How Much Does The Honda CR-V Towing Package Cost?

Last Updated on January 29, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

When considering only the tow hitch of this vehicle, a budget of $130 to $150 will be necessary. We must add the installation that must be done by a professional. Here it depends on the job’s difficulty so that labor can cost between $100 and $200. Individuals should budget between $230 and $350.

Honda CR-V Towing Package – Main Features And Costs

AWD With Intelligent Control SystemIt balanced weight turkey distribution in a four-wheel drive.
Hill Start AssistIt prevents rollback when maneuvering on a slope.
Brake AssistConfigures the brakes taking into consideration the surrounding traffic.
Vehicle Stability Assist With Traction Control.Adapts traction on slippery and curvy road surfaces.
Honda CR-V Tow PackageThe receiver-style tow hitch, hitch harness, clip, and drawbar are included in the towing package.
Costs Of The Towing PackageThe average cost of this tow-package is between $130 and $150.
Labor CostsLabor costs depend on the difficulty and range from $100 to $200.

Honda CR-V Towing Package Features

When it comes to a large vehicle like a sport utility vehicle, each of the capabilities obtained is important. The towing capacity of this Honda model is not usually one of the highest. However, this compact crossover has a towing package available to utilize the maximum towing capacity.

Without the towing package, this vehicle could offer its maximum towing capacity, although there is a risk of damaging some parts. The Honda CR-V has a towing package to take advantage of the maximum towing capacity without suffering any deterioration or damage to any of its features.

If we talk about the 2020 model, we can find a payload capacity of 1106 pounds and a maximum towing capacity of 1500 pounds. This is obtained thanks to the 1.5 liters 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. There are also some other valuable features that we can consider:

1. Continuously variable automatic transmission

2. 28 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles per gallon on the highway

3. 179 lb-ft of torque and 190 horsepower

In this regard, the 2020 Honda CR-V 2020 towing package provides a set of features that allow us to optimize the vehicle’s functionality. When it comes to using this vehicle to its most total capability, the following towing package features may be necessary.

1. AWD With Intelligent Control System: When it comes to distributing torque intelligently, this system works in conjunction with the all-wheel drive. Control and road contact is optimized, which is very convenient for the vehicle to transport or tow a significant weight. Even this is convenient to adapt to different surface conditions or the road to be traveled.

2. Hill Start Assist: On some occasions, the driver needs to change the brake foot to put it on the accelerator pedal during a slope. This assistant is responsible for preventing rollback in this type of situation. Kickback can be more important when carrying a heavy load.

3. Brake Assist: Collision avoidance can be beneficial when transporting or towing a heavy load. This assistant actively scans the surrounding traffic. The results of this scan are used to set the brakes and improve braking performance.

4. Vehicle Stability Assist With Traction Control: When it comes to remembering road surfaces that are too slippery, this can be dangerous when combined with some curves. So this feature configures the vehicle’s traction to provide the best result on these rough roads.

5. Honda CR-V Tow Package: Along with the above features, this towing package includes a receiver-style tow hitch, hitch harness, clip, and drawbar.

Can I Tow A Small Trailer With A Honda CR-V?

One of the most popular and well-known models among today’s sport utility vehicles is the Honda CR-V. This vehicle can provide excellent capability to transport several people along different roads of varying difficulties. This compact crossover vehicle can also be chosen according to its towing capabilities. 

In this case, we can get an unlimited towing capacity that only reaches 1500 pounds as maximum capacity. Anyway, it is more than enough towing capacity to have some light caravans. There are some pop-up trailers, stand-up trailers, or teardrop trailers.

For all of these, it is highly desirable to have a towing package. This allows optimizing the towing capacities of this vehicle, as they are not very high. Anyway, there is no single Honda CR-V model, so different options have different vehicle weights.

1. Honda CR-V – LX: 1500 lbs. towing capacity / 3307 lbs. unladen vehicle weight

2. Honda CR-V – EX: 1500 lbs. towing capacity / 3358 lbs. unladen vehicle weight

3. Honda CR-V – EX-L: 1500 lbs. towing capacity / 3377 lbs. unladen vehicle weight

4. Honda CR-V – Touring: 1500 pounds towing capacity / 3397 pounds unladen vehicle weight.

This is a limited towing capacity that you can take advantage of when it comes to a small family. It’s even an excellent option for two people who want a small trailer with limited towing capacity. In this kind of situation, the Honda CR-V can offer a great result, superior when it has a towing package.

What Can I Tow With A Honda CR-V Under 1500 lbs?

Having a maximum towing capacity of 1500 pounds limits people’s possibilities. However, some small trailers are within the 1500-pound limit.

1. Rustic Trail Polar Bear: This is a 1365-pound frame with an aerodynamic design. This trailer has a width of 5 feet 10 inches and a height of 6 feet. Inside we find enough room for a few passengers in this teardrop-shaped trailer that features a fiberglass liner.

2. Tiny Camper Company Stand Up Spam: This is another teardrop-shaped trailer with a watertight weight of 980 pounds. This structure has a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Inside you will find a folding bed, fold-out table, led lights, and other features for acceptable comfort.

3. Little Guy Trailers MeerKat: This 900-pound structure is lightweight and provides enough space for two people. People can count on a closet, a fridge, wooden cabinets, and even a portable butane stove.