VICSEED Car Phone Mount Review

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VICSEED Car Phone Mount is a very popular mount that you can use to securely hold a smartphone in a vehicle. You can mount it on the dashboard or air vent to easily view and access the phone while driving.

Key Takeaways

  • The VICSEED Car Phone Mount is compatible with smartphones that have screen sizes from 4.7 inches to 6.5 inches
  • This phone mount is made of high-quality silicone and you can install and remove your phone without any damage
  • This mount has an adjustable holder that you can adjust to fit different phone sizes and cases
  • The mount has a 360-degree rotation, so you can easily adjust the phone to your preferred viewing angle

What Is The VICSEED Car Phone Mount?

Like the iOttie 4 car mount, this item holds your phone. Although VICSEED has marked it as a vent mount, it also functions on:

1. Windshields

2. Dashboards

3. Desks

So, it’s a 3-in-1 product that will serve you excellently.

What Is The VICSEED Car Phone Mount

Here’s a neat picture of the free product:

Are There Any Different Variations?

The 3-in-1 universal car mount has no variations. The other VICSEED item related to this product is the wireless charger (also a car mount).

Here’s how it looks:

Are There Any Different Variations

Looks good, but let’s keep moving with our product.

Who Is The VICSEED Car Phone Mount For?

This item is an excellent choice for:

1. Lyft and Uber. If you’re a taxi driver, you use your phone many times while driving. And what better way than with the help of amount? I doubt if there’s any better one, maybe iOttie.

2. Most cars, SUVs, trucks, and pickup trucks

How Much Does The VICSEED Car Phone Mount Cost?

No products found.

From Amazon, the list price is $24.95. But with Amazon’s discounts and coupons, you could save over 50%.

VICSEED Car Phone Mount Cost

The listed price is what VICSEED US charges, but there are other sellers. Those alternatives will give you lower prices, but the item won’t be new.

Check this table out:

VICSEED Car Phone Mount
Used – Very Good$19.42
Used – Like New$20.05

Pick the option you like depending on your budget.

What Are Its Specifications?

Here are essential details you should know about this car mount:

Product Dimensions3.94 by 3.15 by 1.18 inches
Mounting TypeVent, 3-in-1
Vehicle Service TypeAutomobile
Display FeatureWireless
Included ComponentsVent and dashboard clip
Date First AvailableMarch 14, 2020

What Are Its Features?

Now, it is time for you to see why you should buy this VICSEED car mount:

1. Universal Mounting Options (3-in-1)

Few mounts fit on multiple surfaces. But with this, there is no limit. You’ll attach it to the windscreen one time. The other, it will hold your phone while sticking to the dashboard. If not, your vent is also available.

Indeed, it meets all three demands.

VICSEED car mount features

2. Perfect Protection

Other low-tier mount brands won’t have mercy on your phone. In the end, they scratch your phone’s back–but not VICSEED.

VICSEED adds high-density silicone to the phone holder. For what, you ask? That material helps to prevent wear and tear. So, your phone will have zero scratches. The silicone blends into a neat design to ensure phone safety.

See for yourself:


3. Stable

This mount features a strong, toughened suction cup. Also, the cup has a super-sticky pad, which glues itself firmly on any flat surface. That means the item will be sturdy, and you won’t worry about it sliding or detaching.

4. Multiple-Angle Viewing And Long-Arm Design

Like the iOttie mount, this VICSEED item has telescopic arms. The arms stretch from 4 to 9 inches, meaning you have full-length control.

Also, the mount pivots 270°, and the ball joint rotates infinitely. That feature helps you to optimize your viewing capabilities. You can position your phone at the angle you see fit. That way, you’ll be safer and more relaxed.

5. One-Hand Operation

Like the iOttie, you won’t need to entangle your hands to lock or release your phone. This VICSEED car phone mount has a one-button release system. With one hand, your phone will be in or out with zero stress and in a second.


All phones between 4 and 7 inches wide will fit in this mount. But, the store gives the following list of compatible phone models.


Don’t frown if they haven’t listed yours. Remember, 4 to 7 inches of width is all you should have. 

How To Use The VICSEED Car Phone Mount

From the official guide, here’s how you work with the mount:

Installation Steps For Car Air Vent

How To Use The VICSEED Car Phone Mount

1. First, remove the fixed nut.

2. Then, push the ball into the fixed nut. Here, you need to ensure that the screw thread moves towards the groove.

3. Adjust the mount’s angle to your liking.

4. Then, tighten the fixed nut.

5. Fix the mount in a suitable area on the air vent.

6. Now, press the clip button.

7. Put your phone and close the protection arms.

For other surfaces, check this one-page user manual.

For a video illustration, enjoy this clip.


1. Sturdy and adjustable

2. Easy to assemble and install

3. It fits perfectly in most cars

4. Made of high-quality, durable material

5. Friendly with big-phone cases


1. The suction cup may melt

2. May break easily

What Buyers Say About This Product

From the global ratings, most buyers think that the VICSEED car mount is a 5-star product. It’s one of the toughest mounts among its competitors, thanks to its silicone material. 

They say that it’s perfect and works best with flat surfaces and vents. But if your dashboard has curves, you won’t like it that much. Also, the adhesive may peel off, and your phone won’t stay in place.

Final Thoughts

If you use GPS while driving, you should have this VICSEED car mount. With its strong suction cup, your phone will stay in place. That way, you can worry about the road and stay safe.

Once you buy and try, you won’t cry. Instead, you’ll enjoy the telescopic arms, the multiple views, and the padded backing. Now,No products found..

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