Chevy Traverse Towing Package Cost (The Exact Prices!)

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The Chevy Traverse towing package costs around $680. Also, a dealership may charge you upwards of $1200 to install the package. If your Chevy Traverse does not have the factory-set towing package, be ready to spend around $2000.

Towing Package And Trailering Accessories

The towing package is the pre-installed capability of a Chevy Traverse to take on a trailer. For your Chevy Traverse to tow anything, it needs to have:

1. A factory-installed hitched

2. A heavy-duty cooling system

3. Pro-towing features like Haul/Tow Mode

Other models will have features like Hitch View and Hitch Guidance. These make the trailering experience optimal.

If not, you’ll need to install the hitch before bringing in the trailering accessories.

What Comes With The Chevy Traverse Towing Package?

Looking at Chevy’s website, the package of accessories includes:

1. Ball Mount

The ball mount accepts a hitch lock or pin to provide solid mounting.

2. Hitching Trailer

This connects the trailer to the Chevy Traverse SUV. As a structure, it provides the point of attachment (or coupling). 

3. Scale

For the Chevy Traverse model, the towing scale that Chevrolet recommends is BetterWeigh™. As the name suggests, this item displays the weight of the trailer and the vehicle in real-time. First, you plug it into the vehicle port (OBD-II). Then, you use Bluetooth to establish a connection.

4. Locking 

The lock helps to secure the trailer coupler and trailer hitch from separation. To improve theft deterrence, it comes with a key. So, if you leave your trailer unattended, it would be difficult for a thief to detach it from your Chevy Traverse.

5. Wiring Harness

You connect this harness to the trailer to power the trailer’s lights. The connection also helps in synchronizing the lights with your SUV’s taillights. Also, you can use it to connect auxiliary power and trailer brakes.

CURT Manufacturing LLC provides these items for your Chevy Traverse as associated accessories. For better understanding, look at the following table:

Name of Towing ItemTowing Capacity (Pounds)Receiver (Inches)Drop (Inches)Ball (Inches)More SpecsPrice ($)
Hitch Trailering75002469
Trailer Hitch Pin6
Hitch Hollow Shank Ball Mount750022Dual Length38
750024Single Length20
750024Single Length23
Hitch TraileringECHO Brake Controller229
Hitch Trailering
Hitch Receiver Closeout with Bowtie Logo
Locking(Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock)19
ScaleBetterWeight Mobile Tow Scale)99
Wiring Harness7-Way Trailer Wiring Electrical Adapter14

So, what should you do if your Chevy Traverse has a towing package? Well, get the necessary accessories and install them to start trailering.

Which Chevy Traverse Has Tow Packaging?

Chevy Traverse trims with tow packaging are the LT, RS, Premier, and High Country. Keep reading for the specifics.

The Chevy Traverse comes in 7 trim levels: L, LS, LT Cloth, LT Leather, RS, Premier, and High Country. Trims are different versions of a car’s model.

1. For the Traverse LS (AWD and FWD) and Traverse L (FWD), there are no trailer packages. If you own any of these Chevy models, you will have to install a hitch. This will cost you anything between $200 and $300.

2. For the Traverse Premier (FWD), RS (FWD and AWD), and LT (AWD and FWD), the trailer package is available. But, it does not come with the vehicle. For these models, you will need a hitch, a cooling system plus accessories.

3. For the Traverse High Country (AWD and FWD) and Premier (AWD), the trailer package is standard. Which means that you can go for the tabled items and ask a mechanic to fix them up.


FWD is short for Four-wheel Drive, but it could also mean Front-wheel Drive. So always check which FWD you want to buy.

How To Know If Your Chevy Traverse Has A Towing Package 

At the back of your SUV, you may notice a hitch. If you do, this indicates that the factory already included a tow package. But you shouldn’t stop there.

Check the glove box, and if you see the code V92, you can rest assured that it is present. The factory issues this code to show that your Traverse has the package.

If the code is absent, your Traverse may have an after-factory package or not. To know with certainty, talk to a mechanic.

How Much Can A Chevy Traverse Tow?

The 2020 and 2021 models have a 5000-pound max capacity. But, Chevrolet recommends that you review the Trailering section in the manual. Note that the accessories, cargo, and passenger weight can reduce the amount towed.

Which Trailers Can I Tow With My Chevy Traverse?

You can tow anything from pop-ups to teardrops. As you do, ensure that you check the weight limits. This will help you get the best trailering experiment.

Can I DIY The Towing Package?

If you have around 3 hours and basic DIY patience, you can do the job. This is because the installation is quite technical. If you are starting with hitch installation, you’ll need to remove your SUV’s bumper.

Rather than spoil your Chevy’s bumper, you can bring in a mechanic. Although you’ll dig deeper into your pockets, the expert will do the task.

But if you choose to go the DIY way, you can watch a highly-ranked tutorial video. That ought to get things done. 


There you have it. With that info on costs, you can get your car hitched and start trailering soon.

If your SUV comes with a towing package, the accessories will complete the setup. If it doesn’t, you may need to start from scratch, that is, removing the bumper to fix the hitch.

With about 5000 pounds, you can trail boat and cargo with your Chevy Traverse. As long as you keep your load under that weight mark, you needn’t worry.

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