What Is The Towing Capacity Of The Kia Sedona?

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

The towing capacity of the Kia Sedona is up to 3500 pounds. The vehicle has a very powerful engine that delivers 276 horsepower. This vehicle is designed to transport the whole family and an extraordinary additional luggage load.

Key Takeaways

  • You should keep in mind that the exact towing capacity of the Kia Sedona depends on the year and specific model of the vehicle
  • The Kia Sedona was first introduced in 1998 and it is known for its spacious interior, comfortable ride, etc.
  • You can use Jayco Hummingbird trailer with a Kia Sedona
  • You can increase the towing capacity of Kia Sedona by changing the Axles
  • You can also install a heavier-duty suspension system to increase the towing capacity of the Kia Sedona 

Kia Sedona – Main Features

Towing Capacity3,500 lbs
EngineV6 – 3.3 L
Horse Power276 HP
Transmission8-Speed Automatic Transmission
Gross Weight6,085 lbs
Torque248 lb-ft @ 5200 RPM

Can You Tow With A Kia Sedona?

When it comes to travel, towing Kia Sedona is a vehicle that can be used for it with good results. This vehicle provides 3,500 pounds of towing capacity which is more than enough for many sizable trailers. Some of the trailers used in conjunction with this vehicle are:

1. Jayco Hummingbird

2. Aliner Ascape Camp

3. Forest River R-Pod

It means that Kia Sedona has the necessary power in its engine to deal with these travel trailers. This vehicle’s 2018 to 2020 models can produce 276 horsepower and a 3.3-liter V6 engine. At the same time, this is a front-wheel-drive vehicle with a torque output of 248 lb-ft at 5200 revolutions per minute.

There’s also a six-speed automatic transmission for the 2018 model. It is an aspect that has been changed for the 2019 and 2020 models as an eight-speed automatic transmission has been included here. This difference is just as these Kia Sedona models also feature the same 3.3-liter V6 engine.

In both 2018 and 2019 models and 2020, the Kia Sedona provides the same torque output. The 8-speed automatic-type transmission may be a bit more suitable to distribute all the engine’s power in a more balanced way.

On the other hand, Kia Sedona is considered one of the most recommended and safest vehicles for getting a tow vehicle. Through a front-wheel-drive, all the car’s weight and the travel trailer are distributed in a more even and balanced way. With that, the rear end does not have too much of a load that the Kia Sedona has to carry.

Beyond that, this vehicle also can offer optimized fuel efficiency. It is noticeable when comparing the capabilities of the Kia Sedona to other similar cars that provide AWD.

We must also consider the gross weight rating that the Kia Sedona has. This rating refers to the capacity of a vehicle along with its maximum operating weight. Each manufacturer determines this capacity and tells us the limit that should not be exceeded to avoid damage to the car.

The gross weight includes each of the components of the Kia Sedona itself, such as fluids, accessories, chassis, and engine. It also consists of each passenger and all cargo to be transported. However, the weight of the travel trailer is not usually included in the gross weight of the vehicle. When talking about the Kia Sedona, the gross weight is 6085 pounds.

What Can The Kia Sedona Towing Package Offer?

The towing package is one of the options not included in the standard of Kia Sedona. However, a set of accessories can be included and must be installed by a professional auto mechanic. The different towing packages have various compatibilities considering the Kia Sedona launched on the market.

A towing package does not optimize the towing capacity of a vehicle. However, this set of parts provides the possibility to take advantage of the maximum towing capacity of the Kia Sedona. In all cases, a car can only offer a factory towing capacity based on the vehicle’s hitch towing capacity.

When a towing package is incorporated, the user will have the ability to take advantage of Kia Sedona’s towing capacity at 3500 pounds. Incorporating this towing package does not mean that the towing capacity will increase beyond 3500 pounds. On the contrary, the vehicle will have a much more even distribution of all the weight to be towed.

How Do You Increase The Towing Capacity Of The Kia Sedona?

A few ways can be applied to optimize the towing capacity of the Kia Sedona. The following tips will allow you to avoid any damage when hauling a large travel trailer.

Obtain A Hitch

This part is usually incorporated into some towing packages. The hitch must match the weight of a travel trailer. The best option for this is to have a weight-distribution trap. When it comes to towing a large bumper pull trailer, the right hitch avoids any damage in the procedure.

The right parts will have the ability to distribute the trailer’s weight by relying on a more significant portion of the entire vehicle frame. This way, not only the hitch receiver area will be working. Even the vehicle’s suspension system will work better while the driver can tow a more significant amount of weight.

Changing The Axles

Beyond the engine’s power, axles are the critical parts that tend to work the most with a travel trailer. Having heavy-duty axles can be one of the best ways to avoid all kinds of damage to this part of the vehicle.

The differential should be replaced along with each of the related parts with heavy-duty options. It prevents damage and provides more excellent safety on every trip.

Improve The Braking System.

Accelerating with a more significant amount of weight can be one of the problems, while the other problem comes when you need to break. Braking with a large amount of weight can be challenging without the proper braking. 

It requires replacing the rotors and brake pads with the most robust options on the market. It should be done by a professional, as calibration is necessary to obtain a good result when towing a large amount of weight.