Best Outdoor Speakers For RV (Ideal Options For You!)

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Recreational vehicles are often used for long journeys across many countries. Having the right music can be a significant factor in enjoying these trips. That’s why here we’ve reviewed the Best outdoor speakers for RV.

Each of these options provides excellent features. Novice speaker users will make significant decisions without feeling too overwhelmed. Enjoying the best music and a pleasant ride will be a breeze. For that, you will need to read on and get the best speakers. 

Top 10 Best Outdoor Speakers For RV

Here, we have analyzed the ten best available options on the market. This means that we incorporate the key features of each option, along with their pros and cons.

1. KING RVM1000 – The Best Overall

Any recreational vehicle can be a much more pleasant place for all passengers after implementing this outdoor Bluetooth speaker. This is one of the most recommended units that incorporate white led light and an innovative design.


1. The power obtained from this speaker can reach up to 100 watts. Even one of the best parts is that this unit allows you to replace the existing led light of an RV. This will be sufficient since it does not need batteries.

2 This speaker also has the versatility of being completely waterproof. Its IPX5 rating prevents rain from being a problem. The user will have the ability to enjoy any road or geographical area without worrying about weather conditions such as rain or wind. 

3. From the first song, you will be able to enjoy premium-quality sound thanks to the power amplifier that has been incorporated into this unit. It is also a set of Bluetooth 2.0 stereo speakers. This provides excellent versatility and connects this speaker with smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

4. The 45 cool white led lights have been incorporated to provide excellent lighting quality on every ride. This is one of the electronic implements designed to enhance the functionality of an RV. From its easy installation to its excellent sound quality, the user will love every feature of this option.


1. Completely waterproof structure

2. Excellent fidelity sound

3. Bluetooth connectivity


1. Cool white light 

2. Pyle Marine Speakers – The Best For Durability

Among the most recommended options, we found this pair of speakers good enough to offer one of the best durability. Superb strength and durability always mean an excellent lifespan that can be availed throughout many trips. Anyway, it is also about speakers that can offer many good features.


1. First of all, we can mention that this is a waterproof and weatherproof speaker set. For this, the manufacturer used an aluminum housing combined with a machined ABS gasket and a high-quality grill. All these functions manage to prevent direct sunlight and deliver excellent impermeability for rainy days or high humidity.

2. The simple design gives these speakers a low profile that many users would like to obtain. So, these speakers can be installed in recreational vehicles and other options such as boats. This is the ideal speaker with a simple and elegant design.

3. Installation is a straightforward procedure and only requires a few steps, and the 9.8-ft wiring is included. After making the necessary connections, users will be able to start enjoying the functionality of these speakers that do not require much knowledge to install.

4. In a nutshell, it is a set of speakers with a power output of 180 watts and a diameter of 5.25 inches. You can get excellent sound quality along with a good volume level to get your music everywhere. While this unit does not include led light, you will be able to enjoy the best of music and sound. 


1. Heavy-duty structure

2. and easy installation

3. Simple and elegant design


1. No led light included. 

3. Pyramid Outdoor Speakers – The Best for Classic Design

Many people enjoy speakers with a classic design that allows them to remember the good old days. So, these 5.25-inch stereo speakers can not only offer this feature but other aspects of good quality.


1. These speakers can provide a sufficient power of 100 watts. Combined with the 50 watts of RMS, that will be more than enough power to enjoy all kinds of music in an RV and other large vehicles. Additionally, these are dual cone full-range speakers with a unique design.

2. In these speakers, it is possible to notice a crisp and clear sound thanks to each of the components incorporated inside. Beyond that, it is a set of speakers with an exceptional design reminiscent of old grill design speakers. Here, we are dealing with speakers who catch our attention as they are only responsible for giving a good quality of music.

3. The structure of these speakers is entirely waterproof and resistant to different climates. Such a way that ultraviolet rays will not manage to deteriorate the internal components of this speaker. Excellent waterproof quality has also been implemented. All this means that the resistance and lifespan are excellent.

4. The ultra-slim design is combined with versatile operation and a complete parts kit. This means that this is a set of speakers installed in land vehicles or on marine vessels. Everything needed for a quick and easy installation is also included.


1. Subtle and pleasing design

2. Weather-resistant structures

3. Excellent sound quality and clarity 


1. No built-in LED lights 

4. Polyplanar Outdoor Speakers – The Best for Easy Installation

Among the most suitable options available today are this pair of speakers that delivers user needs. It is also another of the most versatile options installed in an RV or even on a boat. 


1. This set of speakers has the versatility of offering an excellent 100 watts of power. This is very suitable as the user will notice the superb sound quality and clarity when enjoying all kinds of music. So, the main functionality manages to convince the users properly.

