Are Cadillac’s Expensive to Maintain? (Get Answers Now)

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Cadillacs are expensive to maintain since the Cadillac is a luxury brand. Cadillacs’ average annual repair and maintenance costs are $1,100, which is relatively high compared to the average of all car brands, which is $646. The cost of spare parts and labor makes the maintenance of this brand pricier than average.

Key Takeaways

  • Cadillac vehicles are rated the third most expensive car brand to maintain after BMW and Mercedes-Benz by
  • Cadillacs vehicles are reliable with a reliability rating of 3.0 out of 5.0, so maintaining cost shouldn’t be a concern for Cadillacs owners
  • On average Cadillac vehicles last between 150,000 to 200,000 miles or 10 to 15 years

How Expensive Is It to Maintain Cadillac Models? (Cost of Maintaining Different Cadillac Models)

How expensive are Cadillac models to maintain

For anyone looking to buy a new car, knowing how much you expect to spend on average for repair and maintenance is as essential as how much you spend buying the vehicle. This section analyzes different Cadillac models’ average annual repair and maintenance costs. Let’s get into it.

Cadillac model Classification Average maintenance and repair cost in the first 10 years of serviceIndustry average 
CT4Luxury Sedan$9,161$2543
CT5Luxury sedan$9,222$2483
CT6Luxury sedan$9,911$1793
XT4Luxury SUV$12,018$3442
XT5Luxury sedan$9,329$2,375
EscaladeLuxury SUV$12,933$2,527

From the table above, you can tell that maintaining a Cadillac is more expensive than most other car brands in the market. Being a luxury brand, you expect parts and services to cost more than the industry average.

Is Cadillac more Expensive to Maintain Than Other Brands?

Yes, Cadillac is rated the third most expensive car brand to maintain after BMW and Mercedes-Benz by and This rating was arrived at by compiling all maintenance data of cars from different brands, including the cost of scheduled maintenance and major repairs within the first 10 years.

Below is a table showing the 20 most expensive car brands to maintain;  

Rank Car brand Common problemsEstimated car maintenance cost over 10 years
1BMWFaulty Idler pulley$17,800
2Mercedes-BenzMisplaced crankshaft position sensor$12,900
3CadillacLeaking coolant$12,500
4VolvoTransmission issues$12,500
5AudiElectrical components failure$12,400
6SaturnWheel bearing issues$12,400
7Mercury Faulty fuel pump$12,000
8PontiacFailing intake manifold gasket$11,800
9ChryslerFaulty exhaust gas recirculation valve$10,600
10DodgeExhaust gas recirculation valve needs replacement$10,600
11AcuraCheck engine and D4 lights flashing$9,800
12InfinitiFaulty camshaft position sensor$9,300
13FordIgnition misfires$9,100
14KiaEngine problems$8,800
15Land rover Leaking head gaskets$8,800
16 Chevrolet Faulty transmission pressure control solenoid $8,800
17 BuickSudden headlight failure$8,600
18JeepFaulty wireless control module$8,300
19SubaruPremature battery draining$8,200
20HyundaiUnreliable crash detection$8,200

If you are buying a Cadillac, you need to be ready to spend more on regular maintenance and repairs. The brand is rated the third most expensive to maintain and repair, but this cost is understandable.

Are Cadillacs Reliable?

Are Cadillacs reliable

According to repair pal, Cadillacs are relatively reliable, with a reliability rating of 3.0 out of 5.0. This rating measures dependability based on cost, severity, and frequency of unscheduled repairs and maintenance.

The brand ranks 26th out of all 32 car brands for reliability; it has above-average repair and maintenance costs because it is a luxury brand with expensive parts. Cadillacs do not break down frequently; when they do, the repairs are mostly not urgent. You can depend on the model to get you to your destination without stalling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are used Cadillacs worth buying?

Used Cadillacs are pretty affordable compared to buying a new one. Most people often wonder if the low price indicates poor quality and will often ask if a used Cadillac is worth buying. 

From our research, used Cadillacs are a great buy, especially on a budget. When you buy a used Cadillac, you get value for money because most of the depreciation happened in the first years, so you are paying for the residual value. You also get a tried and tested vehicle that will not fail or be recalled before enjoying it.

If you find a well-maintained used Cadillac, take it for a test drive and if the ride impresses you, buy it without hesitating. You will get a luxury car on a budget, and if you maintain it well, you will get years of good service.

How many miles do Cadillacs last?

An average Cadillac lasts between 150,000 to 200,000 miles or 10 to 15 years. Cadillacs are luxurious, rugged, and more durable than the average car. To get these numbers on a Cadillac, you need to be on top of your game in maintaining the car and fixing any problems as soon as they occur. 

You also need to be a careful driver and ensure you refill oils when they run low, fix any warning lights as soon as they come on, and watch your driving habits. You can easily go over the 200,000 miles mark without any major problems. 

How much does a Cadillac cost to fix?

The cost of fixing your Cadillac varies depending on the issue being addressed; most repairs on a Cadillac are not major. Still, they can cost more because parts are pricy and labor for fixing luxury cars is generally more expensive.

Below is a breakdown of common Cadillac repairs and how much you expect to pay for them.

Cadillac Service Approximate cost
Headlight replacement $195 to $540
Oil change $100-$160
Brake pad replacement$200-$500
Battery replacement$180-$350
Oil filter replacement$70-$140
Air filter replacement$50-$100
Timing belt replacement$900-$1,000
Replacing and rotating tires$300-$800
Replacing spark plugs$140-$430

What Cadillacs should I avoid?

Cadillacs and other luxury brands represent class and status. That’s why people still buy them even with their extravagant prices. The vehicles have been in production for decades, and not every series of their cars are the best.

Research has shown that several model years of the Cadillac had complaints about electrical issues, with the 2014 and 2007 model years being the most notorious. The models to avoid when buying a Cadillac are:

  • Cadillac CT6 2017
  • Cadillac XTS 2014
  • Cadillac Escalade EXT 2009

The Final Word

Cadillac is a luxury car brand made in the United States; they are expensive to buy and maintain, mainly because their parts are expensive, which reflects in the final cost of their vehicles. They also have more features; the more features a car has, the higher the probability of failing parts.

This makes fixing more complicated and expensive in the long run. However, Cadillacs are generally reliable as statement cars. You can get over ten years of use with a Cadillac without experiencing any issues. If you can afford a Cadillac and the maintenance costs, go for it.

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