7 Best Jack Knife Sofa For RV: Review and Buying Guide

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Are you looking to make your RV cozier? Well, a jackknife sofa will do that and more. 

When you’re traveling, the jackknife sofa offers itself a comfortable seat. And when slumber time comes, it spread out and provides extra room for sleep.

In this article, you’ll get a list of the best jackknife sofas for your RV. It will help you make a good choice and enjoy a satisfying seat-cum-bed.

Also, you will find a guide on what to consider when buying the sofa.

Here Are The Main Choices For The Best Jack Knife Sofa For RV:

1. (by Lippert) No products found.

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In the world of RV jackknife sofas, you will find two leading brands. These are RecPro and THOMAS PAYNE (by Lippert). That should explain why I have restricted my main options to the two furniture makers.

But later, you’ll see that I’ve sneaked in some other three brands. These are Best Choice, Samoza, and Yaheetech. I’m sure you’ll find them suitable alternatives to the main choices.

Comparing The Best Jack Knife Sofa For RV

Here is a small table showing a comparison of the main sofas:

Weight (Pounds)Sofa / SeatDimensions (Inches)Sleeping Dimensions (Inches)MaterialFrame MaterialColor(s)
No products found.94.868 x 26 x 2368 x 42 x 8½PolyHydeAlloy steelCobble CreekOxfordWalnutOxford Tan
No products found.10532 x 62 x 2919 x 62¼  x 41½ Suprima Cloth LinenMetalFossilOat meal
No products found.9868 x 21 x 8½68 x 42 x 8½ LeatherMetalBeigePoise Mahogany
No products found.16065 x 35 x 29½65 x 19 x 42Linen clothMetalFossil

Best Jack Knife Sofa for RV

If you stick around, you’ll be in a better position to click and buy. For every sofa, you’ll get:

1. Features

2. Specifications

3. Customer sentiment (What Buyers Say)

4. Important questions asked

Now, let’s see the ins and out of each sofa.

1. THOMAS PAYNE 68-Inch Jackknife Sofa

No products found.

This Lippert masterpiece is one of THOMAS PAYNE’s best-selling items. That explains why it takes the first position. Now, let’s see what it’s got.


1. High-density foam. The makers use a supportive foam covered in low-to-maintain upholstery. Also, the topstitching makes the sofa easier to clean.

2. Versatile and lightweight. As the lightest sofa on the list, this THOMAS PAYNE is easy to move around. Since it fastens to your coach’s wall, you’ll appreciate the space it leaves underneath. This item conserves much-needed interior space.

3. Flexible. With one easy motion, you’ll convert this sofa into a bed. That saves you time and effort.


1. Weight: 94.8 lbs.

2. Seating dimension: 68 by 26 by 23

3. Sleeping dimensions: 68 x 42 x 8½

What Buyers Say

From the review section, buyers say that this sofa is a quality product. Also, it is easy to install, and that you don’t need any instructions to fit it in.

They also say that it is perfect in operation. On top of that, it has excellent craft and a well-woven fabric cover.

Important Questions Asked

1.  Can it fit through a 26-Inch RV door?

Yes, it can. You need to keep it in the flat (sleeping) position. And door size doesn’t matter. You can get it through as long as it’s flat.

2. Can I fit any seatbelts on the sofa? Does it have any seat belt openings?

No, it doesn’t. This manufacturer did not design it for travel.

3. Does it come with legs?

No. You’ll make a separate order for each.

2. RecPro Charles RV 62-Inch Jackknife Sofa

No products found.

RecPro is yet another top brand that delivers cutting-edge products. This Charles RV 62-Inch Jackknife Sofa is one of them.


1. Extra-thick cushions. The extra padding guarantees you extra comfort, and who wouldn’t like that?

2. Lightweight. 105 pounds isn’t anyone’s force to reckon with—even you. So, rest assured that you’ll move this sofa without needing any help.

3. Easy to clean. The manufacturer uses polyurethane (Suprima Cloth Linen) as the sofa’s fabric. Since it’s a soft material, cleaning it is almost effortless.

The Suprima Cloth Linen is durable and will serve you better than any other polyurethane.

4. Easy to install and quick to shapeshift.


1. Weight: 105 pounds

2. Seating dimension: 32 x 62 x 29

3. Sleeping dimensions: 19 x 62¼ x 41½

What Buyers Say

The item is clean and firm and fits well through various door sizes. It is a good motor home sofa that makes sleeping in your RV better.

