Best Apps To Learn All About Cars

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

There are some great Android apps for learning all about cars. These apps are TuneyFish, ExpertVideo: Car Repair Basics, Rev, Torque Pro, and Learn Driving.

Main Apps To Learn About Cars

TuneyFishIt is an app that provides knowledge of mechanics at a basic level which is ideal for amateur mechanics and other people who want to make simple repairs.
ExpertVideo: Car Repair BasicsThis app provides mechanical knowledge at a more advanced level than the previous app. It also incorporates videos and explanations that are excellent for any mechanic.
RevThis app allows you to deal with the different automatic codes of the onboard diagnostic system of a vehicle.
Torque ProThis tool allows for obtaining a large amount of data, measurements, and analysis in real-time of the different aspects of a car.
Learn DrivingThis app helps people to drive by providing a solid foundation of theory to make the practice a simpler procedure. 

5 Best Apps To Learn About Cars

The following apps are of great use to those people who want to learn about basic mechanics, car diagnostics, and even to be able to learn how to drive.

1. Tuney Fish

Even if you are a very experienced auto mechanic, it is always necessary to have some additional information. In many cases, a car that is too old can arrive at a mechanic’s shop. So, in this one, it is possible to find different topics related to the basic mechanics of a great variety of vehicles.

Even here, we can find very informative videos that are easy to understand. So, people will be able to learn about how to start a car, check all the belts, and change the oil, among other things. Even each video can be started, stopped, or used at the most appropriate time.

In this case, it is a free application that provides a lot of information for beginner mechanics or hobbyists. This can also be of great help for those people who want to save some money by performing a small repair on their cars.

2. Expert Video: Car Repair Basics

In this case, it is an application that can be complemented excellently with the previous application. This app provides other very important content at a slightly more advanced level. In such a way that people will be able to learn about:

1. Wheel bearing replacement.

2. Checking battery fluid leaks

3. Bleeding automotive brakes

These are just a few of the things that people can learn in addition to finding a variety of important notes and tips within the app. This app costs $0.99, so the budget required is not very important. Some people might prefer free apps referring to the mechanics of a car.

However, this app incorporates a set of excellent utilities such as videos and simple explanations. So, $1 could be more than enough to make a great review and get better results in the world of auto mechanics.

3. Rev

When it comes to dealing with different auto codes this application can record and display real-time different codes. In this sense, these codes are the ones that we can find in an onboard computer diagnostic system of a car. While working with these error codes and with an on-board computer is complicated this application can make everything easier.

When it comes to resetting or retrieving check engine light codes this application also includes a function for that. Of course, this app can be a great help for all types of mechanics. However, mechanics are not the only ones to benefit so other people will also find this app very useful when working with modern cars.

This app won some awards and has been helping people for more than 10 years. So, it can be one of the most useful apps when it comes to solving the inconveniences related to the mechanics of a car. 

4. Torque Pro

Here, we can find another app that allows you to learn about cars efficiently. Torque Pro is one of the best diagnostic tools according to the opinion of many users. In this case, it is possible to perform diagnostics and scanning of the onboard computer of a car. To do this you need to follow some simple steps that do not require a lot of knowledge.

Here, a Bluetooth OBD II adapter is required to be able to use this app properly. Thus, this app can communicate with the adapter and thus with the vehicle’s onboard computer and the ECU. Proper OBD2 engine management is also possible, so the possibilities are more than wide.

It is possible to analyze and see everything the car is doing, all in real time. It is also possible to detect data from the different sensors, engine performance, and OBD fault codes.

While a Bluetooth adapter is required here, the functionality far surpasses most diagnostic and scanner apps. This same application can also provide different alarms and warnings about different aspects of the car.

Among the rest of the useful functions, you can know the speed time from 0 to 60 miles as well as read the transmission temperatures. When it comes to torque, horsepower, and other data, this app can function as a dynamometer among other functions. The compatibility of this app includes almost any vehicle with standard level OBD 2.

5. Learn Driving

Finally, we can also find this educational app that allows people to learn how to drive properly. In principle, driving tricks and useful tips are incorporated along with images. The driving tutorials are step-by-step and thus driving becomes much simpler than before.

Of course, different basic driving rules are also incorporated that anyone should follow at all times. So, this application will allow anyone to learn how to drive respecting the traffic rules.

In addition to learning how to drive a car, this app also incorporates information about the basic controls of a car. Having the basic theory provided by this app is an excellent way and a great base to continue learning in practice mode. Those who take full advantage of this app will find that driving is much more enjoyable and easier than they thought it would be.