Top 10 Metal Motorcycle Helmets

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Some of the best metal motorcycle helmets are Torc 3/4 Helmet, Bell Metal Helmet, Torc T1 Metal Helmet, Bell SRT Modular Helmet, Voss Metal Helmets, Daytona Motorcycle Helmets, etc.

List of Top 10 Metal Motorcycle Helmets

What Are The Best Metal Motorcycle Helmets?

Here, we can find a summary of the top 10 best metal motorcycle helmets. So, it’s about taking a quick look at the outstanding features of each of these options.

Best Overall: Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

Protection, comfort, and style have been included in this helmet, making it the best overall choice.

Best For Women: Voss 501 Metal Helmet

High visibility and a simple, subtle design provide women with good protection.

Best For Design: Voss Metal Helmets

A three-quarter style helmet to protect any rider who enjoys motorcycle cruising.

Best For Sport Bikes: Nolan Helmets N70-2

Aerodynamic design and a highly durable structure complement each other for sport motorcycles.

Best For Experts Motorcycles: Daytona Open Face Helmets

Another three-quarter design helmet is incorporating a flake design and excellent safety structure.

Best For Long Trips: Bell SRT Modular Helmet

Interior comfort is complemented by face protection and a sturdy structure for long trips.

Best For Veteran Motorcycles: Torc 3/4 Helmet

The rebel star design is combined with padded interior materials and high visibility.

Best For Women’s Street Bikes: Voss 988 Full Face Helmet

The innovative design of this helmet incorporates a ventilation system and adequate protection of the entire head.

Best For Ninja Bikes: Bell Metal Helmet

This is another helmet with an aerodynamic design and a formidable structure to complement a Ninja motorcycle style.

Best For Unisex Style: Torc T1 Metal Helmet

This helmet’s retro styling incorporates padded material on the inside and an excellent complement to various motorcycles for men and women. 

The Best Metal Motorcycle Helmets – Comparison Chart

For those who are short on time, this chart summarizes some of each metal motorcycle helmet’s outstanding features. It can allow any user to go towards the helmet they are interested in to continue riding with a high-quality helmet.

Best Metal Motorcycle HelmetsIt’s Best ForWeightColor

Daytona Motorcycle Helmets
Best Overall2.15 lbsDull Black

Voss 501 Metal Helmet
Best for Women2.0 lbsG. Pink Curvy

Voss Metal Helmets
Best for Design2.01 lbsTwo-Tone Black

Nolan Helmets N70-2
Best for Sports Bikes4.8 lbsMetal White

Daytona Open Face Helmets
Best for Experts Motorcycles2.15 lbsMetal Flake

Bell SRT Modular Helmet
Best for Long Trips4.8 lbsRSD Newport Matte / Gloss Metal / Red

Torc 3/4 Helmet
Best for Veteran Motorcycles3 lbsGloss White Rebel Star

Voss 988 Full Face Helmet
Best for Women’s Street Bike2.01 lbsK Pink America

Bell Metal Helmet
Best for Ninja Bikes2.1 lbsStealth Camo Matte Black / White

Torc T1 Metal Helmet
Best for Unisex Style4.44 lbsAmerican Tron Gloss Black

Top 10 Best Metal Motorcycle Helmets Reviews In 2021

Here, we will take a look at each of the top 10 options in metal motorcycle helmets. We have incorporated the key features, the specifications of each option, the pros, and cons, along with detailed information. All this allows you to make the best decision.

Best Overall: Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

Key Features

1. Robust structure

2. Wide visibility

3. Motorcycle cruiser design

4. Visor included

Product Specs

ColorDull Black
MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
BrandDaytona Helmets
Weight2.15 lbs

1. High-level protection

2. 100% DOT approved

3. Padded interior


1. No face protection 

When it comes to getting a metal helmet, this option can be a great choice as it provides excellent benefits. This metal helmet incorporates a high level of strength and durability that can come in handy when the driver least expects it. The metal complements the expanded polystyrene to provide excellent protection and reduction of any impact.

At the same time, different sizes are available so that each user can choose the ideal one. Moreover, a small visor has been incorporated as additional protection against rain and direct sunlight. It will be more than enough to complement the design of various motorcycles. 

In short, this helmet can offer an excellent level of protection in combination with a good level of comfort to avoid misuse of the helmet. In other words, a relaxing helmet experience is combined with a good level of protection. 

