The 10 Best Automobile Engineering Books

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Some of the best automotive engineering books are Chassis Engineering, How To Rebuild Your Volkswagen Air-Cooled Engine, OBD-II And Electronic Engine Management Systems, Automotive Body Repair & Painting, Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis: Automotive Technology, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis: Automotive Technology book will help you learn about various sensors and diagnostic tools to detect and diagnose problems in a vehicle’s systems
  • Automotive Body Repair & Painting book provides information on how to repair and paint the body of a vehicle
  • Once you read the OBD-II And Electronic Engine Management Systems book you will have a clear idea about various aspects of the vehicle’s emissions control and engine management systems
  • “How to Rebuild Your Volkswagen Air-Cooled Engine” book provides detailed instructions on how to rebuild the air-cooled engine found in many Volkswagen vehicles

1. Chassis Engineering

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All those who are interested in automotive engineering may consider this book. It is a very complete work referring to different aspects of the chassis of a car. In this case, experts assure that the design of a chassis is not only a science but also an art.

That is why there is a certain set of techniques to obtain the best results and power with a well-designed chassis. The various innovative aspects of a chassis are as important on a race track as they are in everyday driving. This book allows you to learn about chassis layout for a balanced result.

At the same time, a complete set of beginner-level terms has also been incorporated here. Thus, it is not necessary to have any previous knowledge to get the most out of this book. Also, it will be possible to learn not only important aspects of chassis engineering but also complex geometry principles.

To make the learning process much easier, a large number of illustrations and hundreds of photos have also been incorporated. Thus, not only the user will have the possibility to learn about the world of chassis. Besides, anyone will be much better prepared when the time comes to design, build and finally adjust the chassis of a car. 

In this sense, it is one of the most complete books that can be obtained today to obtain a high and complete introduction to the chassis. At the same time, it will not be necessary to begin a university engineering course to learn all the topics in this book.


1. Illustrations and photos included

2. Beginner level explanations

3. Complex geometry principles simplified


1. General level information 

2. How To Rebuild Your Volkswagen Air-Cooled Engine

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Some vehicle repairs can be too complex for the mechanically minded. However, with the right information and instructions, it can become a much simpler task. In this case, it is a book that teaches people the right way to work on and rebuild a Volkswagen engine.

In particular, people will have the possibility to work with all Volkswagen models from 1961 onwards. So, this tells us that this is a very versatile book that can be adapted to a wide variety of everyday vehicles. In a few simple steps, your air-cooled engine can be rebuilt without any inconvenience.

This is an excellent way to save money on hiring a professional mechanic. Also, you will be able to detect the failure of an internal component in your engine. You will be able to work with Porsche 914, Bus, Bug, Karmann Ghia, Thing, Type-3, and Type-4 engines.

Also, this book teaches you how to troubleshoot a wide variety of problems and perform different actions. As such, anyone can learn to remove, disassemble, inspect, assemble, and reinstall each of these engines. This book also incorporates certain illustrations that complement the explanations incorporated in this book.

A large number of readers took advantage of this book to rebuild all Volkswagen engines since 1961. Whether you are looking to save money on a mechanic or as a hobby, this book can be the ideal book for a wide amount of people.


1. Ideal for a wide range of Volkswagen engines

2. Efficient engine troubleshooting

3. Compatible with all models since 1961


1. Not very useful for engines of other brands

3. OBD-II And Electronic Engine Management Systems

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This book allows you to learn and be introduced to the second-generation onboard diagnostic system. Beyond that, it is also an excellent option to know what actions to take in case the check engine light comes on in your vehicle.

This piece teaches you how to read the different error codes that may appear in the car’s onboard system. This will make it much easier to diagnose your vehicle or to diagnose other vehicles. In turn, fixing each of these problems will be much simpler because you know exactly what to do.

In other words, car repairs will become much faster and simpler with the most appropriate diagnosis. To that end, this book includes a very comprehensive list of the computer codes you might see. Once you fully understand the onboard diagnostic system, it will be a much easier tool to use.

As if that wasn’t enough, the compatibility of this book covers a good number of car manufacturers. It is necessary to consider that different car manufacturers have developed very specific fault codes. This makes it possible to deal with Honda – Acura, Toyota – Lexus, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. 

In principle, this is a very complete and updated book to complement the experience and knowledge of an automotive mechanic. However, it is also a great choice for the automotive mechanic enthusiast. Either way, the knowledge in this book will allow applying much more efficient maintenance to a car.


1. Complete list of computer codes

2. Efficient for various car manufacturers

3. Easy to understand fundamentals and knowledge


1. For 2nd generation onboard diagnostic systems only 

4. Automotive Body Repair & Painting

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Working on the body of a car can be a bit costly, especially if serious damage needs to be repaired. Besides, there is always an ideal way to avoid spending a lot of money to get a better appearance of your vehicle. This book allows you to work on all kinds of minor repairs that include painting to get a special finish.

