What Exactly Is An Automotive Benchmarking Company?

Last Updated on January 25, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

These companies are dedicated to providing benchmarking services and related information from various automotive companies. The largest OEMs in the world as well as Tier 1 manufacturers have their benchmarking teams. The best-known companies in this regard are AVL, A2Mac1, Caresoft Global, McKinsey, and Munroe.

Key Takeaways

  • An automotive benchmarking company evaluates and compares the performance features and design of vehicles
  • This type of company tests vehicles on a test track and analyze fuel efficiency, performance, etc.
  • AVL1 provides testing and simulation solutions to manufacturers and suppliers worldwide
  • More than 300 major automobile equipment manufacturers and suppliers use services from A2Mac1

Main Automotive Benchmarking Companies

AVLProvides comparative reports on the main facets of today’s modern vehicles.
A2Mac1It analyzes a wide variety of vehicles, incorporating photos and relevant data in each comparison.
Caresoft GlobalThe company’s services not only include comparative and evaluative analysis of cars but also of other specialty vehicles.
McKinseyWhen it comes to obtaining relevant and innovative information, this company helps car manufacturers to generate strategies in this regard. 
MunroeThis company can work with vehicles, as well as in heavy industry, defense vehicles, aerospace, medical equipment, marine industry, and many other fields.

The 5 Best Known Automotive Benchmarking Companies

1. AVL

One of the best-known companies offering such services is AVL. This company has been dedicated for many years to the comparative analysis of different vehicles. It is a company that tries to establish what are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the cars launched on the market.

In this case, this company is in charge of including 150 vehicles per year in its analysis program. Here, it incorporates a set of vehicles from the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, American, and European markets. This type of report has the most relevant data for a comprehensive and accurate comparison.

Along with these top 10 attributes, 815 unique criteria are also typically incorporated. This variety of data and variables provide equipment and automobile manufacturers with insight into each of the advantages and disadvantages of lately launched modern cars. The attributes that are taken into consideration in this type of analysis are as follows:

1. Driveability

2. Overall Performance

3. Driver Assistance Systems

4. Sound

5. Fuel Consumption And CO2

6. Amount Of Pollutant Emissions

7. Energy And Thermal Management

8. Friction Level

9. Driving Comfort

10. Driving And Vehicle Dynamics 

2. A2Mac1

Another popular company that can satisfy its customers with comprehensive reports is A2Mac1. Systematic methods are used here to be able to collect benchmarking information. In this way, equipment manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers can make better decisions with these reports.

More than 300 major automobile equipment manufacturers and suppliers use this service. The company’s system incorporates 40 million photos and the company has 11 locations worldwide. It is even possible to obtain a very accurate analysis of vehicles that have been launched in recent times.

This company also can develop and implement a certain strategy for high-level comparison and evaluation. So, when it comes to determining the different most important aspects of different modern cars this company can be of great help for that. 

Although it is a well-known company globally, major suppliers and manufacturers use this kind of option a large number of times a year. In contrast, people who want to buy vehicles do not usually need such a comprehensive comparative analysis. That is why this is a group of companies mostly known to the major manufacturers. 

3. Caresoft Global

This company is another one that offers excellent data comparison services among other types of solutions in business services, technology, and engineering. Many people consider this company important because it is one of the companies that allows a reduction of costs at the time of the development of any car or vehicle.

As well as the best options that offer these services, this company also has several locations throughout the world. Of course, this company has different car and vehicle benchmarking programs in general. This company does not only work in car comparison.

Here, it is possible to find different solutions also in commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, and vehicles dedicated to livestock and agriculture. Thus, it is a much more comprehensive and complete option. The different manufacturers and suppliers can optimize their costs, which ends up optimizing profits.

This company even can accelerate any research and development program of major parts manufacturers. All of this provides the ability to make better decisions for company growth while also optimizing productivity and efficiency.

4. McKinsey

As if that were not enough, this company has the possibility of offering its services to different parts and automobile manufacturers. In this case, highly comprehensive benchmarking analyses can be performed for today’s modern cars. In this case, different data and reports about the most relevant aspects of today’s cars are incorporated.

However, it is also a company that can work with the major automotive suppliers from different aspects. When it comes to machinery, emerging markets, and commercial vehicles this company can also provide different solutions in this regard.

In such a way that it is possible to find a wide variety of information related to the most innovative and technological aspects of the automotive industry. This allows the generation of new and innovative ideas from different parts and car manufacturers. That is why it is a company that has gained great popularity in recent times as a car benchmarking company. 

5. Munroe

Another company that is dedicated to providing very efficient benchmarking to parts manufacturers is Munroe. It is a company that has saved many companies a lot of money. These manufacturing industries include consumer electronics, MTDM, heavy industry, medical, marine, automotive, defense, aerospace, and many others. 

As such, this company not only can provide comprehensive reports and benchmarking of today’s leading manufacturers. It is also a company dedicated to developing innovative strategies to optimize profits and the budget dedicated to the development of each part or car.

This company even has 120,000 square meters that are specially dedicated to disassembly benchmarking. In the same vein, these experts also handle reverse engineering and cross-pollination of materials. This is essential for many manufacturers and industries these days.