How to Turn Your Ford’s Anti-Theft System on and off

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You can turn your Ford car’s anti-theft system on and off by doing the following; Insert a slim flat-blade screwdriver into one of the slots along each side of your steering wheel and rotate it 90 degrees to disengage your steering wheel lock. Turn off your engine, remove any key fobs nearby, and disarm the system by pressing twice any button within five seconds.

What is an Anti-Theft Immobilizer? 

What is an Anti-Theft Immobilizer

Anti-theft immobilizers are gaining popularity as an addition to traditional car alarm systems. The main difference between a standard alarm and an immobilizer is that removing a key from an immobilizer disables engine functions. 

In other words, your car won’t start at all unless you have your key fob with you. Anti-theft immobilizers operate with a tracking system that allows authorities to quickly and easily locate stolen vehicles. 

Traditional car alarms were only effective at deterring criminals who were aware of their presence. However, today’s immobilizers often take them a step further by disabling your vehicle’s ignition. 

Is the Anti-Theft Ignition System the Same as an Immobilizer?

Anti-theft ignition systems (also known as immobilizers) are standard in most modern cars. The purpose of an immobilizer is to prevent a vehicle from being started when thieves attempt to hotwire or tow it away.

When enabled (which is often required for automatic carwashes), many of these systems will lock your doors if you leave before shutting down your engine after moving from one location to another. 

Since most cars require you to enter a pin code or insert your key fob into its slot to shut down an engine, there’s no way around it without disabling it. If you forget something inside your car, like your phone or purse, there’s no way to get back inside until someone who has access via their remote control device comes along. 

To avoid such inconveniences, follow the instructions below to turn your car’s anti-theft system on and off!

How to Turn On and Off Your Ford’s Anti-Theft System Step-by-Step

How to Turn On and Off Your Ford's Anti-Theft System

Suppose you are in a dire situation that demands you to turn your Ford’s anti-theft system on and off; ensure you follow this procedure religiously:

  • Insert a small, flat-blade screwdriver into one of the slots along each side of your steering wheel. 
  • Rotate it 90 degrees to disengage your steering wheel lock.
  • Turn off your engine and remove any key fobs from nearby. 
  • Once they’re out of range, you can disarm your anti-theft system by pressing any button twice within five seconds until SECURITY flashes.
  • Enter a personal identification number or PIN by pressing buttons 1 + 6 + 7 for 10 seconds. You should see CODES ENTERED flash twice when successful.
  • Press any button once to arm your anti-theft system again; it should flash three times when complete. 
  • To reengage your steering wheel lock, repeat steps 1 through 4 in reverse order—pressing 7 + 8 + 9 for 10 seconds and enter 9999 as your PIN code. Your car is now protected again!

How Does an Anti-Theft System work?

An immobilizer is a security system that uses electronic components to prevent unauthorized vehicle use in modern vehicles. The immobilizer is often part of a security module that includes other vehicle security functions such as anti-theft alarm systems. 

Electromagnetic, passive infrared, or ultrasonic systems are standard technologies used in immobilizers. In some cases, all but one of these methods are combined into one unit. 

When any of these devices detect tampering, such as removing a component (e.g., radio), disconnection or alteration of wiring harnesses, water ingress, etc., the operation will be prevented.

The immobilizer disables the ignition or fuel injection until proper codes are sent by a transponder mounted inside an associated key fob.

Features of the Ford Anti-theft System

Features of the Ford Anti-theft System

The Ford GT is built with special high-tech security features, including an alarm, tracking system, locking devices, etc. This Vehicle’s anti-theft Security System was designed in partnership with a Blinder radar detector, but it has a simple function that tracks stolen vehicles via several methods. 

Since people steal cars for parts or are working for organized crime to commit fraud means we need security like never before. With all these vehicle tracking systems installed, you can rest assured that no one will steal your car without knowing it! 

The Ford car protection package comes with three main components: 

Immobilizer Module

This component has several essential functions, including controlling powertrain functions, detecting forced entry into the engine compartment, and managing battery use. 

Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS)

PATS works by using a unique coded key that sends out information when it’s inserted into the ignition slot. It checks whether there is any unauthorized manipulation of electronics or steering wheel lock after the ignition is turned on. 

If anything seems wrong, it activates warning signals such as horn honking or flashing lights to scare away potential thieves who might be trying to break into your car. 

Tracer Device 

This essential component enables law enforcement officials to locate your car when necessary. The part plays a vital role in ensuring that crooks don’t disappear with your wheels to thin air.

Can I Disable My Ford car’s Immobilizer?

Vehicles that have been imported or modified are often equipped with an immobilizer system. This computerized anti-theft device prevents specific car components from working when certain criteria aren’t met. 

Immobilizers can affect an engine’s ability to start, steering, brakes, and even radios. A mechanic will be able to find out if your vehicle has one; if it does, they can then help you deactivate it to start modifying your ride without worrying about triggering an alarm. 

If you want to disable your car’s immobilizer yourself, follow these steps:

  • Inspect your dashboard for any signs of a security module—this should look like a small black box attached under your dash. Consult online resources for specific instructions if there isn’t one in sight. 
  • Once you locate it, disconnect its power source by unplugging any wires connected to it or removing its fuse. You may need to remove parts of your dashboard and other car parts to get access, but don’t worry; most models only require essential tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches.
  • If you can’t find the immobilizer module, check with an auto shop for assistance.

The Final Thought

While taking a chance and leaving your car unlocked is always tempting, leaving an empty car unattended with its keys inside is an invitation to trouble. A person with criminal intent could walk up, hop in, and drive away—or they might take advantage of their access by stashing stolen goods or drugs in your vehicle. 

The Ford Anti-theft System (FATS) was created for drivers to secure their vehicles even when they can’t keep track of their keys. Now you can easily control whether or not FATS is turned on.

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