Best Ways To Protect A Motorcycle Helmet When Parked (All Procedures Explained!

Last Updated on January 28, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

There are many ways you can protect a motorcycle helmet when it is parked. You can use a helmet lock to keep your helmet safe. On the other hand, you can also use a storage cover to keep your helmet protected when the bike is parked.

Key Takeaways

  • The best way to protect a motorcycle helmet when it is parked is to carry the helmet with you
  • You can use a helmet lock to secure the helmet to the bike when it is perked
  • You can also use a helmet bag to keep the helmet clean and free from scratches when it is parked

Best Ways To Deal With A Motorcycle Helmet After Parking – Ways And Tips

Main WaysMain Tips

Leaving the helmet with the motorcycle
In many places, it is unnecessary to lock the helmet when the rider comes down to buy something and is gone for 5 minutes.
Using a helmet lock or a gun lock is the best way to lock the motorcycle helmet.
Using the rings on the helmet to lock the helmet is an insufficient and insecure way to protect the helmet.
It is not advisable to leave the helmet next to the motorcycle outdoors on a rainy or wet day.

Take your helmet with you everywhere you go.
It is possible to carry the helmet in hand, although this may be uncomfortable.
There are bags or pouches for carrying motorcycle accessories.
The motorcycle helmet can store things inside, such as when shopping in a supermarket.
The motorcycle helmet can be left to one side in some places, such as restaurants.

Taking The Helmet With You Wherever You Go

Attaching the helmet to the motorcycle is not always a suitable option. Many riders may feel much safer when wearing their helmet rather than leaving it next to a motorcycle. It is much more challenging to prevent helmet theft than motorcycle theft. There are three critical factors in deciding whether you should take your helmet with you.

1. Greater sense of peace of mind and security

2. The location is chosen for parking

3. Amount of time the motorcycle will be parked

The Feeling Of Security And Peace Of Mind

For all those motorcyclists who are constantly trying to look where they have parked their motorcycle, they might prefer to carry their helmets with them. This is especially true for those riders who have had a helmet or motorcycle stolen.

This will happen again, increase anxiety, and give the rider an uneasy feeling. To avoid this, it is simply advisable to carry your helmet with you.

The Place Was Chosen For Parking.

The place chosen to park a motorcycle is essential since not all current parking spaces are available. Those who choose the typical private parking lot can feel confident that nothing will happen inside. Motorcyclists highly choose many private parking lots because of the security they get for their motorcycle and helmet.

Even parking a motorcycle on a busy street or avenue can also be a great option. Places, where there are many people, can be trendy for motorcyclists as well. Motorcyclists choose several familiar places in big cities to find several motorcycles parked next to each other.

On the contrary, choosing a parking spot that is not very crowded or with few people walking around can be wrong. This type of place is a favorite of thieves who want to take the motorcycle helmet or any other objects they can.

Amount Of Parking Time

A fundamental aspect to consider is the amount of time the motorcycle will be parked. Those motorcyclists who only need 5 minutes to shop in a retail store or for some similar situation do not even need to lock their helmet. The chances of the helmet being stolen in such a short period are meager.

However, in some unsafe places or cities, 5 minutes may be more than enough time for the helmet not to be there anymore. Also, if it is a little longer than that, it is advisable to somehow lock the helmet together with the motorcycle.

Even being on a trip with other people or other motorcyclists can be more than enough to leave a helmet unlocked without anything happening afterward. This company may be more than enough to deter all people from stealing a helmet.

It is necessary to consider that a helmet can be easily stolen when someone has metal shears or wire cutters. It takes a matter of a minute or two for someone experienced in using these tools to cut the lock and take a motorcycle helmet.

In turn, some motorcycle helmets are not only worth hundreds of dollars, but the cost can run into thousands of dollars. So, when it comes to an expensive helmet, it may be much more appropriate to carry it with you everywhere you go. 

Locking The Motorcycle Helmet

Locking the motorcycle helmet is one of the alternatives that many people can opt for. However, there are different ways to close the motorcycle helmet and avoid theft efficiently. To do so, a set of relevant aspects must be considered.

1. Cable lock

2. Alternatively, a pistol lock can be used.

3. Use the helmet visor and a passenger pin to use the padlock.

This provides security as it is not very easy to break a cable lock or a pistol lock. Of course, there are other padlock options and the possibility of implementing the use of a chain. Most of the time, these padlocks are a direct deterrent to thieves who do not even attempt to break the padlock.

This is a far superior way to lock a helmet than just using the helmet D-ring attachment. Also, a wide variety of motorcycle helmet locks for padlocks, in general, have different costs and qualities. So, it is not difficult to find the ideal safety for motorcycle use. It is recommended to lock a helmet to avoid the following inconveniences:

1. Helmet Theft: As we have mentioned, the helmet can be stolen, locked or not, anyway the probability of suffering a theft increases without the lock.

2. Damage To The Structure: Incorrectly locking the motorcycle helmet could damage the system or the paint. This usually happens when some inappropriate options are used, such as a too complex and rusty chain.

3. Rain: On rainy days, water could accumulate or get inside the helmet. The materials inside the helmet are usually not prepared to deal with rain. Therefore, the padding material could deteriorate, lose its efficiency and generate mildew due to the accumulated humidity.