How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Roof? (Find Out The Total Cost!)

Last Updated on December 26, 2022 by Leepu Da Maxim

The total cost to wrap a car roof mostly depends on the size of the car as well as what type of wrapping you want to use. If your car is small and if you use a simple wrap design then it could cost $250-$500. On the other hand, a middle-sized car with a complex wrap design can cost you $500-$750. For a large SUV or truck, the cost could be $750-$1000.

Key Takeaways

  • Partial or total coverage plays a very important role in the cost to wrap a car roof, partial coverage will cost less while full coverage will cost more
  • Carbon fiber wrap is a budget-friendly option to wrap a car roof and the cost could be $4 – $7 per square feet
  • You can opt for Matte Vinyl Wrap and the cost could be $3.50 per square feet
  • Chrome Wrap is one of the most expensive options available when it comes to wrapping a car roof and it could cost you about $8 per square foot 

Important Factors To Consider While Wrapping A Car Roof

Important Factors To Consider While Wrapping A Car Roof

Here, the set of important factors is those that can make the final cost of this type of task vary. This is why it is important to carry out an analysis of these aspects. So, in this way, you can get a much more precise option according to your own needs.

Now, let’s learn about those factors one by one –

1. Partial Or Total Coverage

In this case, you will need a certain budget if you intend to have only partial coverage of your vehicle. There are a lot of users who decide to wrap only an essential part of the car to reduce costs. Some very common coverages among users are the doors, trunk, hood, or roof.

Conversely, you also can choose full coverage for your entire vehicle. Of course, in this case, you will need a larger budget to get the job done. Whether it is a question of materials or labor, the costs increase in each case. Also, depending on the model of vehicle you have, there may be some difficulties on the job.

2. Type Of Vehicle

On the one hand, you should consider the type of vehicle you have as well as its dimensions. In this sense, a simple and small car requires less budget and work in total. So, a large vehicle like a pickup truck or even an SUV requires more money.

3. Quality Of Materials

Just as with any other element of your car, the quality of the materials is important. In particular, this feature can give you a certain lifespan of news coverage. While several materials are used to make a cover, it is the vinyl that is important here.

Low-quality options may only give you a few months of use. If you prefer a stronger option, then life can be extended to about 10 years. Of course, as the quality of the vinyl increases, so does the budget you need for it. 

4. Cover Design

As mentioned, you should consider the specific coverage you need for your car design. The more curves your vehicle has, then the more work it will need on the task. So, the easiest ones here will be vehicles that don’t have a lot of curves on their surface. 

Can I Do Car Wrapping By Myself In Home?

While it is easier to hire someone to do the work, you can also do this task yourself. To do so, you must know the exact procedure you must follow to obtain a good result. This knowledge is also important because it will prevent you from making various mistakes during the wrapping of your vehicle.

So, it is important to consider that many times mistakes can cost money. Here, the main advantage will be that you will be saving some money on labor. So, you can either reduce costs or use these savings to increase the quality of the wrap. In this way, you will have better results overall. 

1. Carbon Fiber Wrap

One of the best options you have at your disposal today is the carbon fiber wrap. The important thing here is that you can find every square foot of this material on a budget of between $4 and $7. You’ll even notice that your vehicle gets a finish that gives it a special look. That’s why a lot of users today decide to opt for this material.

2. Type Of Matte Vinyl Wrap

First of all, it is important to mention here that this envelope does not manage to reflect the sunlight. So, if this is not a problem for you, then you can get every square foot of matte vinyl for about $3.50. Beyond that, this is not the most popular option that I was claiming to score for. So, you’ll need about $2,000 to be able to count on a wrap in a small car.

3. Vinyl Polish Option

In this case, you can get materials that can reflect sunlight and give your car a special glow. Even this type of vinyl can be mixed with your car’s paint especially. Here, you’ll need about $3 for each square foot of this material.

4. Type Of Chrome Wrap

One of the most expensive options available on the market today is the type of chrome wrap. For this particular vinyl, you will need about $8 per square foot of this material. To know exactly how much material you need, you must know the surface area of your vehicle. This way, you will avoid buying too much material or falling short of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Vehicle Roof Molding Worthwhile?

To answer this question, we can list some advantages you get by doing this work. This will help you make a better decision.

1. You require a smaller budget for painting your vehicle

2. In addition to the above, you can also choose from more styles and colors

3. There is no waiting time here for the material to dry out completely

4. If you are not satisfied, you can remove this wrap

5. Finally, your vehicle will be better protected from scratches and chips in the paint 

While there are advantages, there are also some disadvantages that you should consider to avoid unexpected pitfalls.

1. Concerning painting, the life of a wrap is shorter

2. Also, discoloration may be faster depending on some factors

3. To avoid paying labor, you need to know the exact procedure for the wrapping 

What Is The Working Time To Wrap A Vehicle?

The important thing here is that the working time can vary according to the size of each vehicle. It is the same as the budget. Beyond that, smaller cars may only need one day. For larger vehicles, up to 5 days of work may be required. This, in turn, should include the vehicle’s curing time and curvatures.

What Does A Car Wrapper Do To The Paint?

Beyond what many users believe, the wrap does not damage the paint on your vehicle. Instead, you will be getting additional protection for your car’s coatings. In principle, your car will be better protected from weathering, scratching, and fading.

Is The Vehicle Wrapping A Solution For Rust?

When your vehicle already has rust, then the wrap or vinyl can do nothing about it. On the contrary, a wrap has the potential to prevent rusting of your car, if it has not already happened.

Final Words

You will undoubtedly require as much as $2,000 to provide extra protection for your car. It’s best to apply a wrap to your entire vehicle. This way, you will be better protected and avoid the most common paint damage. This will probably save you money on future repairs.