How To Join The Bandidos, 3 Motorcycle Club, And Outlaws Mc?

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For a person to become a member of Bandidos he needs to go through a three-step process that takes two years: hang around, prospect, and parole. To join the 3 motorcycle club it is necessary to know a band member. Finally to join the outlaws mc it is necessary to know a band member or frequent the same places they visit. 

Key Takeaways

  • A sense of adventure is a key characteristic of a motorcyclist
  • Many motorcyclists enjoy the feeling of freedom and adventure that comes with riding a motorcycle
  • Many motorcyclists enjoy tinkering with their bikes and keeping them in top condition
  • Many motorcyclists enjoy the sense of community and other responsibilities that comes with being part of the motorcycle culture

Motorcycle Club – Pros & Cons

1. Motorcycle clubs have the highest levels of loyalty compared to other clubs or subcultures of these times
2. Motorcyclists take long or short-distance trips in the company, which is a great experience

3. A new member of a motorcycle club can perfect his riding skills with the help of others
1. The main disadvantage is the stereotype that understands that a motorcyclist is someone who violates the law and creates problems

2. People need to spend a lot of time on outings, meetings, and activities related to the motorcycle club 

3. Some motorcycle clubs impose a certain procedure for admitting a new band member 

What Are The Main Characteristics Of A Motorcyclist?

All drivers of different vehicles have a certain personality that characterizes them and differentiates them from the rest. Therefore, to better understand the personality of motorcyclists, it is necessary to mention the 5 main features. This way, people will have the possibility to know if they want to become motorcyclists and join a club or a band.

1. Sense Of Adventure

To begin with, it is necessary to mention that all motorcyclists have a certain sense of adventure. Every one of them knows that riding a motorcycle carries a certain amount of risk. Of course, this level of risk depends on where the riders want to ride. However, most people who enjoy riding a motorcycle also enjoy the adventure that awaits them.

Motorcyclists, in particular, are constantly on the lookout for new adventures and new roads to ride. In some places, risks due to speed often present some difficulties for motorcyclists. Of course, the dangers of the road often attract large numbers of motorcyclists yearly.

Even all over the world, there are different bands of motorcyclists who enjoy traveling together. In turn, motorcyclists are often adventurous in other aspects of their lives as well. This is why it is easy to spot a biker to recognize this adventurous aspect. Usually, these people also enjoy other activities that are often similar.

The most common cases are motorcyclists who enjoy extreme sports or sports that include combat, such as boxing. This is why the status quo of the situation keeps these people away. At all times, motorcyclists are looking for new adventures and new roads to travel with their vehicles. 

2. Self-Sufficient People

In general, all people who enjoy traveling by motorcycle need some special aspects. One of the most important aspects is to be self-sufficient to face the different obstacles on the road. As a result, people may notice that a motorcyclist is not a person who depends on others to have a good time.

These people often choose to travel alone or in a small company. So the level of self-sufficiency can be seen in the lack of seating that is typical of motorcycles.

However, people who own a motorcycle try to avoid professional services for their vehicles. Those who have owned a motorcycle for years know several ways to take care of their mechanics.

They can usually spend hours taking care of every detail of a motorcycle’s mechanics. In this way, they ensure that the vehicle will function properly throughout the entire trip. At all times it is necessary to update the components, fix them, adjust them, and especially love this machine.

In other words, it is one of the sacred procedures that people who are 100% motorcyclists know and apply. It is necessary to have a whole set of tools, knowledge, and skills to do a good job. Otherwise, it is not possible to optimize the mechanics of these vehicles without proper knowledge. All this is done with the predisposition of avoiding professional mechanics.

Of course, from time to time motorcyclists must adapt to situations and resort to professional service. This might be necessary when they decide to undertake a long-distance journey. In this way, the probability of damage and failure decreases considerably.

3. A Deep Love For Motorcycles

Of course, another of the most distinctive features of motorcyclists is their deep love for these vehicles. Here, those motorcyclists who love these vehicles have some type of motorcycle that they prefer over others. There are even some models of motorcycles that are preferred by most motorcyclists.

That is why it is not very common to see a motorcyclist mistreat his or her preferred vehicle. Each of them spends a lot of time perfecting the mechanics and appearance of their vehicle. Motorcyclists do not consider this a job or a necessity. Instead, most of them apply the necessary care to motorcycles as their favorite hobby.

Thus, it is very easy to see a large number of perfectly cared for and valued motorcycles. There might even be some marks on the motorcycle’s chassis that are a reference to some memories. A deep relationship could also exist between a horse and a cowboy. Also, it is much more common for a motorcyclist to deeply love his or her vehicle.

Additionally, it is somewhat more unusual for a car driver to have the same relationship with his vehicle. Of course, there are always cars that are perfectly maintained both in the mechanics and on the outside.

However, it seems to be easier to apply proper maintenance to a motorcycle than to a car. In other words, a motorcycle is a much smaller and more comfortable vehicle to care for. 

4. Concept Of Loyalty

When it comes to loyalty then motorcycle clubs or gangs have a high level of loyalty. This type of loyalty is rarely comparable to any other group or subculture today. In turn, there are some movies and television series that consider these distinctive features of motorcyclists.

In this case, the people most loyal to other motorcyclists will be the motorcyclists themselves. In turn, this is one of the main reasons why many people year after year decide to join a motorcycle club or a motorcycle gang.

Of course, in TV series or movies, the classic stereotype is not what a biker is. However, we can get closer to what loyalty means to these people.

Level Of Awareness

People who do not ride a motorcycle often think that motorcyclists are too reckless. This reputation has been greatly misplaced when looking at the main characteristics of a motorcyclist. Therefore, motorcyclists are often really conscientious when they are riding in a city or on a lonely road.

They tend to be much more aware of drivers of cars or other vehicles. Here, the most obvious reason is that motorcyclists are much more unprotected than car drivers. 

That’s why they need to be much more alert to everything that’s going on around them. At the same time, the level of equilibrium is usually lower because a motorcycle only has two wheels.

Even this level of awareness often encompasses other aspects of a rider’s life. This is very easy to notice because these people are much more adaptable to different situations. So, this is another feature that can enhance the self-reliance of motorcyclists. 

In particular, motorcyclists know every risk that awaits them on a long trip or a routine road. Of course, all these hazards are not sufficient obstacles for motorcyclists to change vehicles or stop riding. A motorcyclist has a whole lifestyle that could be lonely and self-sufficient, but loyal and fearless at the same time.