Easiest Ways To Pop A Tire[Done!]

Pop A Tire

The easiest way to pop a tire is by using a nail or a knife. Other tools you can use include , , and a picker. Those are tough tools … Read more

How Far Can You Drive On A Flat Tire?[Answered]

Drive On A Flat Tire

You can move your car on a flat tire for 1.5 miles max. Anything beyond 1.5 miles will damage the rim. So, either drive 1.5 miles to a gas station … Read more

Tire Wears Bars (How Do You Know?)

Tire Wears Bars

Tire wear bars are the little marks you see embedded in your tire treads. To know your tire’s condition, run your eyes over those bars. If they are at the … Read more

How Long You’ll Take To Change A Tire

Change A Tire

Well, how long it will take for you to change the tire totally depends on your skill and how efficiently you are working. Usually, it takes 20-30 minutes to change … Read more

Why Is My Ignition Switch Getting Hot? (Solved)

Ignition Switch Getting Hot

There are many reasons your ignition switch can get hot. Some common reasons are overloading, loose connections, wiring issue, short circuit, old switches, etc. Key Takeaways If you survey different … Read more

Do Motorhome Propane Tanks Need To Be Recertified?

Motorhome Propane Tanks

A DOT cylinder or RV propane tank needs to be recertified. Whether it is used for a fifth wheel or travel trailer, it still needs this procedure. An inspection, cleaning, … Read more

How To Start A Car That Has Run Out Of Oil?

Start A Car That Has Run Out Of Oil

It is possible to start a car even if it has run out of oil. You have to put the key in the ignition and then fire up the engine. … Read more

What Are The Causes Of Rear-Wheel Wobble?

Causes Of Rear-Wheel Wobble

Different suspension problems and unbalanced wheels are the most common causes of this problem. In addition, wobbling wheels are a clear negative sign that needs to be checked immediately. The … Read more