The Main Body Parts Names Of A Car

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A car is made up of a large number of parts that have different names and functionality. Some important body parts of a car are Bonnet, Bumper, Cowl screen, Decklid, Fender, Grille, etc. 

Key Takeaways

  • Grille is located in the front of the car and it allows air to enter the engine compartment
  • Bumpers are located at the front and rear of the car and ut provide protection to the body of the car
  • Windows of the car allow light into the car and provide visibility for the driver
  • The quarter panel is located on the side of the car between the front and rear doors

Main Part Of A Car – Description

EngineIt is the heart of the vehicle and is generally responsible for the internal combustion that provides power.
TransmissionThe car’s transmission directs the engine’s power to the wheels through different gears.
BatteryThe battery is the energy reserve that the vehicle can count on.
AlternatorThe alternator is responsible for regenerating energy to accumulate in the battery.
BrakesThe brakes prevent excessive power and speed of the vehicle.


Car Vehicle Bonnet Hood Aerial Above Top View 3d Render Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 65581301.

The bonnet is one of the main parts used to cover the most important mechanical parts of a car, which is the engine. This field is given certain access to the engine or trunk when the engine is located at the rear of the vehicle. The hood also provides mobility to the mechanics when it comes to incorporate some maintenance and repairs.


What does a bumper mean in a car? - Quora

The bumper is a structure that can be integrated with the rest of the car’s components or located externally. Until a few decades ago, very rigid metal bumpers were used. Modern bumpers have different materials to prevent the energy of an impact from reaching the driver and passengers.

Cowl screen

Putting a leaf screen across the cowl vent is a big improvement from stock.  | British sports cars, Restoration, Design

The fairing on the removable part of the car’s engine is intended to provide some additional protection. The cowl screen is not only found on cars but also in other vehicles such as boats with outboard engines, airplanes, and motorcycles.


Decklid & Hood Assemblies | Superform Aluminium

This part of the vehicle is mainly used for transporting objects and cargo. In general, it is one of the most important parts especially when users want to make some kind of trip.

Rear Fascia And Support MBI AUTO - Primered, Rear Bumper Cover Replacement for  2006-2011 Honda Civic Coupe 2-Door 06-11, HO1100234: Automotive

This part of the vehicle is intended to provide support to the rear along with all related components. It is also one of the main parts that complement the front part to provide support inside the driver’s and passengers’ cabins.

Fender (Wing Or Mudguard)

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The purpose of this part is simply to prevent the various components of the floor from fouling the entire vehicle. As the tires move forward liquid rocks, mud, sand, and any other similar component could hit the windshield, windows, or any part of the car. The fender simply avoids all of this.

Front Fascia And Header Panel

Automobile Front Fascia And Header Panel at Best Price in Ahmedabad,  Gujarat | Highness motors

This part is what any driver sees when driving. It is the main support for the various implements that are required to use the car. Also, these types of components are in various designs depending on the make and model of the car.

Grille (Also Called Grill)

Car Parts Knowledge: Basic Grille Knowledge and Types Of Grills | by  Partzroot | Medium

The grille is always the front part of the vehicle and is usually made up of metal sheets or crossed barriers. The purpose of the grille is to protect the radiator and all related components near the engine. It is also one of the important parts that allow lowering the temperature inside the engine.

Pillar And Hard Trim

A Pillar Trim Removal – Volkswagen MK7 Golf – AutoInstruct

These vertical pillars are usually designated for different areas of a vehicle. A vehicle may have three or four pillars depending on whether it is a compact car or a larger vehicle.

Quarter Panel

Question: What Is The Difference Between Fender And Quarter Panel?? -  AutoacService

The quarter panel complements the previous vertical pillars and is usually located to the sides of the hood and the sides of the rear wheels. They are mainly used to complement the fender, hood, and all surrounding parts.

Radiator Core Support Finishing Up The Tube Core Support, Front End Mounts, And  Radiator Mount On The Mongrel -

The radiator core support is the structure that provides support and strength specifically for the radiator. This is important because the radiator core is responsible for working together with the engine to properly manage the temperature.

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Specifically, the rocker is located under the bases of the opening of each door. This part can also be referred to as a bralette or rocker panel. 

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The roof rack is located on the roof of the vehicle although it is not usually incorporated into every model of car. Generally, the roof rack is incorporated for large vehicles and is used to transport any type of object that cannot fit in the trunk. Some of the options which should be transported here are bicycles, large suitcases, canoes, and large containers.


What is a Car Spoiler and What Does It Do? | by Winn Autosports | Medium

This part of the car is an aerodynamic device that is in charge of avoiding damage that can generate unfavorable air movement. So this part decreases drag or turbulence on every trip.


How to Clean Your Car's Rims or Alloy Wheels | CARFAX

Specifically, this part is called the outer rim that can hold a tire. So, the Santa and the tire are two components that are always related. The hubcap is the decorative disc that is incorporated in the center part. This part is usually one of the most selected parts when it comes to incorporating a great design into a car.


What is a Bumper Valance?

Specifically, valances are the panels that are placed on the rear and front of the vehicle and the underside. These panels try to direct the airflow properly. This is why the front and rear valance are often very similar in design and can work in conjunction with each other as a vehicle moves forward.

Welded Assembly

5 Ways Aluminum Welding Is Essential In Manufacturing Aftermarket Automotive  Parts

Finally, we can also find the welded assembly in different parts of a motorcycle. In this case, it is two components that are manufactured separately and then can be joined together solidly and strongly using a special weld.

It is one of the main reasons why a car can count on excellent strength. Different types of welding can offer disparate results. Resistance spot welding, resistance seam welding, and metal inert gas welding are the most popular choices for cars.

We can also find tungsten inert gas welding, laser beam welding, friction stir welding, and plasma arc welding. Each of these types of welding is specific to different materials and processes.