(100% Fixed!) Honda Civic Won’t Start But Has Power

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A Honda Civic that won’t start but has power may have a dead battery, a failed alternator, or a defective starter. As the battery is usually the issue 38% of the time, you need to jumpstart it using jumper cables. If your Honda does not respond, a mechanic is your best bet for an accurate diagnosis and successful fix.

Key Takeaways

  • If the Honda Civic has power but is not starting then you should check the battery connections and make sure they are clean and secure
  • You should also check the starter motor and ensure it is working properly
  • if there is any blockage on the fuel pump then the Honda Civic won’t start despite sufficient power
  • Check the spark plugs and ignition coils to see is they are damaged, replace them to see if the Honda Civic starts or not

Looking at the numbers, the Civic is one of the most problematic Honda models. Here’s a little table that puts things into perspective:

Top 5 Honda Models By Problems
ModelNumber of Problems(on CarComplaints)

So, don’t worry if your Honda is not powering up. Remember that no-start issues are a problem for many cars. So, your neighbor’s Renault or your cousin’s Nissan will also experience this issue.

In this article, you will know why your Honda Civic is not starting but has power, regardless of the model. You will find solutions that will fit your Honda Civic and get its engine cranking again.

Honda Civic Won’t Start With Battery Issues

Did you try cranking your vehicle and didn’t get any response? Well, you could be dealing with a dead battery.

The most DIY thing to do is to jumpstart your battery. Here, you may need help from a fellow driver. Once your Civic coughs up, it is best to let it charge before your head to the mechanic. At the auto’s, your guy may tell you to replace the battery.

If your battery is dead, it won’t provide your vehicle with the necessary electric charge.

How Do I Know If My Honda Civic Has A Dead Battery?

If your Honda Civic checks any of the following boxes, you may be dealing with a dead battery:

1. Engine cranking takes too long

2. Ignition triggers clicks and buzzes

3. Headlights produce dim lights

4. Starting your Honda Civic requires you to press the gas pedal

CarsAmazing 101:

The part which clicks or buzzes is usually known as the solenoid.

Can I Repair My Honda Civic Dying Battery?

No, you cannot. Batteries usually come with a capped lifetime. Regardless of the model or make of the car, a battery becomes unreliable after its 4th birthday. It would be a milestone in humid regions if the battery lasted for three years.

Many mechanics recommend that you test your battery once every two years. This will help you know how much life your battery has left.

How Much Will A Honda Civic New Battery Cost Me?

The parts will cost you at least $273. Then, your mechanic will charge you anything between $36 and $46 for the job. The average cost amounts to $314, which is exclusive of other fees and taxes.

Honda Civic Won’t Start With Starter Issues

Did you hear some clicking noises while starting your Honda Civic? Well, this points to a defective or functionless starter. Your car’s starter picks the electrical charge from the battery and hikes it up to crank the vehicle. If the motor shorts or blows, the starter will fail.

If the starter is faulty, your car will not get the electrical charge needed for movement to start. The battery will keep sending current that the starter will never amplify.

How Do I Know If My Honda Civic Starter Is Faulty?

You may be experiencing starter issues if your Honda Civic:

1. Produces clicks whenever you ignite

2. Won’t pull up despite having working lights

3. Won’t crank

4. Starts producing smoke because of overheated electrical systems

5. Won’t respond to jumpstarting

Also, a starter soaked with oil will not function. This means that when you’re doing maintenance, you should check for oil leaks.

Can I Repair My Honda Civic Starter?

Yes, you can –  at your auto shop. There, your mechanic can repair or rebuild the starter by fixing bad brushes or a bad solenoid.

You may not need to replace the starter motor throughout your vehicle’s lifetime. But what if you have to?

How Much Will A Honda Civic Starter Replacement Cost Me?

If you find that repair costs do not save you much, you can get a new starter. You may part with anything between $110 and $139, with the parts prices at around $386. This sets the price at $511.5.

CarsAmazing 101:

The starter spins your car’s engine when you turn your key. It ‘starts’ the engine, meaning that it’s a pivotal part of your car.

Honda Civic Won’t Start With Alternator Issues

A faulty alternator will sound some growls and clicks when you turn your car’s keys. Over time, the alternator degenerates. This means that your Honda Civic will need a replacement at some point.

How Do I Know If My Honda Civic Alternator Is Faulty?

As the alternator is critical to your car’s functionality, it won’t be long before you see some issues. Here are some of the symptoms to diagnose a defective alternator:

1. Headlights will flicker and dim

2. The battery will lose power because of little to zero charging

3. Dashboard lights, power windows, and locks will fail, together with other electrical components

4. Engine cranking will take more time than usual

Can I Repair My Honda Civic Alternator?

While doing the job yourself is possible, you will need a manual to put it back well. Before you do anything, get diagnostic and repair info for your specific vehicle.

If you can’t, you will pay anything between $111 and $140 in labor costs. The parts are in the $697 range, meaning that the average repair cost is about $822.

Remember that if your car has a faulty alternator, it won’t move. You may need to involve towing services to get it to an auto shop. If you’re lucky and the alternator is only weak, you can drive it there.

CarsAmazing 101:

Your alternator is critical to the charging of your battery. It helps to power the different electrical systems. First, it converts the mechanical energy generated when driving into electrical energy. Then, this new form of energy gives life to the rest of your car.

Other Related Questions

1. Why won’t my Honda Civic start but the radio works?

Remember that a vehicle is a product of different systems. So, apart from the battery, starter, and alternator, you can look at other items. These include the fuel pump, ignition switch, or even battery cables. A simple shake of the battery cables may work, or even driving your Honda Civic at neutral.

Such a strange occurrence should make its way to the mechanic.

2. Why won’t Honda Civic start with fuel and a spark?

If your Honda Civic has gas and its ignition gets a spark, you could look at the airflow situation. For the car to start well, it will need air.

To better the airflow situation, you should ensure that the fuel filter and pump are not clogged. Also, the timing belt should be tight, seeing that any breakage can lead to air leaks.


Often, your car’s problems come from a dead battery, a failed alternator, or a defective starter. For each, this article has given you practical solutions. If there’s anything to point out, please do so in the comment section.

If you’re a non-expert in DIY, you may not fix the Honda Civic. But, if you love playing with grease money, you can shake things up and at least get the vehicle to the repair shop. Your mechanic should troubleshoot, give you a diagnosis and fix your Honda.

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