So, whether it is damage repair or rust repair, you will know exactly what to do. Of course, it’s also about working with paint among a wide variety of additional tools. In other words, this is one of the most comprehensive books to be able to deal with all kinds of scratches and dents on your vehicle.

In principle, you will have the ability to learn how to weld different metal parts as needed. Once you learn the fundamentals and basic knowledge the welding task becomes much simpler. This is also how you can replace different body components and apply highly efficient sanding and painting.

It is also important to know exactly what tools and equipment you need to work with. This book teaches you about the best tools and equipment for each of the tasks you need to perform. As if that wasn’t enough, different techniques for working with metal have also been included for a very thorough and efficient result.


1. Repairs of different types

2. Learning about sanding, painting, and welding

3. Different metalworking techniques


1. Not very useful for large damage repairs

5. Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis: Automotive Technology

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Those students or automotive mechanics who want to expand their horizons can opt for this book. So, it is a book on advanced diagnostics to detect different automotive faults. In this way, the person will have the ability to offer much more complete and efficient maintenance and repairs for a wide variety of vehicles.

Experts say that as a diagnosis is much more accurate, problems can be solved much more easily. That is why this is a very useful book for all kinds of people who are involved with automotive mechanics. Additionally, this same book can also be very useful to have more opportunities to work in a mechanic shop.

So, this book will be able to help you pass level 3 and 4 vehicle diagnostic courses from a variety of educational institutions. Even if it comes to various higher-level qualifications and certifications this book is also very helpful. Mainly, this happens because vehicles increasingly feature a high degree of technology.

People will have the possibility to learn the main fundamentals of each of the computer systems in a car. This will make it much easier to deal with the onboard computer and the diagnostics that a vehicle requires. Also, this book includes safety notes, key and important facts, as well as very useful definitions.


1. Ideal for qualifications and certifications

2. Main fundamentals of vehicle systems

3. Useful definitions simplified for students


1. Only suitable for people with prior knowledge 

6. Toyota Corolla & Geo/Chevrolet Prizm

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All over the world, some car models are the best sellers in the history of the automotive industry. Of course, the Toyota Corolla is one of these typical cases and that is why users will be able to count on this book. In principle, this book teaches about applying highly efficient routine maintenance.

This is an important book as it is intended for models from 1993 to 2002. Tune-up procedures are detailed in an excellent way to obtain a good result from the first attempt. Along with this, engine repair from different aspects has also been taken into account for a more complete result.

The user will also have the possibility to work with other components such as emission control, air conditioning, fuel and exhaust, cooling, and heating, among other aspects. More important than that, the user can correctly check the condition of the suspension, brakes, and ignition.

Of course, it also serves the Chevrolet Prizm and other vehicles. All those who wish to continue enjoying these vehicles should have this book to avoid all kinds of mechanical problems.


1. Ideal for repair and maintenance

2. Definition of tools and illustrations

3. Excellent check of different components of the car


1. Only for models up to 2002 

7. How To Make Your Car Handle

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This copy is one of the most comprehensive books that can offer an introductory lesson to users. In this case, it is a book that teaches different aspects of a vehicle. So, the reader will be able to learn about the chassis or the suspension system. The theory about the suspension system is widely covered.

So, driving balance, driving speed, effect, anti-dive, bump steer, pitch change, roll axis, roll center, among other topics are included here. Of course, specific topics have also been incorporated to deal with suspension accessories.

Readers will be able to learn how to choose to install and modify springs, stabilizer bars, shock absorbers, bushings, tires, and wheels. It does not matter whether a vehicle is a front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. The person will simply have enough knowledge to be able to do a good job.

It is also possible to make different modifications to the bodywork to obtain a much more balanced and efficient result. Nonetheless, it is possible to configure the brakes to obtain maximum versatility in driving. Therefore, it is one of the most complete books to start learning about the world of automotive mechanics.


1. Great variety of topics

2. Excellent for working with the suspension system

3. Easy-to-understand explanations for amateurs


1. No car software explanations included 

8. Automotive Technician Certification Test Preparation Manual

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There are a lot of people who are interested in the world of automotive mechanics. So, many people are trying to get an automotive technician certification to work in it. To prepare efficiently and pass the necessary test, it is advisable to opt for this book.

Compared to other mechanic books, this preparation manual is especially meant to make people pass and get the automotive technician certification. The topics are highly authoritative and resemble all the topics that are included in this exam. At the same time, this book also has a guide to help in the preparation of these exams.

