Why Do Motorcycles Rev Their Engines?

Last Updated on January 5, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Some common reasons motorcycle riders rev their engines are for warming up the engine, show off, clear the carburetor, etc. Many riders rev the engine before a race to set the tone and get the adrenaline going.

Key Takeaways

  • In the cold weather, before the ride, it is important to raise the temperature of the engine for better performance, and revving the engine can heat up the engine for you
  • Many riders rev their engine to show off the power of their motorcycle
  • If you think that any debris or leftover oil is clogging up the carburetor then you can rev the engine to clear out the carburetor
  • If you rev the engine frequently too high or too low then it can damage your engine therefore it is advised that you should rev your engine in a controlled manner

5 Steps To Rev Matching With A Motorcycle

BrakingBraking is used to prepare for and enter a curve. This is also used for downhill changes that require rapid acceleration.
Clutch UseOnce the turning speed is reached, the clutch must be used to shift into second gear.
Throttle BlippingWhile braking in a straight line, the clutch is used to disconnect the engine from the wheels. Then using the second gear the driver can continue to accelerate.
Changing GearIn order to use the second gear, the revolutions must be placed in the correct position for this purpose. Here it is advisable to press the clutch next to the accelerator to obtain the necessary revolutions.
AcceleratingOnce the necessary revs are obtained the driver can release the clutch gently to end the turn and continue to accelerate. 

Is It Bad To Rev Your Motorcycle Engine?

Of course, everyone with a medium or high-power motorcycle enjoys the sound produced by the engine. It is a classic to enjoy accelerating an engine when your vehicle is still standing. Many motorcyclists modify their engines to obtain a certain sound when accelerating.

So, we need to ask ourselves if it is really bad to accelerate an engine in this situation. In general, we can mention that your motorcycle may be in a gear or in neutral when accelerating. So, no damage is done and it is not a bad action to accelerate a motorcycle in this situation.

Of course, in order to avoid producing any kind of damage, the acceleration should only last a few seconds. On the contrary, a too-high revolution in neutral can start to produce damage after a long time. The most common damage occurs when the pistons overheat and when the cylinder walls start to get damaged.

This is exactly what happens when too many revolutions are applied to an engine. There are even many people who claim that this is a bad decision since the engine is producing too much noise. The moment an engine is accelerated, then a certain amount of revolutions per minute start to be produced.

As the engine accelerates, then the speed of the vehicle’s engine revolution begins to increase. Of course, this is done by using the throttle and positioning the clutch so that it is disengaged. The moment a driver accelerates the vehicle, then more vacuum pressure is created. Thus, then the vehicle needs to suck in more air.

Of course, the air is not the only thing the vehicle needs in order to operate. In addition, the vehicle needs more fuel as the amount of air entering the vehicle increases. Therefore, the accelerator mostly works as an air pedal instead of a gas pedal as in other vehicles.

Combustion within the engine occurs faster and faster as the amount of fuel and air increases. In addition, the crankshaft rotates faster and faster while the pistons are pushed down and up faster. Because the combustion sequence occurs faster, then the power increases.

In addition, the engine speed also increases without the vehicle accelerating on the road. Also, the exhaust pipe pushes a greater amount of air out of the exhaust valve. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that many motorcyclists claim to implement certain modifications in the exhaust system. In particular, this is what can lead to increased exhaust sound.

So, accelerating a motorcycle in neutral does not cause any damage to components. In fact, motorcycles, as well as other vehicles, are built exactly to be accelerated. On average, motorcycles can deliver 10.00 revolutions per minute depending on the size and power of the engine.

When you accelerate and maintain a high number of revolutions per minute for more than 5 seconds, the years begin to roll. Here, the pistons and cylinder walls move at a constant speed that is too high. In this case, the heat and amount of friction are too high for the work that engine oil can provide.

However, in order to enjoy the excellent sound of your motorcycle, you need no more than 5 seconds. So, if you don’t want to spend money on silly repairs, it’s better not to accelerate a motorcycle for more than 5 seconds just to hear the sound.

Is It Bad To Rev A Motorcycle Engine To Warm It Up?

When it’s the winter season or in the coldest months of the year, it is complicated to operate some vehicles. In particular, this can commonly happen with motorcycles that have a carburetor. This is why some motorcyclists choose to accelerate a motorcycle in neutral to raise the temperature. 

On the other hand, other people claim that this is a bad decision because it can harm the operation of the engine. In general, starting a motorcycle for the first time may require acceleration to raise the temperature. In fact, this is not a bad decision, since it is the most efficient procedure to be able to heat the motorcycle correctly.

There is even a variety of specific motorcycle makes and models that require this to continue to operate. Most motorcycles on the road require acceleration to keep the engine running. In fact, since most motorcycles run on carburetors, you’ll notice that this tactic is often done on the street.

The moment you start a motorcycle, you need to accelerate a little. Of course, if you start the vehicle for the first time, it is not necessary to fully accelerate the vehicle. Here, motorcycles can be run at idle once the engine is warm enough. In fact, the right temperature is needed to make the motorcycle run more easily.

Conversely, a motorcycle can be turned off without warning on the coldest days if you do not raise the temperature properly. It’s very common for motorcyclists to start a motorcycle with a carburetor and let it idle without prior acceleration. Here, it is necessary to wait a few seconds for the motorcycle to turn off and you must turn it back on.

Some motorcycles may require acceleration up to approximately 1,000 rpm. So, on the coldest days of the year, it would be necessary to maintain this speed for approximately 1 to 2 minutes. Some motorcycles with mechanical problems in the cold may need a higher number of revolutions per minute.

Is It Legal To Rev In City Limits?

Of course, a sound level that is too high in many places in the city may be prohibited. Once you are sure that the acceleration of an engine is not harmful you can accelerate your motorcycle as many times as necessary. Although once you start doing this it is probably not something the neighbors will like very much.

Therefore, it is not recommended to accelerate a motorcycle at any time of day. Who should be considered at what time of day and where you are specifically? On a weekday at 10 p.m., if you find yourself accelerating your motorcycle in a residential area, you will not be well-liked by the neighbors around you.

Most cities have certain ordinances that regulate the amount of noise a person can make. So if you exceed the number of decibels allowed, you will probably start having problems. Of course, the number of decibels that are set as a limit in a city is easily exceeded by any motorcycle.

In fact, this is a specific limit so that cars and motorcycles are not a problem. If you want to accelerate your motorcycle properly you can easily exceed the decibel limit. This is where many motorcyclists must face a fine and be stopped by the police in each city.

There are even many people who receive large amounts of fines due to exhaust system modifications. Many exhaust systems increase the decibel level that any motorcycle produces from the engine. So, if you are in a residential area, it is not recommended to make this type of modification.

In fact, if you make these modifications it is not recommended to use your vehicle at inappropriate times. On the contrary, when you drive on a road there is no problem since there are no passersby in these places. However, you’ll be booked if you do this in a normal neighborhood, the police will be very grateful to stop you and give you a ticket.

Finally, it is advisable to mention that you only need less than 5 seconds to accelerate a motorcycle. This is too short a time and you don’t need a night to make this amount of noise. So, you will simply have enough time during the day to avoid getting into trouble.