2. One of the strong points of this speaker set is the easy installation that does not require too much effort. In principle, these speakers can be installed both on the outside and inside the RV. Also, their compact structure facilitates the installation procedure at all times.

3. As if that was not enough, the speakers are entirely waterproof and can withstand different weather conditions. This provides great comfort to travel anywhere without worrying about the build of these speakers.

4. In a nutshell, this is a pair of white speakers that can complement the decor of any RV. So, enhancing the functionality of an RV or other large vehicle will be very easy.


1. Completely waterproof structure

2. Quick and easy installation

3. Good sound quality


1. No Bluetooth connectivity

5. Jensen MS6007BR – The Best For Great Style

Among the most excellent options to implement to an RV is this uniquely styled set of speakers. People will have the possibility to implement to their vehicles a modern and innovative style that can change the look of an RV. Either way, this is an option with excellent features.


1. This speaker can offer good power with 60 watts of output. So, this means that this is a 6.50-inch diameter speaker set that is very suitable for enjoying all kinds of music and sounds. While the power may be a bit limited, the truth is that you get incredible clarity and sound quality.

2. These speakers’ unique and suitable style is available in black and white colors. However, this speaker can offer a very innovative design and can be combined with both vintage RVs and the more modern models that exist today.

3. Moreover, these speakers are completely waterproof and resistant to harsher weather conditions. In such a way, rainwater or any splash will not be enough to damage the structure of these speakers. Even ultraviolet rays will not be enough to deteriorate the construction of these units.

4. Each of these speakers is very easy to install and does not require a great deal of effort on the part of the user. This is because it is a set of speakers with a universal fit and weighing only 3.5 pounds.  No doubt, these factors can make the installation procedure easier. 


1. Heavy-duty structure

2. Nice and innovative design

3. Quick and hassle-free installation


1. Lower wattage than other options 

6. Pyle Outdoor Speakers – The Best For Complete Device

When it comes to getting a complete device, this unit is one of the most chosen ones. It is a speaker with a diameter of 6.5 inches that also incorporates high power and even LED lights so there will be no need to purchase any additional items after installing these speakers.


1. One of the remarkable features of these speakers is that they can offer an output power of 240 watts. This can be combined with a 4 ohms impedance and a frequency response of 60 hertz to 18 kilohertz. We get a sound of great power and a good level of clarity and sharpness of sound in total.

2. On the other hand, we can consider that the integrated blue LED lights complement the functionality obtained in these devices. Of course, this will allow you to enjoy a much more pleasant night thanks to the music and lighting that these speakers can offer.

3. The structure features high strength and high-quality materials. This has been implemented to withstand rain and different weather conditions. The resistance of these speakers can also withstand heavy water and conditions that can be found on a boat.

4. A straightforward and straightforward installation complements the black color and each of the features. The 9.8-ft long cable is included in the package. So, the user will be able to get an excellent result after an easy installation. 


1. Built-in LED lights

2. Excellent power output

3. Heavy-duty structure


1. No Bluetooth connectivity 

7. Pyle Outdoor Speakers 400W – The Best For High Power

People who want to get excellent power will count on these speakers to do so. This is one of the speakers from the same manufacturer that has incorporated the necessary features for an RV. Even these same speakers can be used in boats, so the parts are abundant.


1. These speakers can offer a maximum output power of 400 watts. Of course, this can be more than enough and is combined with an excellent frequency response and 4 ohms impedance. The result is a sound of great power and a high level of clarity.

2. This is also a set of speakers that are completely weatherproof and waterproof. Molded ABS plastic and a polypropylene cone have been used for this purpose and tested for quality. This will be more than enough to avoid accelerated deterioration due to rain or different weather conditions.

3. Besides being an excellent pair of speakers, it is also a sound system that will be very easy to install. The right cables have been incorporated to allow for easy installation without wasting time.

4. The white color design is complemented by a classic design structure found in most of today’s speakers. This is why this is one of the universal choices that please the vast majority of RV users.


1. Excellent peak power

2. Optimal lifespan

3. Versatile and flexible operation


1. Mid-level frequency response 

8. Jensen MSX60RV – The Best For Reliability

Many users have considered this manufacturer for all those who want to have a reliable set of speakers. In this case, you can get a bunch of good features such as power, durability, and ease of installation. However, the reliability of using these speakers is what manages to stand out the most.


1. You can get a power of 75 watts as a maximum level or 35 watts RMS. Either way, the 11-ounce magnet provides excellent extensibility and frequency response from 65 Hz to 20 kHz. The 6.5-inch diameter is best suited to complement the functionality of an RV.

