What Does The EV Mode In Toyota Prius Do?

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Most Toyota hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, including the Toyota Prius, come with an EV mode. The EV button enables your car to run on electric power from the hybrid battery or high-torque electric motor. EV mode is recommended only for driving at low speeds for short distances.

Key Takeaways

  • The “EV mode” in a Toyota Prius allows the vehicle to be driven using only electric power from its battery
  • EV mode enables the vehicle to draw power from its battery leading to a highly efficient driving experience
  • You can use the EV Mode for short distances and low speeds to conserve fuel and reduce emissions
  • In the “EV mode”, if the battery is depleted, then the gasoline engine will automatically

What Is EV Mode In Toyota Prius?

What Is EV Mode In Toyota Prius

The EV (electric vehicle )mode helps users maximize their vehicle’s electric power and fuel efficiency. The button is located to the right of the shifter, and when turned on, the EV mode is activated, and an indicator showing EV will illuminate on display. The vehicle has an EPA estimated range of up to 25 miles on EV mode.

Once EV mode is turned on, the system delivers power based on the battery’s output range without starting the engine. The vehicle will only start the gasoline engine if the battery’s charge is depleted or the vehicle speed exceeds 84 miles per hour. 

When you press the EV button again, the vehicle switches to hybrid driving mode, and this time, the indicator will not be turned on. When hybrid vehicle mode is active, the vehicle uses a blend of power from the hybrid battery and gasoline engine to provide ample driving power and keep the hybrid battery charged. In HV mode, the driver’s input is neither restricted nor interrupted. 

Your vehicle also has an EV auto button which, when pressed, activates the electric vehicle auto mode and illuminates the instrument’s display. Similar to EV mode, the EV auto also uses electric power. Still, the gasoline engine may start more frequently to provide additional power according to the driver’s needs in this mode. When the hybrid battery can provide enough power alone, the gasoline engine turns off, and the system starts running on electric power.

Below Is A Summary Of The Driving Modes In The Toyota Prius And What Each Does

Driving Mode Function 
Ev(electric vehicle)It helps maximize power efficiency and Provides power from the battery 
Hv(hybrid vehicle)It uses a blend of power from the hybrid battery and gasoline engine to keep the battery charged 
Ev autoActivates auto mode and switches between battery power and gasoline engine frequently
Automatically turns off the gasoline engine when the battery is charged 
Drive mode Cycles through power mode, normal and ECO modes which are different systems from EV mode

Do All Prius Models Have An EV Mode?

Yes, all Toyota Prius models are hybrid and therefore can run in EV mode. However, different models have different ways of turning on and using this mode. All models are designed to automatically choose whether to run on battery or the gasoline engine depending on driving speed, battery capacity, and external temperature.

The computer automatically activates the EV mode when the battery is fully charged on the first and second generation of Toyota Prius vehicles (2000-2003 and 2004, and 2009). For third and fourth-generation models(2004-2009 and 2010-2015), users can turn on EV mode by pressing a button on the dashboard when needed.

What You Need To Know About EV Mode On Toyota Prius

The EV mode on your Toyota Prius enables you to have an efficient driving experience and maximize your miles per gallon. However, they are a few things you need to take note of when using EV mode. This will help you have a safer driving experience on your Toyota Prius. They include:

1. When driving in EV mode, always remember to pay attention to your surrounding. This is because there’s little vehicle noise when driving on this mode, and other vehicles and pedestrians may not tell that there’s a vehicle approaching or starting. It would be best if you were cautious to avoid accidents and any unforeseen circumstances. 

2. The silent drive features on EV mode come in handy when driving in an area where you need to be quiet, such as indoor parking lots or residential areas at night.

3. Toyota Prius has an estimated EV mode range of 25 miles, but this may vary depending on the battery level, charging practice, traffic conditions, driving styles, and vehicle maintenance.

4. The longer and more you use your car, and the battery capacity will keep decreasing.

5. EV mode allows you to use only electricity for short distances

6. The hybrid battery on Toyota Prius comes with eight years or 100,000 miles warranty, but the latest models from 2020 onwards have a ten-year or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Hybrid Driving Tips For Achieving Great Mileage On Your Toyota Prius

You don’t need any unique ability to get great mileage from your Toyota Prius or any hybrid vehicle. Below are some tips that will come in handy to maximize your mileage 

1. Please familiarise yourself with the driver information displays since they help keep you aware of your fuel consumption and acceleration at any time

2. Check your tire pressure regularly: low tire pressure has a negative impact on your mileage

3. Follow your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule to keep the vehicle running at optimum performance.

4. Remove stuff from your roof rack and clean up your car’s trunk since unnecessary weight robs off your fuel economy

Implement driving styles that help you maximize your fuel economy, such as:

1. Using eco mode

2. Accelerate gradually from a stop to utilize torque from the electric motors

3. Be gentle with the brakes

4. Always consider the terrain because the engine is more efficient when operating at a steady speed

5. Avoid short trips because your vehicle uses more fuel when the engine is cold. You can consider combining your trips to keep the engine warm and maximize fuel economy.

Frequently Asked Questions On EV Mode In Toyota Prius

Q. What Is The EV Mode Range For The Toyota Prius?

Toyota Prius has an EPA-estimated driving range of 25 miles when the battery is fully charged.

 Q. What Is The Expected Driving Range For Toyota Prius Prime?

The actual mileage varies depending on factors such as maintenance, driving style, and driving conditions. The estimated driving range with a full tank of gas and 55% city driving and 45% highway driving is 640 miles.

Q. How Fast Can Prius Prime Go In EV Mode?

 The Toyota Prius Prime can go up to 84mph ( miles per hour) in EV mode. This is higher than the Toyota Prius, estimated at 25 miles per hour depending on the type of road, your driving style, and weather conditions.


As you can tell from our article, EV mode comes with many benefits other than enabling you to achieve more miles per gallon. By understanding what it does, we hope that you are now in a better position to enjoy the satisfaction of driving your Toyota Prius. Start using the EV mode frequently and share with us what you love most about it.