Shynerk Baby Car Mirror Review

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The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror is a rear-facing car seat mirror and it allows the parents to keep an eye on their baby while driving. You can attach this mirror to a car’s headrest and see the baby in a rear-facing car seat without having to turn around.

Key Takeaways

  • This car mirror has 360 degree rotation so you can adjust the mirror according to your needs
  • This car mirror is made from high-quality, shatterproof material for safety
  • This mirror provides a wide angle view of the baby for added visibility
  • This car mirror fits most cars, trucks and SUVs with adjustable headrests

What Is The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror?

This item is in two parts. First, it has a camera that aims at the baby. Then, the camera connects to the mirror on your dashboard via a wire. That way, you get real-time camera shooting while driving.

What Is The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

Instead of bending your neck high to see your loved one, you check the screen. As you drive, you’ll be throwing glances to see if the baby is bubbly, still lovely, or sleeping soundly.

Are There Any Different Variations?

No different variations exist. This item appears as a single product with one color (dark).

Are There Any Different Variations

Who Is The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror For?

This product is for parents who drive with kids at the back. Since kids can be jumpy, it’s good to watch their moves. Once you see your baby is out of place, you can always pull up and sit them well.

If you’re carrying any delicate thing in the backseat, you can use this mirror. For example, a tray of eggs will need you to watch them. The camera that comes with the mirror will help you do that with zero pressure.

How Much Does The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror Cost?

On Amazon, the list price is $60.99. But, they offer a 33% discount, bringing the price to $40.99. And since it’s Amazon, you can get lower prices, thanks to the extra perks.

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror Cost

What Are Its Specifications?

Let’s see the technical details of our product:

ManufacturerShynerk Baby
Item Weight1.25 pounds
Vehicle Service TypeCars
Package Dimension7.5 by 5 by 4 inches
Resolution480 TV lines
Power SupplyDC Between 9V and 14V, 2A
Effective Pixels628 * 582 pixels
Image Device¼-inch color CMOS/CCD 
Sync SystemInternal
Video Output RCA Connector, 1.0vp-p, 750ohm
Sensing Area5.18 by 4.19 mm
Operation Temperature30/50 ºC
Storage Temperature40/60 ºC
Other DetailsAGC and BLCAutomatic white balance

What Are Its Features?

Now, here’s the heart and soul of No products found.:

1. Safety And Durability

With cars, we talk about the vehicle safety index (VSI). Since the camera sits at the car’s center console, the backseat area will be clear. That ensures that you don’t keep looking over your shoulder, which is risky for you and the kid passenger.

So, what effect does that have on the VSI? Since your car is safer, the VSI is higher. And is there anything more important in driving than safety?

I doubt.

Safety And Durability

2. Night Vision

At night, you won’t have to worry about how the camera works. The night vision setting makes it clearer to see your baby. So, there’s no need to worry if you’re caught up in the dark while on the road. 

3. Easy To Use 

Since installation doesn’t need any assembling, you’ll be using the item in no time. 

4. Up-Down Adjustment Angle

This setting helps the camera to fit in any vehicle. Also, it accommodates the baby car seat you choose to use. That way, your lovely baby will stay in sight.

5. Stability

When driving, you’ll like that the camera stays in one place. The car’s vibration won’t affect it. It won’t shake, and nor will it move. That way, you won’t bear the stress of adjusting it from time to time.


This car mirror fits into all cars. The camera sticks to the headrest of the backseat while the display screen sits on the dashboard.


How To Use The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

Here’s an image strip showing you how to fit the camera and screen in your car:

How To Use The Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

Step 1

Strap the camera to the movable headrest of whichever sit you choose. It will depend on how the mode of your baby car seat. The modes include:

1. Rear-facing

2. Forward-facing

Step 2

Adjust the camera such that it points at the baby seat.

Steps 3 and 4 and 5

Plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter.

Step 6

Light up the LCD monitor.

If you follow all the steps correctly, the display will turn on. Then, it will start showing the baby seat via the camera.


1. Clear and expansive view of the baby from head to toe

2. Proper night vision

3. Adjustable camera

4. It fits most cars and trucks

5. No tools are required to install

6. Dual-strap system for safety and stability


1. It may turn your tire sensor on

2. The screen may not stick well in hot areas

What Buyers Say About This Product

Buyers have received the product well since it has seen over 12,000 ratings. Buyers say that it helps to watch all passengers, let alone kids. It offers fantastic value, and it’s even more helpful at night.

Also, it’s a great alternative to other baby mirrors.

If you want a baby car seat, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this one. The only issue would be about managing the wiring. Your kid may experiment with the wire as it runs from front to back. So, you’ll need to be creative about the way you hide it.

The only reasonable complaint is about brightness and contrast. Unfortunately, Shynerk Baby doesn’t give you the option of adjusting those settings. 

Final Thoughts

Hats off to Shynerk Baby for giving us such an excellent product! You won’t be sorry to buy it as it is better than other car mirrors. Those mirrors may be too large, but the camera makes the minimalist experience come to life.

So, now you’re ready No products found.. Once you do, your driving experience will move to a whole new level.

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