  • After that, you have to create a channel for the plug
  • Now, cut the plug to the appropriate length and then insert it into the tire using the plug tool
  • Next, use the plug tool to secure the plug
  • Finally, re-install the tire to the motorcycle and inflate it to the recommended pressure

Does Using A Tire Buffer Mean A Good Repair For The Motorcycle Tire?

Of course, there are several solutions for repairing flat tires on motorcycles today. However, sometimes tubeless motorcycle tires are a problem. Even when one of these tires is repaired it is not a very easy solution to apply. Of course, the answer may vary depending on who you ask.

Main WaysFeatures
CO2 cartridgesIt is compact and easy to use and Can only be used once Several cartridges are needed for one motorcycle tire
Protective elements are required since the gas is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit 
Compact electric compressorsWorks with the motorcycle battery
Unlimited air supply at any time
This is a high-volume option for transporting
The cost is usually somewhat high in general
Old-fashioned hand pumpIt takes a lot of effort to fill a motorcycle tire
Provide unlimited air supply
Suitable for different types of tires Hand pumps come in different design

In this case, tire manufacturers say it is highly recommended to buy a new tire for your vehicle. Of course, they should sell new tires rather than have their current tires repaired. So, if you ask an expert mechanic the answer will be that there are some efficient solutions.

You even have to consider that experienced motorcyclists know exactly the best ways to be able to repair a flat tire. However, some of them do not know exactly what the risks are of implementing certain solutions to a tire. That is why we can mention here whether a tire cap is an efficient solution or not at all.

Some manufacturers, such as Shinko, Pirelli, Michelin, and Continental, will tell you what it is like to have a plug kit to repair a tire. Here, the only possible answer that they all mention all the time is that you should call a tow truck and that there is no other solution to apply.

In general, the most important reason they mention is the safety risks when trying to repair a punctured tire. In this case, there are certain risks to the repair or a simple puncture of a tire. Even if it is an emergency, the driver’s responsibility is at risk when he decides to repair a tire instead of buying a new one and calling a tow truck.

There are even many repair shops and dealers who can mention these same answers. It’s all about the risks of making a bad repair on a motorcycle. Of course, this greatly increases the risks of having an accident because of a tire that is not properly repaired.

Even invisible internal damage, rapid deflation, or ineffective repair can easily lead to an accident. Moreover, for motorcyclists, a traffic accident is much more serious than for a car driver. In this case, motorcyclists are more likely to suffer serious or even fatal accidents in general.

Of course, a motorcyclist will look for an effective way to get back on a new tire worth about $250. However, other manufacturers like Metzeler, Dunlop, Bridgestone, and Avon may offer different answers. In this case, it’s an answer that riders want to hear to get the best-balanced solution.

In an emergency, a cap can fill the puncture that has occurred on the road. When the damage can be properly patched, then it is an effective solution using a tire cap. Of course, this procedure must be performed by a professional mechanic to avoid any kind of error.

Sometimes, when it is small damage this solution can be a little more permanent. In turn, other specific criteria must be met to obtain a permanent solution. Not only must the damage be small but also the materials used must be of high quality. Here it is important to remember that the safety of the vehicle driver is at stake.

Can You Repair Any Motorcycle Tire Punctures?

As we have mentioned, there is a group of tire manufacturers that indicate that a motorcycle tire puncture can be repaired. There is even a voice of authority in the United States on tire issues. In this case, it is the association of rubber manufacturers who also agree on this type of solution.

Beyond that, you will notice that all these voices have their restrictions and requirements about this procedure. In particular, most of them agree that there is one repairable area and one area of the tire that cannot be repaired at all. In general, the repairable area refers to the exact crown of the motorcycle’s tire.

In contrast, it is not possible to use a tire cap to cover a hole in a sidewall. Here, there is simply no solid and efficient structure to hold a tire cap. Even as the area of damage is further away from the center of the crown the repairs are more difficult to apply. Of course, this is due to the unique structure of the tire.

The seal cannot be made when the damage is closer to the sides. On almost all tires, the carcass flexes too much as the damage moves closer to one side. That’s why to apply efficient repair, the damage must be inside the belt pack. Therefore, only 50% of the tire’s center means the limit area to be able to apply repairs.

In turn, the remaining tire tread must provide at least 0.8 mm or 1/32nd of an inch. Besides, the shape and size of the damage that has occurred to a tire are just as important. A permanent repair cannot be applied to oblong-shaped damage or breaks. In turn, there is a certain range of hole sizes that can be repaired efficiently.

The acceptable form of repairable damage starts at 3 millimeters in Avon’s opinion up to 6.8 mm in Dunlop’s opinion. Some research even claims that 90% of tire punctures are the size of a 16-cent nail. That means that most of the damage is 4.1 mm long or even smaller than that.

When this type of damage is done in the correct repair boundary area, then the repair can be applied with a good level of efficiency. From there the tire should be inspected and then the most suitable patch installed. Beyond that, the tire manufacturer Avon prohibits the application of repairs in certain circumstances.

In this case, when it comes to tires with treads or tires for speeds up to 149 miles per hour, the repair cannot be applied. Bridgestone states that the speed rating is lost with any repaired tire. The tire can continue to be used only up to 80 miles per hour once it is repaired.

Also, Dunlop indicates that a liquid sealant is not the best option for efficiently repairing a tire. Metzeler simply accommodates repairs that are legal or illegal depending on the country. In the United States repairs that require a tire cap are legal. Therefore, before applying this repair you should consult with each specific manufacturer. 

Moreover, all these manufacturers agree that a complete inspection of the tire is mandatory. This way the people who apply any repair will be able to detect any type of leakage. As a result, the motorcycle rider will be much safer when all leaks are detected in addition to the major damage.

How Long Does A Tire Plug Last?

Many tire repair experts indicate that a tire cap has a certain life span. When an efficient repair procedure is applied with a high-quality tire plug, the life can begin in 7 years and extend up to 10 years. However, here it is necessary to consider that this type of repair has certain restrictions.

Of course, high-efficiency repair work can offer a great deal of life. It is always necessary to avoid applying more than one repair to a single tire. In some cases, tires can burst, causing a serious or fatal accident for the rider. Also, the patch or cap of used tires can have other negative effects on the tire.

Sometimes, it is even necessary to call a roadside service center or a tow truck. So, if you don’t have a chance to get this repair done by a professional, you shouldn’t do it yourself. It requires certain knowledge that only a skilled mechanic can apply. Otherwise, very serious errors can occur.

However, an accident of this type never usually occurs at the most appropriate or convenient time for the driver. Anyway, it is highly recommended to have the most suitable road assistance for this. Some types of assistance currently specialize in repairs, patches, and tire caps. It is also advisable to consider these types of repairs as temporary.