Are Motorcycles Faster Than Cars?

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Well, whether a motorcycle is faster than a car or not depends on the specific motorcycle and car you are comparing. There are many motorcycle models available that are faster than various sports cars. While there are also various sports car models available that are faster than motorcycles.

Key Takeaways

  • Usually, motorcycles are more agile and less havier compared to cars therefore it is very easy to accelerate the speed of a motorcycle than a car
  • Some cars have more powerful engines and aerodynamics; these cars are faster than motorcycles
  • A motorcycle can outrun a car but it mostly depends on the power of the motorcycle

Most Speed Bike VS Most Speed Car – Comparison

FeaturesDodge Tomahawk (Bike)SSC Tuatara (Car)
Top Speed


Curb Weight

Power output

400 mph


1500 wet

500 hp

8.3 L
316 mph


2750 lb dry

1750 hp

6.9 L

Can A Motorcycle Outrun A Car?

To answer this question, it is necessary to consider some basic aspects of a motorcycle and a car. So, in some cases, it is possible to leave a car behind with the appropriate motorcycle. However, by not considering some aspects a car could easily overtake a motorcycle.

1. It Depends On The Motorcycle

For those people who drive a motorcycle with a 300 cc engine size, it is not very likely that they will leave a car behind. Therefore, to leave a car behind, a 600cc motorcycle, 1000cc or more, is required. Along with this, some motorcyclists provide some recommendations when it comes to leaving the police behind.

Leaving a vehicle or police car behind is easier in rural or low-traffic areas. In these places, it is much easier for a motorcyclist to use the full power of his vehicle. Some sport motorcycles have no license plate or hide it so that they cannot be seen from a distance.

2. It Depends On The Driver

Of course, driver skills and levels of driving recklessness are also incorporated here. Whether it’s leaving a car behind or the police, these two aspects are equally important. Driving skill is also based on paying attention to what other vehicles are doing ahead.

In particular, many car drivers and pedestrians do not look around when crossing a street or in other situations. So, a driver with formidable skills must be aware of every one of these contingencies.

Also, different roads or back roads built with some special materials can change the way someone drives. So, considering each of these aspects will allow you to become a better driver. When this happens, then the chances of leaving a car behind the increase.

3. Knowing The Situation Correctly

Situations can be an advantage or a disadvantage for a motorcycle to leave a vehicle behind. When it comes to leaving the police behind, many police officers do not attempt to chase the more powerful motorcycles. A 1000cc motorcycle is more than enough for a police officer not to attempt a chase.

However, this only happens to veteran small-town police officers. When it comes to a state trooper in a car, the motorcyclist must win or lose. In other words, here the biker will run out of gas and get caught or escape from the police. With the proper motorcycle, it is possible to outrun any of these vehicles.

Along with this, it is necessary to have enough experience when driving a motorcycle. This way, the driver will know exactly what the real capabilities of the vehicle are.

In the same way, the driver’s skills can be improved with the appropriate experience and knowledge. Finally, a good level of maintenance and gasoline in the vehicle can allow the rider to leave a car behind.

Why Do Bikers Run From Cops?

In a large number of states, the police can judge motorcyclists very quickly in most situations. That is why many motorcyclists indicate that it is not worth stopping in the presence of a lot of traffic and when the lanes are divided. Motorcyclists may choose some tactics to get away more quickly.

For one thing, the license plates on motorcycles are much smaller than those on cars. On the other hand, motorcycles are smaller than cars and can slip through when there is a lot of traffic. Running away from the police is a serious crime known to motorcyclists. When they make this decision, they should run away anyway.

Also, running away from the police is a type of crime and can lead to the motorcyclist being sent to state prison. In these cases, the punishment can be from 6 months to two years in prison. Many bikers even claim that they have not committed any crime. However, this excuse is not enough as they probably fled from the police at a high speed.

4 Ways That Motorbikes Are Better Than Cars

Today many people still have doubts about which is their favorite vehicle. Cars arouse great passions just like motorcycles. That’s why we can mention some reasons why motorcycles are sometimes superior to cars. One of the main reasons is the feeling of enjoying the fresh air and freedom that only a motorcycle can offer.

Of course, the difference in speed between a car and a motorcycle is another important aspect. In particular, you will need much less money to enjoy excellent driving speed with a motorcycle and place than a car. Even here there are other important aspects such as congestion, parking, resale value, and fuel efficiency.

While many people choose a car as their first vehicle, the truth is that a motorcycle has a lot to offer. We’ve listed 8 better reasons why a motorcycle can be a more affordable automobile than a car.

1. A Motorcycle Offers Greater Acceleration

Compared to a car a motorcycle has excellent power to provide beyond the size of the engine. Here, the main reason is that it is a much smaller vehicle concerning a car. In this case, the lower weight means less load on the engine. So, the engine can provide greater acceleration on any road.

In turn, this is a great way to get through a lot of heavy traffic in major cities around the world. For those who don’t want to get stuck in traffic, the solution can be a motorcycle. With this vehicle, it is very easy to get into the different nooks and crannies of traffic.

In turn, the small size of the motorcycle combined with the excellent acceleration can decrease the travel time needed. In some cases, the time needed for the trip can be reduced by about 10%. Of course, this is highly desirable when it comes to commuting.

2. Better Parking

Another major advantage for people in big cities is the limited parking space. In particular, a motorcycle is highly versatile since you can park in a small nook and cranny. This is very convenient when you do not want to waste too much time when looking for a parking lot in a city of crowded vehicles.

Along with this, the lower costs are also included in this same aspect. All motorcyclists know that parking costs for a motorcycle are much lower compared to a car. Again, the main reason here is that it is a much smaller vehicle that requires less space to park.

This is why people who choose a motorcycle for commuting to work every day enjoy these advantages. All you need is a little space to park and little money to pay for parking, it is an excellent time and money saver at the end of the month.

3. Increased Fuel Efficiency

This reason is another one that allows people to opt for a motorcycle instead of a car. Because the engines are smaller, they require less fuel to operate. Of course, this is also combined with the light weight of a motorcycle compared to all the vehicles that exist today.

In some cases, motorcycle riders can spend between $3,000 and $4,000 on fuel each year. Of course, this varies depending on the use of the motorcycle and the frequency of the trips. Beyond that, it is still an excellent money-saver on fuel in any case. So, you don’t need a very large budget for a motorcycle.

Besides, many motorcycles consume 4 liters of fuel every 100 kilometers or less. This amount of fuel consumption greatly exceeds many highly efficient hybrid cars. In short, you can save thousands of dollars every year on the cost of fuel.

4. Freedom And Clean Air

Another of the really pleasant aspects of riding a motorcycle is undoubtedly the feeling of freedom combined with the fresh air. Many people enjoy nature, an open road, a cool breeze, and the warmth of the sun. All these aspects are more than enough to enjoy very pleasant trips.

In particular, this can be really liberating and stimulating especially for beginner riders who are using their first motorcycle. There are even many studies and research that claim that a good motorcycle ride can bring mental health benefits. In principle, relaxation increases as the driver’s stress decrease.

In particular, some hormone biomarkers are decreased by 28% during a motorcycle ride. Of course, this is excellent for fighting stress more appropriately. So, it can be the perfect excuse for you to take a motorcycle for a short trip or a long-distance ride.