2. The utterly waterproof structure is resistant to various weather conditions such as direct sunlight. So, rain or the intense sun will not deteriorate these speakers.

3. The installation procedure requires very few steps, and the user will be able to have all the necessary tools together with these speakers. Thus, not much effort or tools are required to enjoy good music.

4. Finally, users will enjoy a well-balanced cost-benefit ratio thanks to the features of this speaker. That is why it is one option that can provide an excellent lifespan over several miles of travel.


1. Reliable and safe functionality

2. Acceptable maximum power level

3. Pleasant and innovative design


1. Intermediate level sound clarity and sharpness 

9. Pyle Dual Outdoor Speakers – The Best for The Money

Those on a limited budget will have the opportunity to purchase these well-functioning speakers. Despite the affordable cost, users will be able to take advantage of the following features to get good use.


1. These speakers can offer 100 watts of maximum output combined with a 20-ounce circuit magnet. Simultaneously, the frequency response of 100 hertz to 18 kilohertz is complemented by 4 ohms of impedance. All this allows obtaining an acceptable sound level with excellent clarity.

2. On the other hand, this is a low-profile speaker set that can complement the design of an RV or boat so that the black appearance is appropriately complemented by a classic molded grille design.

3. The structure has been manufactured to have a good level of waterproofing and resistance to different weather conditions. So, rainwater, heavy seawater, or direct sunlight will not be a problem for the structure of these speakers.

4. Finally, excellent lifespan and durability can be obtained with these speakers. This is due to the high quality of the materials used.


1. Excellent strength and durability

2. Reliable and efficient operation

3. Acceptable peak power


1. Design too simple for some people 

10. Rockville MS40W – The Best for Subtle Structure

Finally and very importantly, we’ll find these speakers for recreational vehicles or boats. The best thing about these speakers is their subtle design and high-quality structure. However, it is also a set of speakers that can incorporate several high-quality features.


1. These speakers can be combined to offer a maximum output power of 200 watts. This is very suitable considering that people will get excellent sound quality and a good level of crispness and clarity in any music.

2. Additionally, the ABS plastic basket and grill have been molded, and the structure has been treated to resist ultraviolet rays. When it comes to waterproofing, this structure is also excellent, as it can avoid the problem of rain or seawater thanks to the IP56 waterproof rating.

3. These speakers’ compact and small structure allows for a straightforward installation anywhere in the RV. We have noticed this because this is a set of speakers of only 4 inches.

4. Finally, another of the most remarkable aspects of these speakers is the cost/benefit ratio. All the included accessories complement the affordable cost of these speakers for easy installation. 


1. Excellent maximum output power

2. Quick and easy installation

3. Heavy-duty waterproof structure


1. Smaller speakers than other options 

Buying Guide

Once we have analyzed the best RV speakers, we have done part of the work. Making the final decision requires studying the basics of any outdoor speaker. That is why we must consider the following features.

1. Output power: The output power indicates the power of the sound that we will obtain. This power is determined by the number of watts as maximum output power and the number of watts as RMS power. There are additional functions to the sound quality, such as the number of ohms and the frequency response.

2. Size: The diameter of each speaker determines the size of the speakers. Among the smallest, we can find 4-inch speakers. However, we can also find 5-inch speakers and even 6.5-inch speakers.

3. Materials and durability: The materials with which the speakers are built are essential because they will ensure durability and lifespan. The best options usually combine ABS plastic with polypropylene and some metal parts.

4. Waterproofing: The waterproofing of the speakers is an essential aspect. After all, these speakers are usually installed outside of an RV. So, the possibility of these speakers coming into contact with rain is exceptionally high. A good level of waterproofing prevents the problem of water or moisture.

5. Weatherproofing: Not all waterproof speakers are capable of resisting ultraviolet light. Considering this aspect will allow us to obtain a set of loudspeakers that will withstand the different weathering factors.

6. Design: The design of the loudspeakers is essential since they will be visible to everyone. More classic vehicles may require a set of speakers with a classic and subtle design. More modern cars can opt for the most innovative speakers.

7. LED Lights: Some speakers have the versatility to provide innovative features such as different colored LED lights. This can be a tremendous nice touch for enjoying a vehicle at night.

8. Additional Features: Additional features include Bluetooth connectivity on some speakers. This provides excellent flexibility to enjoy music from a smartphone. Of course, quick and easy installation is another convenient aspect of the best speakers.


Once people find the best outdoor speakers for RV, they will enjoy a much more complete vehicle. Speakers are essential because music is a fundamental thing for any long-distance travel. Choosing the right option will let people have unforgettable trips.


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