Can You Register A Car With A Suspended License?

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In most USA states, a person with a suspended driver’s license can register the car. In this case, the person must have the purchase receipts as well as proof of ownership at the time of registration. These requirements are more than enough to be able to complete the registration of a car with a suspended driver’s license.

Key Takeaways

  • In order to register a car with a suspense license you have to show proof of insurance and submit it to an administrative hearing
  • If your license is suspended because of a driving offense then it can also get the car registration suspended as well
  • If there is any outstanding balance on your suspension account then the DMV will not consider your request for registering a new car
  • If your license is suspended then you have to pay a reinstatement fee of $340
Can You Register A Car With A Suspended License

5 Steps To Register A Car With A Suspended License

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register a car with a suspended license. Let’s get started!

1) Pay The Registration Fees and Get A Duplicate Registration Certificate for your car.

2) Find A Local DMV or Go to the DMV website and find the form you need.

3) Fill out the form online or print it out and complete it in person at the DMV.

4) Bring in your current registration certificate, proof of insurance, and payment for any fees. If you are not currently registered in your home state, you will need to show proof of insurance for all states that you have driven in during the last year.

4) Order Your License Plates

5) Pick Up Your New Registration Card and Take your license plate with you to put on your new registration certificate when it is issued.

Things To Know Before Registering A Car With A Suspended License

Register A Car
In many states, you can register a car with a suspended driver’s license, although you cannot drive the car.
Purchase Auto InsurancePurchasing auto insurance with a suspended driver’s license can be a very difficult procedure.
Limitations And ObstaclesIn some states, it is not possible to register a vehicle without obtaining a new driver’s license and paying previous fines.
Check License ValidityChecking the validity of a driver’s license saves time in the reinstatement of this document.
Reinstate Driver’s LicenseRe-establishing a driver’s license makes registering a car and acquiring car insurance much easier and avoids other problems.

Are You Allowed To Buy Or Register A Car With A Suspended License?

When a person’s driver’s license is suspended, the consequences can affect many aspects of daily life. At worst, a driver’s license suspension or revocation can significantly disrupt a person’s routine. When it is not so serious, it is simply a considerable inconvenience that the person wishes to resolve immediately. 

However, there are some important considerations in knowing what you can and cannot do with a suspended driver’s license. Some activities can be done while the driver’s license is still suspended. You will also need to learn about insurance companies that provide plans for certain risk drivers.

So, it is necessary to consider under what circumstances you can register a car despite having a suspended driver’s license. This is also true when it comes to hiring an insurance company for this same car. Many times, having a suspended driver’s license is not an obstacle to be able to carry out these procedures.

Some Facts on Registering A Car With A Suspended License

Today it is possible to register a car even if the person has a suspended driver’s license. This can be done in most but not all states. Of course, driving a vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver’s license is illegal.

So, it would be necessary to have another person with a valid driver’s license. In addition to that, the vehicle must be properly insured by an insurance company, must have all inspections up to date, and be properly registered. Thus, the registration of the vehicle license and the driver’s license are two separate documents that do not affect each other.

When an owner or co-owner of a vehicle has a revoked or suspended driver’s license, Florida Statutes act accordingly. In this case, Florida may request that the vehicle’s re-registration or re-registration be withheld in these situations. It is an effective way for a vehicle owner to pay traffic citations and fines.

Regardless of whether the co-owner or the owner is the one who has caused a vehicle violation, all of these charges must be paid equally. The issues of a driver’s license suspension must also be resolved before a person can renew tags in Florida. We can also find some consequences when it comes to obtaining auto insurance.

Also, in some states with similar characteristics to Florida, obtaining auto insurance can be an overly complex procedure. On the contrary, all this is always more easily solved if, first of all, a person gets a valid driver’s license again. In this way, it is also possible to choose the most convenient insurance company due to the greater number of possibilities.

Of course, insurance companies try to enforce the contracts in each of their terms. This is done for the insurance companies to increase the chances that they will not have to pay anything in a traffic accident. A very common example is when a traffic accident happens and the owner of the vehicle has a suspended driver’s license.

In these cases, even though the vehicle is properly registered, the insurance company may choose not to pay anything. In turn, car insurance can also be withheld when the owner’s driver’s license is suspended. So, the owner of the vehicle will be able to count on the insurance again once his or her driver’s license is reinstated.

This is specifically designed to deter and prevent many people from violating the law by driving with a suspended driver’s license. While it is possible to register a car or purchase auto insurance with a suspended driver’s license, this is not recommended. In all cases, everything will be much easier once the person gets his or her valid driver’s license back.

How To Check if A Driver’s License Is Suspended Or Not?

To find out if a vehicle can be registered with a suspended driver’s license, it is necessary to know if the driver’s license is current or suspended. In many cases, vehicle owners may receive a notice from the Department of Motor Vehicles at their home address. Of course, this notice is intended to inform the owner that he or she has a suspended driver’s license.

In turn, this notice is often referred to as an “order” which will indicate certain instructions to the owner of the vehicle. In this case, it is important to follow the instructions sent by the DMV respecting each of the most important points. It is necessary to follow these steps because it is somewhat illegal to drive any vehicle with a revoked or suspended driver’s license.

The same is true when driver’s license privileges are also revoked or suspended for any reason. A driver’s license can be suspended for several reasons that happen on the road. The most common is that the driver of a vehicle has produced too many minor infractions. In the same vein, a driver’s license suspension may be due to a very serious traffic violation.

Therefore, it is a very common conviction in this type of serious situation. Additionally, the penalties are much more severe if a driver is caught while driving on a suspended or revoked license. Here the severity can vary depending on the first offense for which the vehicle owner was convicted. 

In principle, when a person commits a Class B misdemeanor he or she will be able to get certain consequences. Here, the person can receive up to 6 months imprisonment or simply a severe fine. Even the consequences increase considerably depending on the initial penalties and the number of times a person continues to drive with a suspended driver’s license.

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What To Do If Driving Privilege Suspension Found? (& How To Revocate That?)

When driving privileges or driver’s licenses are suspended, it does not mean that the penalty is the same in all cases. In principle, suspension means that the owner of a vehicle will not be able to drive the car for a certain period. Along with this, there might also be an obligation on the part of the owner to pay a certain fine.

In many cases, this fine must be paid for the owner to get his driver’s license back. Thus, two different suspension periods can be found here. Each of these suspension periods is applied depending on the decision of the authorities and each situation produced by the particular vehicle owner. 

1. Final Suspension Order: This suspension order has a start date and an end date for the suspension period. A cancellation fee must be paid for the vehicle owner to have his or her driver’s license reinstated.

2. Indefinite Suspension Order: In this case, no start date and end date of the suspension period are determined. Instead, the vehicle owner must simply make certain stipulations to permanently remove the suspension. In some cases, driving privileges may be suspended for a medical condition rather than for an infraction. 

Revocation Of Driving Privilege Of Driver’s License:

Unlike a suspension, revocation of a driver’s license means that the driver’s license has been canceled. Once the revocation period is over, the owner of a vehicle must apply for a new license after paying a new application fee. It is often necessary to retake the practice tests as well as the written tests.

Either way, the application could be denied depending on the risk level of a person’s driving record. Also, if the person does not meet all the requirements of the Department of Motor Vehicles, this new application may be denied. The driving privilege is granted in a different state than the state that issued the driver’s license, as it is the legal right to drive a vehicle.

Thus, a person may have the privilege to drive when moving from the state where he/she obtained his/her driver’s license. However, in other situations, some states may require that the person obtain a new driver’s license. So, it is really necessary to have all the information available before traveling to another state for good.