Are Chevy And GMC The Same Company?

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Both General Motors Company and Chevrolet are under the same General Motors firm. The difference between each is the dealer network they use. Either way, many people may notice very similar features between General Motors Company and Chevy vehicles.

Key Takeaways

  • General Motors (GM) is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and it owns both Chevrolet and GMC
  • GMC mainly focuses on producing trucks and SUVs
  • Chevrolet produces a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Chevrolet and GMC have distinct differences in terms of design, features, and pricing despite they are owned by the same company

Chevy VS. GMC Comparison

Main CompanyBoth companies are divisions of General Motors.
OriginChevrolet was created as the main competitor to Ford and its Model T.General Motors Company was founded to manufacture trucks and sport utility vehicles
SimilaritiesMany Chevy and GMC vehicles are very similar because both companies share different vehicle developments, which means that many features are present in models from both firms.
DifferencesChevy pickup trucks are specially designed as affordable vehicles for limited budgets.GMC pickups often feature some high-end luxury materials and appointments that increase the budget of these vehicles.

Similarities And Differences Between Chevy And General Motors Company

Both General Motors Company and Chevy or Chevrolet are two of the most important brands in the United States and the world. However, the trucks of each of these brands have a lot of similarities. That is why many people wonder what is going on and if General Motors Company is copying Chevy.

Both General Motors Company and Chevrolet are under the ownership of General Motors. So these two companies can work together when it comes to developing new designs, new features, or innovations in the vehicles they produce. Therefore, it is not that General Motors Company is copying Chevy but it is a collaboration.

1. General Motors Company

As mentioned in 1911, General Motors Company was founded under General Motors. This division of this great company was founded by William Durant and was established for the development of vehicles. In this sense, General Motors Company, today, is engaged in the production of trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Even vans, pickup trucks, military vehicles, commercial trucks, and buses are also marketed in all parts of the world under the management of General Motors. You can find a lot of similarities between Chevy vehicles and those of this division of General Motors because many designs are shared between the two companies.

2. Chevrolet

1911 was also the year in which William Durant founded Chevrolet at General Motors. Here, the main thing was not the development of trucks or major vehicles. On the contrary, the main challenge was to compete with the innovations and developments that belonged to Ford. In this case, it was to compete against the Model T which had presented a great number of results and sales.

Over the years, Louis Chevrolet took over this division of General Motors. That is why this company has the name Chevrolet and continues to be under the direction of General Motors. The success is so great that Chevrolet is one of the most important vehicle manufacturers in the world today.

Thus, Chevy can produce an excellent amount of vehicles of different qualities and ranges in the United States. We can find from mid-size pickup trucks to really small subcompact cars. In this sense, Chevy is one of the most popular names within General Motors and is used to talk about all General Motors models. 

3. Similarities Between GMC And Chevy Vehicles

As we have mentioned, the different models and vehicles of each of these companies have a lot of similarities. Especially, pickup trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles are often very similar. This often creates a great deal of confusion about which turns out to be the better vehicle when two models are very similar.

Most of the time, the differences between different Chevy and General Motors Company models are in the design. Some of the most common differences are:

1. Differences In The Front Grille

2. Different Trim Levels

3. Different Emblem

4. Different Grille Designs

5. Cabin Size And Design

Of course, there are more differences to be found, but these are the most common. In particular, General Motors Company vehicles tend to incorporate details to make up a more luxurious vehicle compared to Chevy. Here, we are talking about a few high-quality materials that surpass the quality of Chevy’s materials.

However, the difference is not that essential. Until a few decades ago the vehicles of each of these companies were very distinguishable from each other. In the 1960s, General Motors Company incorporated quad headlamps while Chevy chose dual headlamps for its major vehicle designs.

Comparison Between GMC Sierra And Chevy Silverado

One of the most used examples to note the comparisons between General Motors Company and Chevy, these days is to compare these two vehicles. These are the two vehicles that are very similar to each other and at the same time are very popular among the best-selling pickup trucks these days.

1. Specific Similarities

In each of these vehicles, we can find square wheel wells as the main design. Of course, this has been incorporated because these are two pickup trucks that are usually used for transporting heavy cargo.

Most models can tow around 12500 pounds although this depends on the engine selected in each vehicle. Another similarity is that many components are almost the same such as the powertrains and the mechanical makeup of this entire structure.

Even the person can get an experience that is very similar and comparable in terms of performance, ride quality, and driving experience. However, we can also find some differences between these two models.

2. Specific Differences

The Silverado can present a much sleeker frontal appearance compared to the Sierra. This second track has a much more squared-off front end. Differences can also be found subtly in the headlights, grilles, fog lights, and bumpers.

Chevy trucks tend to be much more affordable and are aimed at a lower-budget audience than General Motors Company trucks. This second option usually incorporates exclusive and more luxurious features.

There is also a difference between prices of around $800 where the Chevy Silverado is cheaper. Beyond that, the different models of each of these trucks must also be incorporated here.

Whereby the number of similarities is usually much more important than the differences that can be found between the different Chevy vehicles and those of General Motors Company. These characteristics have confused many people. Engineers from both companies collaborate to facilitate the development of Chevy and GMC models.