Best For Women: Voss 501 Metal Helmet

Key Features

1. Quilted interior

2. Wide variety of designs

3. Visor clip included

4. Quick-release

Product Specs

ColorG. Pink Curvy
MaterialABS, Fiberglass
BrandVoss Helmets
Weight2.0 lbs

1. Subtle design

2. Structure of excellent resistance

3. Lightweight


1. Intermediate quality interior comfort

It is another of the open-design helmets that incorporates an easy closure for much faster functionality. This design is intended for women, although some brave men could also use it. The structure is a combination of ABS plastic with fiberglass to decrease the overall weight of the helmet.

It makes it one of the lightest options available on the market. However, this helmet can also provide excellent protection in different situations while providing a high comfort level. For that purpose, a padded material has been integrated into this helmet to prevent discomfort.

This structure is specially designed for women due to the variety of sizes and designs. The quick release prevents people from having uncomfortable use when taking off or putting on the helmet. Also, the subtle design only integrates a bit of color to complement this frame with different motorcycles. 

Best For Design: Voss Metal Helmets

Key Features

1. Simple design

2. Compatible with different motorcycles

3. Various sizes

4. Quick-release buckle

Product Specs

ColorTwo-Tone Black
MaterialABS, Fiberglass
BrandVoss Helmets
Weight2.01 lbs

1. Ideal to complement any biker style

2. Lightweight construction and comfortable to wear

3. Excellent helmet resistance


1. No eye protection

Here, we can see that this is a very classic helmet that incorporates two-tone black. It is one of the most popular choices for people who want to enjoy an excellent design that is also simple. However, this helmet’s design is not the only positive aspect as we can kill its other advantages.

For this helmet, fiberglass has been used in complementation with ABS plastic. Combining these materials can provide an optimal level of durability and resistance to any traffic accident. Therefore, this type of helmet can absorb the kinetic energy of impacts, protecting the driver’s head at all times.

The interior of the helmet is lined with microfiber to provide an excellent level of comfort. Even the earmuffs are removable so that each user can adapt this helmet to their convenience. This helmet’s comfort level is one of the most suitable and provides every rider with an enjoyable riding experience.

Finally, the quick release incorporates metal to prevent too much-accelerated deterioration as with other helmets. Any driver will be able to put on or take off this helmet without any difficulty or delay. This helmet can adapt to the needs and pretensions of many motorcyclists.

Best For Sport Bikes: Nolan Helmets N70-2

Key Features

1. Aerodynamic design

2. Face protection

3. Padded interior

4. Visor included

Product Specs

ColorMetal White
Weight4.8 lbs

1. Compatible with high-speed motorcycles

2. Rain and sunlight protection

3. Excellent resistance structure


1. Not suitable for cruiser motorcycles

When people try to get a fitting helmet for a fast motorcycle, this helmet can be a good choice. Particularly sports motorcycles may need this helmet when the aerodynamic design is required. This helmet can offer all the qualities that the most demanding riders need when adding speed.

A visor has also been integrated here to protect the rider’s vision from rain and any other components that may fall from above. It is even an excellent option to avoid glare from direct sunlight. The transparent material allows to protects the face from insects and any other road component.

On the outside, this helmet is constructed with high-quality metal to provide adequate strength. On the inside, padded materials have been integrated to give a good level of comfort. So, this will be more than enough when motorcyclists want to enjoy a pleasant and safe ride along with a sports bike or any other similar option.

Best For Experts Motorcycles: Daytona Open Face Helmets

Key Features

1. Padded interior

2. Compatible with motorcycle cruiser

3. Wide variety of designs

4. Scaled design on each helmet

Product Specs

ColorMetal Flake
MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
BrandDaytona Helmets
Weight2.15 lbs

1. Innovative and eye-catching design

2. Structure of excellent resistance

3. Excellent interior comfort level


1. Not suitable for ninja motorcycles

Another helmet that has 100% DOT approval is this unit that many users may choose today. Here is a helmet that is perfectly compatible with a cruiser motorcycle. The frame design is the plastic that the best expert motorcyclists are looking for.

Even the scaled design can provide the ideal style for riders with really expensive motorcycles. In this sense, different designs and sizes are incorporated so that every rider can find the best option. The frame is made of high-strength metal and a scale design. 

For excellent interior comfort, expanded polystyrene has been incorporated. It enhances any experience when riding one of these motorcycles. Also, the interior design takes into consideration every area of the head. 

