Is Toyota Prius Ugly? (Thoughts and Reviews)

Is Toyota Prius Ugly

Toyota Prius has always been in the spotlight for its appalling looks; critics say that Toyota managed to make every new generation model look uglier than its predecessor. The model … Read more

Will Toyota Ever Make A 1-Ton Truck? (Find Out Today)

Will Toyota Ever Make A 1-Ton Truck

A 1-ton truck refers to a vehicle with the stability, suspension, and structural integrity to carry one ton of payload or cargo weight beyond the truck’s weight. Toyota has made … Read more

Toyota 86 vs. Subaru BRZ vs. Scion FRS: which is better?

Toyota 86 vs Subaru BRZ vs Scion FRS

The Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 are almost the same vehicles since they are both designed and built by a combined effort between Toyota and Subaru. On the other hand, … Read more

Is a 1998 Toyota Supra legal in the USA? (let’s find out)

Is a 1998 Toyota Supra legal in the USA

Supra is one of the most popular sports car models worldwide. The model has a tainted past because the 1994 model was banned by the NHTSA, citing long-term reliability issues. … Read more