(Answered) Can You Tow A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Last Updated on January 30, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

You can tow any Jeep Grand Cherokee, but it should have a 4WD (or 4 x 4) drive system. Also, the drive system needs to be in the 4-Low mode, one that can accommodate towing. On Wikipedia, Jeep lists the following full-time 4WD systems which can enable flat-towing:

1. Quadra-Trac (I)

2. Quadra-Trac II

3. Active-Drive II

Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Can You Tow?

The following table shows all the 2021 4WD Jeep Grand Cherokees and some relevant specs. Check those that have the necessary 4WD systems.

Tow Grand Cherokee
TrimDrive SystemS – StandardA – Available – Not AvailableGross Vehicle Weight Rating (Pounds)
Laredo EQuadra-Trac (S)Quadra-Trac II (A)6500
FreedomQuadra-Trac (S)Quadra-Trac II (N)6500
Laredo XQuadra-Trac (S)Quadra-Trac II (N)6500
LimitedQuadra-Trac (N)Quadra-Trac II (S)6500
80th AnniversaryQuadra-Trac II (S)6500
Limited XQuadra-Trac II (S)6500
TrailhawkQuadra-Trac II (S)6500
OverlandQuadra-Trac II (S)6500
High AltitudeQuadra-Trac II (S)6500
SummitQuadra-Trac II (S)6500
SRTQuadra-Trac II (N)Quadra-Trac (S)6500
TrackhawkQuadra-Trac II (N)Quadra-Trac (I) (S)6600

So, you may tow any 4WD Grand Cherokee that has Quadra-Trac II (S) or Quadra-Trac II (A). Also, the drive system should have the 4-Low model.

For more clarity, you need to check the instructions in the manual. The document should clarify whether you can tow the SUV or not.

Which Jeep Models Can You Tow?

The Jeep models that you can tow include:

1. The Jeep Wrangler: this Jeep model is the one best suited for towing. It has a narrow body and is lightweight (5400 lbs), and its 4WD systems are tow-enabled.

2. The Jeep Gladiator

3. The Jeep Patriot: all the 4 x 4 models.

4. The Jeep Liberty: all the 4 x 4 models.

5. The Jeep Cherokee: the models with 2-speed PTU or Active-Drive II.

6. The Jeep Grand Cherokee: All the trims with the 4-Low mode option.

Which Jeep Models Can You Not Flat Tow?

The Jeep Renegade and Jeep Compass are not suitable for flat towing. These models have the following features that complicate matters:

1. Front-wheel drive systems

2. Part-time four-wheel-drive systems

3. Electronic transmissions

These days, many vehicles come with many variations. That makes the towing process complex, especially when it comes to transmission lubrication.

Some vehicles need you to move the pump inside the transmission non-stop. That ensures that other parts stay lubricated. If that doesn’t happen, damage to the transmission can occur.

So, instead of putting your transmission at risk, do some research. A few minutes on some websites will save you hundreds of dollars.

Jeep Flat Towing: How To Perfect It

If your Jeep is okay for flat towing, here are some things you should have in mind:

1. Read The Vehicle’s Manual

I cannot overemphasize this point. Your car’s manual is trustworthy, seeing that it comes from the manufacturer.

Since towing is a topic of interest, it will be mentioned in the documentation. For example, in this manual, the manufacturers dedicate an entire section to towing. Here’s one thing they say about the recreational towing of Quadra–Trac II 4WD Models:

You must shift the transfer case into NEUTRAL (N). Also, the transmission must be in PARK (P) for recreational towing.

Such instructions help you to know:

1. Whether you’re allowed to dolly tow or not

2. If your wheels should be off the ground or not

3. The transmission’s setting – PARK or NEUTRAL

So, read, read, and read!

2. Ensure Your RV Has A Reliable Braking System

Your RV’s breaks should be well-maintained. And for extra safety, you should have supplementary brakes. Some states say that RV drivers must have supplementary braking systems.

But don’t brush it off if your state doesn’t need the extra brakes. Remember that safety is vital.

3. Synch The Jeep’s And the RV’s Indicator Lights

As you fix the towing package, remember the wiring harness. It will help you connect the indicators, meaning other drivers will know when you slow down. That communication helps to prevent any crashes.

Ensure you test the lights before you hit the road.

4. Use The Best Tow Bar

Get a tow bar from a reputable brand like Roadmaster. And depending on your Jeep’s model, avoid bars that won’t cause damage to your bumper.

Also, consider compatibility. The bar you choose should fit in your RV’s hitch and the Jeep’s bumper.

5. Know Your Jeep’s Weight Before Towing It

For example, the table says that the 2021 Grand Cherokee Overland is 6500 lbs. So, the RV you use should have a higher towing capacity. Anything below 6500 lbs. will not sit well with the Jeep.

If you don’t respect your RV’s towing capacity, you may damage its transmission.

6. More Safety Is Better Than Safety

The Jeep’s manual should give you some tips to make the RV more successful. For instance, some Jeep models may need you to leave the ignition keys inside. Others need you to disconnect one or two fuses before you start flat towing.

So, safety first. You wouldn’t want to lose your Jeep and RV, so take time and read the documentation. Also, you can look for relevant videos to clarify anything you don’t understand.

7. Don’t Make Any Assumptions

Models vary from year to year, meaning they have slight but significant differences. So, for example, the table given here is for the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee models, not for any other year.

So, ensure that you check Jeep’s website for the exact specifications.


If there’s one thing you should have picked out, it’s this: read the manual.

Jeep offers comprehensive documents that answer all your towing questions. If you take all the instructions given, you will have an excellent experience towing.

If you have a 4WD Jeep Grand Cherokee, chances are you can tow it. So, ensure you get a capable RV and the needed towing package. That way, you’ll trail the Jeep with ease. And that’s all you need to know!

Do you have any questions? Not to worry – leave them in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article with other Jeeps owners, lovers, and enthusiasts.