Important Questions Asked

1. How can you get the bed to fold up against a wall? Also, how can I attach it with straps?

You won’t need any straps. The sofa is quite sturdy.

2. Does the item have any storage underneath?

Yes. Space underneath is quite a lot.

3. Do I have to buy legs for the sofa?

No. The manufacturer includes them.


No products found.

You’ll find this jackknife sofa in the Lippert Component store. It’s a relative to THOMAS PAYNE, so you expect it to be a quality item.


1. Converting it is convenient. With one easy motion, this sofa converts into a sleeping surface. So, you won’t have to engage in too many mechanical stunts to unroll it. 

2. It comes with an underneath storage space. The compartment under the sofa gives you room to store items.

3. Easy maintenance. You will find the Beckham tan upholstery easy to clean.

4. Light and versatile. With this sofa, you will conserve your RV’s interior space. Also, it will be convenient to move its 98-pound weight around.


1. Weight: 98 pounds

2. Seating dimension: 68 x 42 x 8 ½ 

3. Sleeping dimensions: 68 x 21 x 8 ½

What Buyers Say

Verified buyers say that the couch is of excellent quality. Also, buying it may make you feel happy.

Important Questions Asked

1. Does the sofa include legs?

The product doesn’t come with legs. But, you can get them at Lippert’s store.

2. What is the exact product dimension?

68 wide x 30 deep x 36 tall.

3. Is there some space for seat belts to fit?

Yes, because the seat’s back and bottom are separate cushions.

4. RecPro 65-Inch Jack Knife RV Sleeper Sofa with Arms

No products found.

Yet another RecPro makes it to the list. This 65-Inch piece of furniture is one of the good-looking ones, but that’s not all. See more below.


1. Spectacular cloth coverings. These will blend into your RV’s landscape. And your interior will be a pleasant sight.

2. Light and versatile. The 160-pound mark on this RV shouldn’t put you off. Regular RV furniture is heavier, meaning that you can handle this sofa’s weight.

3. Easy to shapeshift. You only need to flip the wrist, and voila, a roomy seating area will become a sweet sleeping suite.

4. Thick cushions. The extra padding ensures that you get the plush comfort you need.


1. Weight:  160 pounds

2. Seating dimension: 65 x 35 x 29½

3. Sleeping dimensions: 65 x 19 x 42

What Buyers Say

Most customers are happy with their purchases. They say that this RecPro jackknife sofa is comfy, functional, and good-looking.

Also, the sofa gives more sleeping options, making the motor home a better place. 

Important Questions Asked

1. Can you use this sofa in the house?


2. Can the sofa fit through an RV door opening of size 26 ¼?


3. Is the fossil color dark gray or black?

A pretty dark gray.

Other Best Jack Knife Sofa For RV To Consider

What if I told you that some non-jackknife sofas could do the RV job too? Well, they exist! And you’re about to see them.

Here, there are three best non-jackknives that RV owners have bought. I can attest to that since I’ve looked at the customer question and answers section.

Let’s roll!

5. Best Choice Products’ Linen Upholstered Modern Folding Sofa Bed

No products found.

This one is a multipurpose futon sofa bed, meaning that it can fit in many spaces. And that includes RVs.

Now, let’s see what this beige beauty holds.


1. Many changeable positions. The product has three backrest settings for optimal satisfaction.

2. Extra room. This sofa can take on two people who bear a combined weight of 300 pounds.

3. Quality design. The sofa has four chrome-metal legs and tufted linen. This combination delivers a stylish item that guarantees you years of service.

4. It fits small spaces. For the most part, motor homes are tight spaces.  So, this sofa will sit well in your RV. Besides, it will save more space than regular RV furniture.


1. Weight: 47.4 pounds

2. Product dimensions: 30 x 66 x 30½ 

What Buyers Say

They say that futon is gorgeous in person and that it’s easy to install. Besides, the extra side pillows and cup holders enhance the experience on the couch.

Also, many buyers have dubbed the sofa ‘a perfect little couch’.

Important Questions Asked

1. Can I take off the sofa’s armrests?

Yes, you can. The only thing that holds the arms together is a felt-like fabric.

2. What is the length between one armrest and the other?

61 inches.

3. How does the sofa look like in the back?

It is black and looks like ordinary upholstered furniture.

