Main Automobile Parts Cross References

Last Updated on January 22, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

The cross reference of automobile parts is a process that allows you to identify equivalent or interchangeable parts from different manufacturers or suppliers for your vehicle. You can use this method to easily find replacement parts for upgrading or customizing your vehicle.

List of Parts that can be Cross-Referenced

  • Engine parts: Pistons, bearings, gaskets, etc.
  • Electrical parts: Alternators, starters, ignition coils, etc.
  • Suspension parts: Shocks, struts, control arms, etc.
  • Brake parts: Pads, rotors, calipers, etc.
  • Transmission parts: Gears, bearings, seals, etc.

List Of Tools And Websites To Find Interchangeable Car Parts

Car-part.comIt is a source with general information to find different car models that share the same parts, although some data may be wrong
Partsbase.orgIncorporates OEM parts diagrams so you can find part numbers by model and year of each vehicle
Rockauto.comIncorporates every part number of any component of a car and provides information about which vehicles may have that part 
Autozone.comProvides certain fitments of different vehicle models so you can find interchangeable parts 

What Vehicles Share The Same Components?

Several vehicles share certain parts. It is a set of parts that have similar designs and are incorporated in cars of different brands. So the following five options tend to be the most common of all.

1. Mercedes Sprinter And McLaren Mercedes SLR – Column Stems 

One of the most common examples is the 3-pointed star logo that each of these vehicles incorporates. Each of these vehicles has few similarities because one is a large van and the other is a high-powered supercar. 

The super sports car requires certain features to lower the overall cost. Otherwise, the number of sales of these exclusive vehicles would be even lower. In this case, we can find plastic column stalks on this $300000+ vehicle. These same plastic column stalks can also be displayed on the Mercedes Benz van. 

Of course, this is a minor detail although it is also a clear indication that the vehicles share certain matching parts. So, as we continue to mention the rest of the examples you can always check a website to find and take advantage of certain parts from other vehicles with different branding.

2. Oldsmobile Aurora And Chevrolet Corvette C5 – Door Handles

Again, these are two very different vehicles as one of them is a mid-range Sedan While the other is a sporty vehicle that offers great power. On the one hand, this Corvette model is a great-looking, fifth-generation sports vehicle. In particular, this is a vehicle that was known in 1997 and came to update the previous model of the Corvette.

So, this vehicle had different engine upgrades and a much more efficient level of driving. As with any other vehicle, this Corvette model was replaced in 2005 by the Corvette C6. For its part, the Oldsmobile Aurora vehicle was one of the less transcendent models.

In this sense, it was simply a mid-range sedan that sought to meet the needs of most people. In this case, the vehicle featured a 4L V8 engine along with a curvy body design very typical of the 1990s. Included in all of this design were the same door handles that were used on the C5 Corvette. So, at least these parts were the same as a sports car.

3. Mitsubishi 3000 GT and Dodge Viper – Side Mirrors

Here, we can also note that each of these vehicles is two very exclusive sports cars that only a small group of people could acquire. For its part, in 1990 the Dodge Viper was known and highly admired in many parts of the world. Its engine came from a pickup truck and it was an 8.0 liter v01. It also produced 450 horsepower in the GTS.

Needless to say, this vehicle could offer a very comforting level of driving in addition to its excellent power. In this sense, the driving experience of this sports car was excellent not only from the mechanics but also from the rest of each of its features. For its part, the Mitsubishi vehicle was also another sports car.

Although it was not at the same level as the Viper, the truth is that Mitsubishi had a great level of technology. Here, we could find active aerodynamics and AWD, along with heavy technology with rear-wheel steering.

Of course, these two vehicles had few features in common although the rearview mirrors were the same. So, even in this aspect, they were similar. 

4. Mazda 323 And Aston Martin DB7 – Tail Lights

Before 1989 Aston Martin was in a dangerous area as a company until Ford acquired this brand. Thus this new Aston Martin model arrived as a sports car to completely revamp the brand. Of course, along with this came an excellent amount of sales for the British market.

For its part, Ford also had many shares and of course investments in the Mazda brand. So this big manufacturer could access the Mazda spare parts container available. That is why the taillights that already had the Mazda 323 were used for the new Aston Martin. 

Even other parts from other vehicles were also incorporated for the new Aston Martin production. Some might say that the new Aston Martin model represents a super-improved version of the Mazda 323. Of course, this is only because of the great similarity in the taillights.

5. Morris Marina And Lotus Esprit – Door Handles

Here again, we are dealing with two very different vehicles that share the same part. In this case, it is the Morris Marina which had the same door handles as the Lotus model. However, there were not many similarities and in fact, few people were proud to drive the Morris Marina.

In any case, few people remember this similarity as the Lotus Esprit managed to survive several decades of operation. So this resulted in this vehicle being used as a creative expression for the advent of new vehicles. For its part, the Morris Marina has been forgotten for a wide variety of reasons.