That is why on most occasions, users can notice an excellent level of comfort at all times. It can be vital to preventing motorcyclists from not using a helmet every time they ride. Along with this, the design on the face part is open and provides complete visibility. Even this could be used with sunglasses for the best style.

Best For Long Trips: Bell SRT Modular Helmet

Key Features

1. Wide variety of designs

2. Washable and removable interior

3. Class 1 optical shield

4. Compliance with DOT quality standards

Product Specs

ColorRSD Newport Matte / Gloss Metal / Red
MaterialMetal – Fiberglass
Weight4.8 lbs

1. Lightweight structure and comfortable to use

2. Excellent face protection

3. High resistance structure


1. Intermediate comfort on a rainy night

One of the options that allow different long-distance trips is this unit. Here users will have at their disposal a wide variety of sizes and designs to choose the most suitable one according to their personality and their motorcycle. Besides, this is a DOT-approved helmet so it meets the best safety and quality standards.

Even the folding sun visor provides adequate protection for the rider’s eyesight. This way, the sunniest of days will not be a problem. So any motorcycle rider will be able to cross all kinds of sunny roads without any discomfort. 

It is also necessary to consider that users need to use this sun visor on rainy nights, which could obscure the vision even more. Anyway, and is a structure of excellent protection and quality both inside and outside.

On the outside, fiberglass is complemented with metal to provide the highest protection in any traffic accident. On the inside, a soft padded material has been included not to impair the construction level at any time. All this will be more than enough to enjoy a great driving experience.

Best For Veteran Motorcycles: Torc 3/4 Helmet

Key Features

1. Rebel star design

2. Federal safety standard compliance

3. Removable visor

4. Washable and removable inner pads

Product Specs

ColorGloss White Rebel Star
Weight3 lbs

1. Innovative and unique design

2. Excellent interior comfort

3. High-level protection


1. Very eye-catching for some users

When it comes to veteran motorcyclists who have a classic cruiser motorcycle, this helmet can complement this design excellently. It is one of the best options that optimize the results on any kind of ride. This helmet offers not only excellent design quality but also a highly durable structure.

All the materials used in this helmet offer excellent protection to any rider. Even this helmet also meets DOT safety standards. Of course, this is important as it gives the rider more reliability when riding his motorcycle.

Also, the inner lining provides not only great comfort for the whole head but also excellent softness. The interior padding is perfect for reducing all kinds of uncomfortable feelings from one moment to the next. Also, the chrome trims provide the perfect touch to complete the whole design of the helmet.

Lastly, this is a 3-pound helmet that may be a bit heavier than other options. Anyway, those who enjoy a cruiser or bobber bike will be able to incorporate this helmet as an essential accessory. 

Best For Women’s Street Bike: Voss 988 Full Face Helmet

Key Features

1. Innovative and exclusive design

2. Quick-release sun visor

3. DOT quality certified

4. Removable headphone pockets 

Product Specs

ColorK Pink America
MaterialABS, Metal
Weight2.01 lbs

1. Ideal for street motorcycles

2. Excellent interior comfort

3. Incorporates dual airflow vents


1. Intermediate frame strength

When it comes to a modern urban street motorcycle, this helmet can complement any woman’s design. In this sense, it is a full-face or full-face helmet that protects every part of the motorcyclist’s head and face. In such a way that excellent riding comfort can be enjoyed along with a quality structure.

In addition to this, the internal components allow for decreasing internal wind noise and any other discomfort. The sun visor is entirely transparent and protects women’s eyesight from rain or insects on the road. 

The body structure was built with lightweight materials to decrease the overall weight of this unit. So this means that this is a very light helmet that does not cause any discomfort when riding a motorcycle. This can be a great advantage when it comes to long-distance travel.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that this structure provides a straightforward and convenient use. The inner liner is removable and very easy to clean. Besides, the upper and front vents allow you to deal with the wind excellently. So, it is a helmet that considers all the possibilities to offer a great riding experience

Best For Ninja Bikes: Bell Metal Helmet

Key Features

1. DOT approval

2. Street motorcycle design

3. Wide variety of designs and colors

4. Aerodynamic structure for high speed

Product Specs

ColorStealth Camo Matte Black / White
MaterialEPS – Metal
Weight2.1 lbs

1. Very light structure

2. Excellent level of durability

3. Efficient ventilation system


1. A polarized shield is optional.

Among The helmets and best quality, we can find this design that can be perfect for Ninja motorcycles or street motorcycles. So we can start by mentioning that this is a helmet with an excellent design that is innovative and complements the fastest motorcycles and modern design.

