Does Lowes Cut Car Keys?

Last Updated on January 19, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Lowes can cut a car key. However, this type of key can be used for the vehicle’s doors. So, to use and start the vehicle, the original key is required. The replacement key must be programmed to start the vehicle. However, experts assure that what must be reprogrammed is not the key, but the car.

Key Takeaways

  • You should keep in mind that not every local Lowe’s store has the ability to cut car keys so you should contact the nearest Lowe’s store to find the right information
  • Some modern car keys need to be programmed and this service is not offered by any Lowe’s store
  • The costs of copying a key at Lowe’s can range from $2 to $5 per key

Lowes Service On Car Keys

Keys In 30 SecondsAt this store, it only takes 30 seconds to cut a spare key.
Cost The cost is typically between $1.25 and $2 per key copy.
Digital Copy
A digital copy is obtained from a key and stored in a cloud storage facility.
Reprogramming RequiredThis store does not offer the reprogramming service that is necessary to be able to use the spare key
Stores AvailableThere are several stores available whereby the digital copy can be used to obtain a replacement copy at any Lowes.

How Much Does Lowes Charge To Cut Keys?

There are many situations where people must have a second key for their vehicle. In these cases, a coded key may be needed for most vehicles. Coded keys for vehicles these days are used to prevent anyone from starting their vehicle. However, obtaining a second key equal to this primary coded key is not so simple.

In some cases, the key itself can be very inexpensive as well as any other key. However, it is the coding, reprogramming, or the chip that these keys must have that is expensive. At the vast majority of hardware stores, a car key or door key can be had for $2 or less. In this case, we are talking specifically about the key material only. 

At the same time, here it does not require too much training of employees to be able to obtain a copy of a key. So, in a few seconds, a person can have a copy of a key without too much effort. Beyond that, as we have mentioned, today’s vehicles have coded keys to avoid such situations.

Today, Lowes has launched in certain outlets to be able to obtain digital copies of KeyMe, as well as copies of other types of keys. One of the main services of these stores that are becoming more popular every day is the digital copy of a certain key. This process requires a key to be digitized to obtain a non-physical copy.

In turn, this digital copy can be stored and kept in the cloud so that a replacement copy can be obtained from a local Lowes store. According to these sites, people can obtain a replacement copy of a key in just 30 seconds or less. However, many users have mentioned that there is a certain problem when it comes to a chip-encrypted key.

These chip-encrypted keys are widely used for today’s modern cars that include several security aspects. One of the most obvious security aspects is the encryption of the keys to prevent copying by undesirable people. In any case, copies of car keys can be obtained from these stores, regardless of whether they have transponder chips or not.

Along with that, the price is usually set at approximately $5 to obtain three keys in total. However, it may be necessary to reprogram the vehicle, as these places do not have the proper facilities to be able to code the keys. Key coding requires certain technological equipment that these stores do not have.

Is It Possible To Copy Car Keys?

On many occasions, car keys can get lost when the user least expects them. It is in these types of situations that people begin to wonder how to obtain a replacement key. To do this, it is necessary to consider the different types of car keys that exist today. Some of them are easy to obtain, while other keys are more high-tech.

1. Basic Remotes And Keys

One of the integral parts of a set of car keys can be either the transceiver or the remote control. An electronic key fob is one of the basic components of modern car keys. So, key and remote control replacement can carry a cost of $100 or less. This is especially considering the complexity of each of these items.

Some dealers provide the service to program each of the key fobs along with the vehicle. In turn, other dealers may charge half an hour and one hour labor depending on the time needed. However, some users can avoid these costs, since they know the necessary combination of vehicle and remote control.

In this case, it is possible to reprogram the remote control by pressing a few buttons while turning the key in the ignition. This information can be found online as well as in some vehicle owner’s manuals. In turn, the remote control can be obtained through a locksmith or an online aftermarket.

The remote control is an essential part of being able to use your vehicle with a certain amount of security. Even many vehicles simply won’t work if they don’t have a remote control.

Also, getting the remote control through an online aftermarket can be somewhat complex. Here are several options of varying qualities but it is always a more convenient and less expensive option. 

2. Transponder Keys

Sometime in the 1990s, a transponder chip began to be placed next to the plastic head of a car key. The ignition part of the vehicle has a receiver to work together with the chip in the key. So, to start the car, the chip emits a signal that the receiver receives in the ignition.

When this simply does not work, then the vehicle cannot be started and used. Both Lowes, as well as many other similar stores, can offer to cut a car key. However, here the situation becomes more complicated as these stores do not have the necessary equipment for reprogramming. In this case, programming can be done free of charge through a dealer.

In the same vein, some dealers may charge for an hour’s labor for this programming that is necessary. The price for replacement of this type of car key may increase because the key and transponder are the same units. Some dealers set the price at $160 for a basic key like the one in the older Ford F150 vehicle.

Along with that, $75 is needed when we incorporate the key fob. Here, we can also count on a locksmith who can offer a cost of $30 less. However, both Lowes and other dealers can offer only a copy of the key without the transponder. This can be very useful when someone forgets the original vehicle keys inside the car.

Therefore, the copy of the key without the transponder can only be used to open the vehicle doors. Beyond not being able to start the vehicle, many people will be able to solve the problem that occurs when the car keys are left inside the car. One way to avoid the problem of losing the original key is to have a third spare key.

The exact procedure for programming the spare key can be found in the owner’s manual. This type of procedure may vary depending on each make and model of the vehicle.

3. Laser-Cut Keys

These types of keys have become very popular in recent times although they are somewhat expensive. Some dealers or locksmiths, in particular, can offer this type of key. In this case, you see, they include built-in transponder chips. Also, reprogramming can be done through some locksmiths or specialized dealers.

The total cost can vary between $150 and $250 including labor. Beyond that, not all stores today can offer this service. Very few hardware stores or locksmiths are known to offer this service.

4. Blade Wrenches

These types of keys have some stems to allow the key to be hidden inside the keyring when not in use. Besides, only one button needs to be pressed to use the key. The total cost of replacing this key can range from $200 to $300. Along with that, reprogramming is not usually performed in any type of place.

5. Remote Keyless Entry Remote Control

In this case, you are dealing with some special birds that are not keys in your traditional sense but smart keys. The whole key fob is simply the key so the structure is very similar to the remote control. Of course, these types of keys are very high-tech and can cost anywhere from $220 to over $500 to replace. 

Despite these costs, a smart key can be really useful to provide greater convenience when driving a vehicle. This type of key can also increase the level of security and protection available to the vehicle owner.

For the time being, this type of smart key has not been massively implemented in vehicles on the market today. Beyond that, we can expect shortly that these keys will become very common in cars.