The person will be able to prepare for the ASE A1 – A8 and L1 certification exams. In this regard, people can opt to prepare for different automotive technician certifications and different exams. When this happens people only need this book and since it is a preparation manual that covers a lot of topics.

At the end of each chapter incorporated in this book, it is possible to find ASE-style exam questions. Of course, this is a great help as people will be much better prepared when facing the real exam. Purchasing this book means not wasting time on many attempts and failures of automotive technician certification exams.


1. Facilitates the learning process

2. Even ASE-style questions

3. For ASE A1 – A8 and L1 certification exams


1. Complex for hobbyists 

9. Dodge Grand Caravan & Chrysler Town & Country

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When it comes to saving costs on vehicle repairs, this repair manual can be a great choice. In this case, it is a very efficient book for different Dodge and Chrysler models from 2008 to 2012. In particular, it is a book that will teach how to perform a wide variety of repairs.

Whether it is about applying efficient maintenance or repairing certain vehicle components, the readers will be able to learn how to do all of this properly. To this end, the main fundamentals have been incorporated along with the specifications of these vehicle models.

We loved that a large number of illustrations and photos were used to facilitate understanding. Step-by-step guides and detailed instructions make it easy to repair various aspects of these vehicles. Most importantly, this book eliminates the need for special tools for each of the procedures.

So, simply anyone in their garage will be able to properly maintain their vehicle. It is also a great supplement for many auto mechanics who are not familiar with these vehicles. Either way, this is an excellent book to supplement a person’s knowledge, no matter if they are an expert or a beginner in automotive mechanics.


1. Illustrations and photos

2. Allows repairs to be made

3. Ideal for efficient maintenance


1. For some Dodge and Chrysler models only 

10. Chevrolet V8, Impala SS, Caprice & Buick Roadmaster

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Lastly, we must mention this book that allows working on several Chevrolet models. This book has caused a great impact on the automotive market at the time. This book offers a great solution for cars between 1991 to 1996. Using this book will help people to implement a great repair and save money on a professional mechanic.

In this case, a wide variety of fundamental aspects have been incorporated to be able to do a better job. This is incorporated along with step-by-step instructions to be able to rebuild or repair different parts of these vehicles. To make the procedure much simpler, many illustrations and photos are incorporated.

People will have the ability to solve different simple problems or apply efficient maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the future. This is very suitable to get good efficiency and results on these classic vehicles.

Each of the procedures mentioned in this book is simplified so that amateurs can take care of it. Moreover, no special tools are required so anyone will be able to get down to work.


1. Step-by-step repair instructions

2. Built-in photos and illustrations

3. Ideal for a wide range of repairs and maintenance


1. Only useful for 1991 to 1996 models

Buying Guide: How To Get The Best Automobile Engineering Books

The following factors are very important to acquire the best automotive engineering book for your needs. 

1. Compatibility with car models: In principle, it is necessary to consider that each book is intended to explain a model or a set of car models. In a few cases, the information may be a bit more universal and include many car models. However, the latter option usually incorporates superficial and not very specialized information.

2. Basic or advanced level: On one hand, we can find books that offer good information for amateurs to make repairs or learn about automotive mechanics. On the other hand, we can find advanced books that employ a person to have specialized knowledge before starting to read the book.

3. Step-by-step instructions: Of course, not all books include step-by-step instructions for repairs or maintenance. So, if a person needs to perform some repairs to their car they should consider having this aspect included in their next book. This way, it will be much simpler to perform these complex procedures.

4. Amateurs or professionals: As it happens with the basic or advanced level, some books are intended for auto mechanics amateurs. However, it is also possible to find other books intended for automotive mechanics or people who wish to obtain certifications in educational institutions. Finding the right book allows for better results.

5. Specialties: In some cases, books can find very generalized and all-encompassing information on different topics. However, sometimes people need specialized information on particular components of a car. So, it is necessary to consider this aspect to obtain accurate information.


1. Which Subject Is Best For Automobile Engineering?

In automotive engineering, there is a wide variety of topics. However, the best subjects include all those related to a vehicle’s engine, machinery, and mechanical fluids.

2. Which Country Is The Best For Automobiles?

In general, people say that the best countries for automobile production are China and the United States. Each of these countries has high levels of production of cars and other vehicles year after year.

3. Who Is The Number 1 Car Company In The World?

Statistics and numbers over the past few years ensure that Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest multinational company in the world. In fact, in recent years, Toyota has achieved one of the highest sales levels in the world.


Undoubtedly, having the best automobile engineering books allows you to have a wealth of knowledge of excellent utility. After choosing the right book, you will be able to learn more about automotive mechanics and perform a lot of repairs. Of course, this is useful both for repairs on your car and for working in an auto repair shop.