How Long Is A Car? (9 Types of Car Size Explained)

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A car’s length is measured by the distance from its front bumper to its rear bumper or trunk. The average length of a car is around 14.7ft. The average midsize sedan is usually about 14 ft long and a smaller car like the Mini Cooper would be around 10 feet.

Types of Car Sizes and Average Lengths

  • Subcompact car: 12-13 feet
  • Compact car: 14-15 feet
  • Mid-size car: 16-17 feet
  • Full-size car: 18-19 feet
  • Luxury car: 20-21 feet
  • Sports car: 14-17 feet
  • SUV: 16-18 feet
  • Pickup truck: 18-20 feet
  • Van: 17-19 feet
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Length Of Different Car Models 

Brand – ModelLength in ft.
Citroen C4 Cactus13.68
Citroen C3 Aircross13.62
Hyundai Kona13.66
Hyundai ix2013.51
Peugeot 200813.64
Ford Tourneo Courier13.63
Kia Stonic13.58
Seat Arona13.57
Mercedes Benz SLC13.55
Renault Captur13.52
DS DS3 Crossback 13.51
Volkswagen T-Cross 13.48

What Is The Average Size Of A Car?

The truth is that there are different models with distinct features and functions. Of course, the length is different depending on each model and brand. Moreover, this feature is not only important as mere curiosity. Additionally, the length of a car can be important for some parking lots or roads.

Even many people may have limited parking space in their own homes. So, calculating the length of each vehicle allows you to do the necessary math. Otherwise, storing a car in a parking lot with sufficient space may prevent the owner from locking the door. In this sense, this is a safety issue that can be avoided with the correct length and autocorrect.

On average, most vehicles feature a length that can be found between 13 to 14 feet. Even this is also the same as saying that the average length is somewhere around 15 feet. Some people may consider the Audi A4 to be the average length considering the vast majority of cars on the market today.

Besides, some vehicles continue to evolve by increasing width, length, as well as weight. In this case, we are talking about sedans, which tend to be very long and wide. In turn, many of the modern models of these times tend to weigh a little over 300 pounds compared to the same cars of the 1990s. So, this growing trend can be applied to other vehicles as well.

1. Urban Cars Sizes

This type of vehicle is usually the most common when we talk about an average city. So, urban vehicles can be found somewhere around 3 to 4 meters. Along with that, some urban cars have a height of 1.5 to 1.7 meters. Of course, large overcrowded cities have much smaller vehicles than these.

An example of this is some of the most populated Asian cities in the world. In these large cities, really small cars are required to reduce the traffic problem. However, there are a few exceptions, so these cars are very common. Here we can find some hatchbacks as well as many subcompacts.

2. Compact Cars Sizes

In particular, compact cars have arrived on the roads to provide the best comfort in a car that is not so big and expensive. Some of the vehicles that belong to this type of car are many Honda Civics and some Citroen models. This is the case for vehicles that have a length of 15 to 16 feet or 4.3 meters long approximately.

Also, the height is similar to the previous vehicles, i.e. 1.5 meters in height approximately. In particular, they tend to be vehicles that occupy somewhat slowly if we take into account that the width is 1.8 meters.

In many cities, this vehicle can offer various great features along with excellent dimensions for a family. Therefore, many car manufacturers invest in the research and development of this type of vehicle. 

2. Small Size Cars Sizes

Small cars are usually special because of their technological features and small dimensions. The Renault Zoe vehicle has the dimensions of a small-sized car. So, small-sized vehicles are usually similar in dimensions to this particular car.

However, in comparison to City cars, that kind of car can offer a length of 3.8 to 4.1 m. In the same vein, this is a vehicle that is between 13 and 14 feet in length. Regarding the height, this vehicle does not present many differences from the previous cars.

Thus, the height can be found somewhere between 1.5 and 1.8 meters. The width is also usually somewhere in the average of 1.7 meters. Anyway, small-sized cars usually offer more space than city cars.

3. Cars With Porsche Styling Sizes

There are many cars with this styling In addition to the car manufacturer Porsche. Some of the vehicles that can fall into this category are the SL Mercedes Benz or Maseratis. Here they usually incorporate retractable roofs and various high-tech safety systems. Besides being very fast they also offer exclusive body designs with a high sense of elegance.

One of the negative points is that it is a vehicle that cannot offer much interior space. However, this is because it is a car that puts a lot of emphasis on exterior design. The length of one of these cars can be up to 5.6 meters long. Also, the width is 2 meters while the car is between 1.4 and 1.5 meters.

4. Sport Models Sizes

Like other types of cars, many of the sports models of these times can offer a length between 4 and 5 meters. At the same time, the width is usually very similar to other versions of vehicles, as it stands at 1.8 meters. Beyond that, it is a set of options that are usually found in a high range. Examples include the Mercedes S-Class or the Mazda MX-5.

In this case, the hood can provide an average capacity of about 1.5. Here, it is necessary to consider that this is usually a vehicle with a high-powered engine and other premium-level features and systems.

That is why this is a set of cars that are not usually found in any city. Of course, there are some exceptions for example the city of Dubai where there are many sports cars.

Car Sizes

5. Small SUVs Sizes

Compared to full-size SUVs, these types of cars usually have a lot of advantages for the users. Many of the typical features of regular SUVs are usually included here. However, the smaller size allows it to be a much more comfortable and versatile car to use in different spaces.

Examples include the Jeep Renegade and the Mercedes Benz GLC-Class. These types of vehicles can offer a length of 4.7 meters, a height of 1.7 meters, and a width of 1.9 meters. So, the length of this type of vehicle is usually not very different from the rest of the above cars. 

6. Multipurpose Cars Sizes

In this category, we can find a wide variety of options that can offer different lengths. Thus, a multipurpose car can be 4 m long or up to 5.1 m long. Regarding width and height, these values do not vary too much in comparison to the other cars we have described. Thus, the width can be between 1.7 m and 1.9 m, while the height is usually 1.8 m.

Some of the most common examples of this type of vehicle are the Chevrolet Enjoy, the Honda Mobilio, and the Toyota Innova Crysta. One of the common features of these cars is the capacity for 5 people or more. Also, these types of vehicles often offer the option of having fewer seats to convert into additional cargo space. 

7. Compact Crossover Cars Sizes

To find specific capabilities and to cross difficult terrains, a compact crossover car is the best option. Some more convenient options in this regard are a Suzuki S or a Ford Eco. Here, ground clearance is usually higher than other vehicles while city driving is usually very flexible and formidable.

Anyway, the height can be found between 1.5 and 1.7 meters, the width is between 2 meters, and the length is usually 4.3 meters. So, it is usually a much wider car compared to the rest of the options.

8. Full-Size SUV Models Sizes

One of these types of vehicles of today is undoubtedly the Lincoln Navigator. Many people need this type of vehicle because they have a large family.

Here, the fuel efficiency is as great as the dimensions of this vehicle. That is why the length can be found somewhere within 5m. Beyond that, the width and height are usually similar to other options.

9. Pickup Truck Sizes

Lastly and very importantly, the Ford Ranger is usually the most well-known vehicle within this type of pickup truck. On average, it is easy to find vehicles of this type with a length of 5.7m and a width of 1.9m.

That is why here it requires a lot of space to be able to store this pickup truck in a parking lot. On many occasions, this vehicle is often used for different types of work or cargo transportation.