What Size Motorcycle Should I Get?

Last Updated on January 16, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

What size of a motorcycle will best fit you depends on your physical size, riding skill and experience, as well as your riding style. If you are a beginner rider then you can go for a 250cc or 300cc bike. If you are a more advanced rider then you can choose a motorcycle of more than 500cc.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are planning to buy a new motorcycle then you should pick a motorcycle that fits your body size and proportions
  • If the motorcycle is too big or small compared to your body size then you will find it very difficult to control the bike
  • If you are a beginner rider then you should opt for a smaller, lighter motorcycle for easy control
  • Pick a motorcycle that suits your riding style; for example, if you mostly ride on the highway for hours then you should buy a larger motorcycle with a more comfortable riding position

Obtaining Motorcycle Measurements

XL220 cm – 86. 6”95 cm – 37.4”110 cm – 43.3”
2XL245 cm – 96.5”105 cm – 41.3”125 cm – 49.2”
3XL265 cm – 104.3”105 cm – 41.3”125 cm – 49.2”
4XL295 cm – 116.1”110 cm – 43.3”140 cm – 55.1”

Can A 5-Foot Person Ride A Motorcycle?

People who only give me 5 feet can perfectly ride a motorcycle of different sizes. There are different ways for a short person to ride. Of course, it is necessary first of all to be able to put your feet on the ground. 

In principle, it is necessary to have good equipment before riding a motorcycle that is too big. Riding equipment that is efficient and comfortable at the same time is a necessity. So here we can include a jacket and pants with air vents. This way, it will be possible to enjoy a comfortable and efficient ride all the way.

Those people who cannot touch the ground can choose different techniques to avoid falling into the vehicle. In particular, it is advisable not to try to reach the ground with your feet.

Here, the best way to reach the ground is to get your feet as close to the motorcycle as possible. Some motorcyclists even use different slopes so that they can touch the ground without any problems. 

In this way, it is possible to avoid falling off the bike and losing your balance. It is not too difficult to maintain the balance of a motorcycle without using too much force. When you manage to keep your balance, the bike is not heavy at all. Also, putting your feet on the ground is not the only way to keep the bike from falling.

Is A 250cc Motorcycle Big Enough?

Usually, a lot of bikers claim that 250 ccs is more than enough power when it comes to a person’s first bike. At the same time, there is an excellent variety of designs and brands with a power of 250 ccs. Also, people who buy their first motorcycle do not take too long to buy a more powerful vehicle.

Besides, this motorcycle provides the necessary power to learn how to ride properly. Therefore, the size of a 250 ccs motorcycle is adapted to the great majority of users. Therefore, short people can avoid facing a motorcycle that is too big for them. 

What Size Motorcycle Should I Get For My Height?

There are many basics to consider before choosing a final motorcycle. Some of the most important aspects that are usually considered are

1. Fuel Economy

2. Maintenance Costs 

3. Performance Level

4. Vehicle style

5. Driving comfort

6. Engine power

However, many users forget to consider what is the correct size of the motorcycle according to the height of the driver. So, to start choosing the right size, you can start and sit on the bike you like. Besides, it doesn’t matter too much if the rest of the features are perfect for you.

In this case, the important thing is whether you feel good about sitting on your bike. One of the key points is to consider your height and weight concerning the size and height of the vehicle. So, you can evaluate some key aspects, to begin with.

1. Evaluating Each Motorcycle

Of course, the ideal way to get the right size is to get in and sit in the vehicle. Here, you should check if you can put both feet on the ground while sitting on the bike. As you can notice if a bike is in constant balance the weight is so light that no strength is needed at all.

However, as the vehicle begins to lean, then the weight increases. Therefore, you will need considerable strength to be able to lift the motorcycle if necessary. If you want to avoid exerting too much force to lift your motorcycle, you should be able to reach the ground with both feet.

This will make it much easier to keep the motorcycle balanced at all times. In particular, this is a really necessary task every time you stop at a traffic light or anywhere. Some people choose to use their toes to keep the right balance in the vehicle.

To be honest, this may not be the most comfortable way to ride a motorcycle. You can feel much safer when you can put both feet on the ground. Also, you should consider whether you can control all the instruments on the bike.

We can include using the pedals with your feet, as well as using the handlebars comfortably and flexibly. In this case, choosing the wrong bike may simply mean a level of riding that is too uncomfortable all the time. This simply happens when you have to bend over forcibly to reach some vehicle controls. 

When it is a somewhat slow speed, these discomforts can impair the safety of your ride. In turn, today there is a wide variety of frame sizes of the bike, the total weight of the vehicle, seat height, and other dimensions. Although the most convenient thing is always to get on the motorcycle you want to buy.

2. Different Styles

When you start to analyze the different sizes of motorcycles, you will notice that there are several different styles. A certain style can be a big determinant of the type of riding and comfort you can get.

In this case, cruiser bikes have a low seat height and are excellent for people of short stature. However, the overall weight of the bike may be too high for people with little physical strength. Of course, you can make the final decision as long as you try a bike of this style.

On the other hand, sportbikes can be a light and versatile option. You will have to check that you can get used to the posture and type of driving that this vehicle can offer. In general, during some long rides, the pronounced angle of your posture can put pressure on your wrists and back.

One of the most popular vehicles is Dual Sport motorcycle. This is a vehicle that can adapt perfectly to many different climates. If you want to ride on and off-road, this option might be the most appropriate.

Especially the height of these motorcycles is often too high for some people. This is especially dedicated to providing optimum performance on rough terrain.

Finally, you can get agile urban driving and a comfortable posture with a street bike. Here there is an excellent variety of designs and of course different heights. So, the different weights and sizes available can provide you with different upright and comfortable riding positions.

3. Choosing The Best Motorcycle Size

Before choosing a definitive type of motorcycle, it is very useful to know that you can apply some adjustments. So, a motorcycle that is too tall does not prevent a person of low height from enjoying it. One of the most efficient ways to modify the height is to adjust the suspension or change the seat height.

There are plenty of dealers today who can make all of these changes for you. So, you can take advantage of the knowledge of professional technicians to get the right height on your bike. Of course, there are also a lot of different designs and sizes.

In conclusion, we must consider four important aspects before choosing a definitive motorcycle. These four aspects are:

A) Choosing the most appropriate weight and size on your motorcycle to ride safely

b) You must be able to put both feet on the ground

c) You should have easy and effortless access to all controls

d) When driving the vehicle, your wrists or back should not suffer pain and damage