How Can You Easily Replace the Battery in Your Ford Key Fob

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

To replace the battery in your Ford key fob, open up your car door and remove any interior trim panels that might get in your way while replacing the battery. If screws are holding these panels on, unscrew them with a screwdriver and then set them aside so they don’t get lost or damaged while installing your new key fob battery. 

Key Takeaways

  • Before replacing the battery of your Ford key fob, first you have to find out what type of battery you will need
  • Some Ford key fob has a small screw, so you have to use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the screw and open the back part of the key fob
  • While replacing the old battery with a new one, make sure the positive (+) side of the battery is facing up
  • If you have any confusion or want to know some information about your Ford key fob then you should check the owner’s manual

What is a Ford Key Fob, and How Does it Work?

What is a Ford Key Fob

As its name suggests, a key fob is an accessory that fits your keychain, but it isn’t simply a decorative bauble. It’s one of several ways that modern cars can be secured from theft or unauthorized use. 

The most common type of fob is one that contains a remote keyless entry system (RKE). This function allows you to open and lock your car remotely by pressing a button or entering a PIN code. 

Other devices may control central locking, alarm, or anti-theft measures. A fob lets you operate these features without keeping track of a different device (like your car keys). If you lose your keys or accidentally leave them inside your vehicle, you won’t have to call a locksmith—you can just push a button on your fob instead. 

Some newer vehicles even allow drivers to start their engines with their key fobs rather than ignition keys. However, not all vehicles have RKE capabilities—if yours doesn’t, don’t worry! You might still be able to use some other functions built into your key fob.

The Right Tools to Use When Replacing a Ford Key Fob Battery

Right Tools to Use When Replacing a Ford Key Fob Battery

A person who is not mechanically inclined may find replacing or changing batteries for keys and fobs challenging, especially if he does not have adequate tools on hand. Fortunately, changing a battery in a Ford key fob only requires simple tools that most people will likely already own. 

The biggest tool you’ll need is probably an Allen wrench—the longer you have on hand, the better—as these wrenches make removing screws easier. Other tools include:

  • A flathead screwdriver.
  • Pliers.
  • Wire cutters- If you don’t have wire cutters, use scissors instead. 

These tools should be readily available at any hardware store or home improvement center. You might borrow them from friends or family members before buying your own set!

Changing the Ford Key Fob Battery: A Step-by-Step Guide

Many car models’ small square battery is easy to install and replace. The procedure is straightforward enough that replacing a Ford key fob battery should only take a few minutes. It’s simply matching up connectors, removing old batteries, and inserting new ones. 

Here is a quick guide to changing a Ford key fob battery: 

  • Buy a replacement lithium CR2032 coin cell from an auto parts store or electronics store (you can find them online). 
  • Find your vehicle’s service manual or read through other owners’ forums online to determine whether you need special tools or adapters when changing your key fob’s battery. 

Most vehicles don’t require anything extra beyond what you would typically use for DIY projects around the house. The process is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. 

  • Open up your car door and remove any interior trim panels.
  •  If screws hold these panels on, unscrew them and then set them aside.
  •  Lay down some newspaper or an old towel on top of your car’s interior carpeting before starting work—this will help keep things clean if you accidentally drop a screw inside it!

Benefits of a Ford Key Fob

Today’s vehicles come with some ingenious anti-theft technology, which has taken a lot of headaches from starting your car. You no longer have to worry about hotwiring or beating your steering column apart by thieves. As long as you’ve got your key fob, your vehicle should start without problems. 

Additionally, you will never worry about losing your keys again. The key fob will always remain attached to your person, meaning that when you go out somewhere, you don’t have to remember where you left your keys.

The Downside of a Ford Key Fob

The downside is that these key fobs can be expensive to replace and require batteries like any other remote control device. 

How Can I Avoid Damaging My Ford Key Fob?

While most car owners know how important it is to replace a dead or dying battery in their vehicle, many don’t realize that it’s just as crucial for their remote control key fobs. If you have an older Ford with a push-button ignition system, your fob could be more susceptible to damage if its battery dies, preventing you from getting into your car. 

Like any other vehicle, Ford has an anti-theft device that prevents someone from unlocking your doors unless they have a physical key. It’s pretty easy for that alarm system to be set off accidentally if you haven’t replaced your remote recently. 

The Common Mistakes People Make When Fixing Their Ford Key Fobs

  • First and foremost, people often neglect to clean their key fobs properly before replacing their batteries. The electronic components inside your key fob are exceptionally delicate, and a simple buildup of dust can make them malfunction. 

Make sure you wipe your key down with a slightly damp cloth before opening it up and removing its battery. 

  • Second, many people rush through replacing their car’s remote battery. Like any other object that requires a tool to open, you mustn’t apply too much pressure when prying apart its pieces; otherwise, you could damage your key fob beyond repair. 
  • Finally, some people buy cheap batteries for their keys. You may attempt to save money by buying an off-brand replacement battery, but we recommend against doing so as cheap batteries have been known to cause problems over time. Instead, invest in a quality replacement battery from your local auto parts store. 

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Final Thoughts

The Ford key fob is an integral part of your car. It allows you to start your vehicle, lock and unlock it, and track its location if stolen. The batteries can last anywhere from 1–5 years, depending on use and settings. 

Although replacing them isn’t necessarily a difficult task, it can be intimidating if you have no experience working with cars or electronics. Several YouTube videos will show you how to do it yourself at home, so why pay when you can do it?