How To Use Seat Belts Properly (and Ways To Buckle Up)

Last Updated on September 10, 2022 by John K. Clifford

There are some basics to be able to correctly use a seat belt in a vehicle. In particular, these are not just useful tips. Instead, proper seat belt use can save your life when you least expect it. So, the following facts are of unparalleled importance.

How To Use The Seat Belt Correctly?

How To Use The Seat Belt Correctly

1. A Lifesaving Seat Belt

When it comes to protecting yourself against distracted, aggressive, or unskilled drivers behind the wheel, seat belts are the best option. Here, it is necessary to consider that 51% of male occupants who did not use seat belts died in an accident in 2017.

Therefore, the best option here is to avoid being thrown out of the vehicle and use the seat belt from the beginning to the end of the trip.

2. The Airbag Is An Additional Implement

Here, it is not optional to use a seat belt or an airbag. Too much impact from the front airbag can cause serious or fatal injury to people. So, the correct way is to use a seat belt to be protected next to the airbag.

How To Buckle Up?

1. The shoulder belt and lap belt should be secured across the rib cage and pelvis. These parts of the body are specially chosen because they are the strongest to withstand the forces of the crash.

2. The shoulder belt should be placed in the middle of the chest and away from the neck.

3. The lap belt does not rest on your stomach but your hips

4. The shoulder belt should not be under the arm or behind the back 

Also, a seat belt must be properly adjusted. To do this you must:

1. Verify the correct adjustment of the safety belts in a new car.

2. Ask about proper seat belt settings for comfort.

3. If you need more space in the seat belt you should contact the manufacturer.

4. You can purchase new seat belts if you drive a classic or older car.


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