Best Place To Buy A Used Car

Last Updated on January 16, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

You can buy a used car from car dealerships, private sellers, online marketplaces, car auctions, etc. When it comes to buying a used car from car dealerships, CarMax will be the best option. CarMax has a large collection of used cars so you can easily fn a used car that best suits your requirements and budget.

Best Place To Buy A Used Car – Main Features

PlaceCarMax is the best place to buy a used car, according to many reviews.
Number Of StoresThis independent used car dealer has more than 200 stores nationwide.
Car Prices
Prices are fixed, no haggling is allowed, and prices are usually higher than other dealerships.
Purchase ProcessThe buying process is simple and hassle-free each time
Limited Warranty All vehicles come with a 4000-mile or 90-day limited warranty
Money-Back Guarantee 7-day money-back guarantee allows the buyer to return the vehicle and get their money back if they regret the purchase 

Where’s The Best Place To Buy A Used Car?

On a lot of occasions, many financial experts recommend choosing a used vehicle that is cheap to maintain. In this way, it is possible to decrease the budget needed as well as the cost of car ownership. However, it is not always easy and quick to choose which is the best cheap car to buy and decrease the costs related to it.

Even the wrong choice could require a large budget for financial costs or thousands of dollars in various hidden damage repairs. So, it is not a very easy decision just as it is not easy to choose the right dealership. Even today, there is a wide variety of places to buy a used car and not all of them are recommended.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that it is not illegal for many car dealers to offer a vehicle that is not in excellent mechanical condition. This is why many people enter the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall site with the vehicle identification number.

In this way, people can take to the free recall repair before deciding to purchase a particular automobile. Beyond that, there are some places today that are very reliable. This is because of the positive and general reviews of many people about some dealerships. Undoubtedly, choosing the most appropriate place to buy a car for all easier for the buyer. 

1. Buying A Certified Used Car At A Dealership

One of the most effective methods to be able to acquire a used car in good condition is this way. Here, it is all about acquiring a certified used car to get exactly what you are looking for. Many dealerships have the necessary features for the buyer to get a used car in excellent mechanical condition.

Also, these types of cars can be found at many dealerships that specialize in one brand. So, all these units are reconditioned and undergo thorough inspections at the time of sale. At the same time, factory parts are also implemented here and when it is necessary to modify some parts of the interior of the vehicle. So, people can be assured that the car is in good condition.

Even many of these dealerships also offer excellent warranties such as General Motors. This manufacturer and dealer can offer 12000 miles or a year bumper-to-bumper warranty. In addition to that, you also get a 5-year powertrain warranty or 100,000 miles as an equivalent warranty for the distance driven.

Either way, it is necessary to compare the various certified used cars from dealerships today. This way it is possible to find out what the differences are between the various warranties that each of these dealerships can offer. Beyond that, acquiring a used car that includes a warranty means a high level of reliability and security at the time of purchase.

In any case, it is necessary to mention that these cars that include a warranty are not new. On the contrary, they are certified used cars that can inform about what each buyer is getting. So, although the level of mechanics is excellent, the car still has a certain amount of wear and tear on each of its parts.

In the used car world, certified used cars are more expensive than cars that are not certified. On average, buyers need to budget between 6% and 8% more compared to non-certified cars. An alternative to this is to buy a used car with little time of use that still has a warranty.

Non-certified cars At A Dealership

Compared to the previous category, non-certified cars are all other cars that do not receive a thorough level of inspection and reconditioning. So, these may be cheaper cars, although the level of risk of possible damage and repairs also increases. At best, a reasonable inspection is applied to these cars to avoid major problems with a buyer.

Anyway, these are the majority of vehicles and it is very easy to find these types of options at any dealership. Of course, it is also necessary to mention that a dealer is not obliged to apply the corresponding repairs to a car. Even on many occasions, the repairs implemented may be temporary. That is why you should be careful with this type of car

1. Independent Dealership

This type of dealership is well known for not having any association with a single automaker. In this case, the advantage is that you can find cars from different manufacturers along with a wide selection of options. So, here the options can vary and convince a wide variety of users who are not convinced with a single manufacturer.

However, the large number of independent dealerships do not have the same quality of customer service or sales process. Therefore, to find the best option it is necessary to have some references from previous customers. In this case, some specialized websites provide complete information when it comes to finding a good dealership.

When people are trying to find a used car at an affordable cost, these independent dealers are very useful. For one thing, the financing terms on a vehicle that an independent dealer can offer are usually very favorable. Of course, this makes it much easier to acquire a vehicle through a dealer loan. 

Conversely, the downside is that compared to major or single manufacturer dealership chains offer better interest rates than independent dealerships. Of course, this is because it is a much smaller dealership that is less able to offer very favorable interest rates to each buyer.

So, if the choice of a used car is flexible it is recommended to opt for a reputable dealership that has many locations throughout the country. In this way, each person will have the possibility to compare the financing conditions between a reputable dealer and an independent dealer. Even large dealerships often work with several banks.

This makes it easier for these large dealers to offer very convenient interest rates. To facilitate the process of selecting a used car, some independent dealers specialize in certain types of cars. Thus, it is possible to find dealerships that specialize in classic cars or dealerships that specialize in European luxury brands.

Those dealerships that try to cover all types of cars will logically be able to offer very few units of each option. Either way, it is necessary to run a vehicle history report and obtain reviews from an independent dealer before making a decision. You should even look into the different financing options that different dealerships may offer you. 

2. CarMax

Many people mention without hesitation that this independent dealer is one of the most recommended. So, if you want to find the best place to buy a used car you should start with CarMax. In particular, we can start by mentioning that this is a large independent dealership because it has more than 200 stores across the country.

In other words, it is the largest car dealership dedicated to selling used cars. So, it is possible to find a wide variety of options when it comes to different ranges of cars. This means that it can be relatively easy to find a certain type of car or to choose from several high-quality options when going to a store at this dealership.

In principle, any of the vehicle prices are non-negotiable, although the process of buying a used car is uncomplicated. At the same time, the commission system is fixed for the sellers who always receive the same amount with the sale of any car.

So, if a person buys a Ford or BMW, the sellers will get the same amount in commissions. Of course, this system has been implemented so that the different salesmen can help each of their customers.

The CarMax spokesperson has also expressed that customers will be able to find a vehicle according to the price range they drive and according to their needs. Contrary to what happens in other dealerships, these salespeople will not try to sell only the most expensive car.

At the same time, the no-haggle policy and firm pricing are maintained at each of their stores across the country. This can be a disadvantage for those who enjoy bargaining. However, those who do not wish to negotiate may find this to be an easier sales process. In any case, the prices of these used cars are usually higher than at other dealerships.