Lightweight and highly durable materials have been used to decrease the overall weight of this helmet. With over 2 pounds, this helmet will be more than enough to protect the rider’s head without generating too much pressure. It is also a model that has been approved by the DOT so that users will be able to wear this helmet with great confidence.

The ventilation system makes it possible to deal with the wind when traveling on a high-speed highway. Even the built-in shield is transparent, and the manufacturer provides the option of polarized security. Either way, it is a screen that allows protection against UV rays while incorporating an anti-scratch design.

Finally, on the inside, padded material has been incorporated to offer greater comfort and a much more pleasant experience on every trip. So this is one of the most popular and best-rated models by users. 

Best For Unisex Style: Torc T1 Metal Helmet

Key Features

1. Design for men and women

2. Wide variety of colors

3. Rounded structure

4. Retro design for a cruiser or street bikes

Product Specs

ColorAmerican Tron Gloss Black
BrandEPS, Mesh, Metal
Weight4.44 lbs

1. Excellent comfort and interior padding

2. Protective face shield

3. Strong and lightweight structure


1. Not suitable for modern styling 

Finally and very importantly, we can analyze the best features that this helmet offers to a wide variety of motorcyclists. It is possible because it is a unisex design, so both men and women can use this helmet. Besides, this structure incorporates the essential elements of protection and comfort needed for a good helmet.

The face shield is removable and made of durable materials. Also, this material is specially designed to prevent scratches of all kinds. The interior has a synthetic suede lining that provides excellent softness and comfort.

Besides, all this meets the quality standards necessary for every driver to drive reliably and safely. The shell features three-composite fiberglass and other materials. So the structure offers the durability that people expect before emergencies.

Even the exhaust vent can deal excellently with the wind. The chin strap is padded and offers ease of use. So this is a full-face helmet with a retro design that thinks of the best aspects to include in this design. 

Metal Motorcycle Helmets Buying Guide: How To Choose A Good Helmet?

To choose the best metal motorcycle helmet, we must consider some essential aspects. The following elements are straightforward to notice and will offer your next motorcycle trip’s best possible result.

1. Design: Here, there are different designs that we can find in a metal helmet. On the one hand, 3/4 helmets offer a large opening and the possibility of incorporating a removable screen. The retro design is best complemented by cruiser motorcycles. Finally, there are helmet designs that are ideal for street or ninja motorcycles.

2. Structure: The structure is usually made of metal in combination with other materials such as fiberglass. This combination is specially designed to provide a good level of strength and durability. However, this combination of materials also prevents the helmet from being too heavy and uncomfortable to use.

3. Interior: The interior usually incorporates materials that are comfortable and soft. Some options may offer a synthetic suede lining, while others integrate expandable polystyrene. These materials’ goal is to fit the individual rider’s head while providing a good comfort level.

4. Ventilation System: Not all helmets circle in a ventilation system. Some helmets with retro design or full-face helmets usually incorporate this system. In this way, the wind produced when riding on a high-speed road is not a problem for motorcyclists.


1. How Do I Choose A Helmet?

The following aspects are so important when choosing a helmet:

1. The size of the helmet
2. The design of the frame
3. The interior materials
4. Compatibility with each motorcycle

2. Which Helmet Is Safe?

Among all the helmets that exist, full-face helmets are usually one of the safest options. These helmets are full-face helmets because they protect the entire head, including the face.

3. What Happens If Your Helmet Is Too Big?

A too-big helmet will not be efficient in preventing noise or wind from entering the interior. Even in a traffic accident, a too-big helmet can come off before the moment of impact.

4. Do Motorcycle Helmets Loosen Up?

The padding materials inside the helmet can deteriorate, causing the helmet to loosen over time. Thus, it is necessary to replace the interior materials or the helmet from time to time. 

My Top Picks

Once you have reached this part, you will have all the information you need to choose the best helmet. Here the most important thing is the safety and design of each helmet.

Among the ten options, we have considered, my top picks are Torc T1 Metal Helmet and the Bell Metal Helmet. Each of these helmets incorporates a versatile design for any motorcycle type and a high level of riding safety.

However, anyone will have the ability to choose the ideal helmet based on the frequency of motorcycle use, design, and personal style. Beyond that, the most important thing is to choose a helmet to ride safely and securely. 


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