6. Samoza Sofa Bed, 4-in-1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Sleeper Bed

No products found.

This item is yet another high-ranking sofa bed that can fit in your motor home. Some customers have bought it for their campers and RV. So, it could be the one you want.


1. Multifunctional. You can convert this sofa into four forms: bed, ottoman, lounger, and chair.

2. It has premium material. For this Samoza, the manufacturers use a high-density sponge and breathable linen. The combination guarantees you total comfort.

3. An adjustable backrest. In sleep mode, you can adjust the chair into five levels. So whether you’re lying or sitting on the sofa, it will support you without wobbling.

4. It fits many spaces. This sofa can fit in offices, studios, dorms, and small apartments apart from your RV.


1. Weight:  62 pounds

2. Product dimensions: 37 x 27.95 x 17.32

What Buyers Say

Many customers laud this sofa. They say it has good quality, is comfortable, and transforms with swiftness. Besides, you’ll love that the couch needs no assembly to work for you.

Also, buyers say that the sofa is sturdy. That means it can bear weight without wobbling. Since it is big enough, it can accommodate several people.

Important Questions Asked

1. Do you think this sofa would be okay in a small camper van?

Well, it should. But, you need to measure the van’s interior before you buy it.

2. What are the dimensions when you extend it into a sofa?

74.02 x 37.4 x 16.93 (width by depth by height).

3. What is the thickness of the sofa’s cushion?

4 inches.

7. YAHEETECH Convertible Sofa Bed With Adjustable Couch Sleeper

No products found.

This faux-leather-made, black beauty closes up the review list. Like the previous two sofas, this is not a jackknife sofa for RV. But, some buyers have gotten it for their RVs and say that it fits well.

Let’s see its details.


1. It has high-quality material. The Yaheetech furniture makers have created a robust, durable, and sturdy sofa. And what do they use? They get steel, polyurethane, plywood, and top-notch artificial leather.

2. A multipurpose design. The couch features a superior click-clack mechanism. With the technology, you can adjust the sofa to 3 angles. The angles provide the following options:

a) The home couch – 105 °

b) Quick guest bed – 180 °

c) Comfortable recliner – 140 °

3. It can serve many spaces. Apart from your RV, this sofa can fit in offices, studio apartments, and living rooms. 


1. Weight:  56.2 pounds

2. Product dimensions: 65 ¾  x 32.09 x 29.53 

What Buyers Say

One exciting review is from an RV owner. The customer chose this sofa when remodeling his RV and liked it. He mentions that the couch has perfect RV-fitting dimensions. Also, it is sturdy, and the material looks promising.

Important Questions Asked

1. How high are the sofa’s legs?

Each leg is 7.086 inches high.

2. Can I remove the armrests and put them back?


3. Is the couch fire-resistant?

No. But, the sofa’s surface is of wear-and-tear-resistant leather.

What To Consider When Buying Jack Knife Sofa For RV (Buyer’s Guide)

Now that you have the best jackknife sofas for RVS, why don’t you get some tips? In this section, you’ll know what to consider before you click buy.


You’ll need a lightweight sofa if you’ll be moving it in and out of the RV. But, a heavier jackknife sofa is still a good choice because of its sturdiness.

Sofa/Seating Dimensions

The first way to use a jackknife sofa is, well, as a seat. So, the option you pick should have a sizeable length. The longer the sofa is, the more people it can accommodate.

Sleeping Dimensions

You expect the sleeping area to be longer than the sitting area. As a standard, there should be twice more room if you want to sleep. So, if you want more sleeping space, pick the longer one. 


Since most of the sofa is the material (fabric), you need to check what you’re buying. Have this in mind: the best material is often the one that lasts longer.


Your sofa’s frame is like your body’s skeleton. So it would help if you had a jackknife seat with a robust frame. Metal is good since it will hold the weight of people or things without breaking.

But, you can also pick a sofa with a hardwood frame. Over the years, steel and hardwoods have proven themselves trustworthy. So, you can rely on your RV sofa to serve you year in, year out.


When sleeping, you want to get superb comfort, and that’s where the mattress comes in.

If you want to save money, go for a spring mattress. But, if you want something to last you a while, get a high-density foam mattress.


If you love blending things, you’ll be careful about the color. Your choice should be something that complements the interior of your RV.

Frequently-Asked Questions

How Do You Secure A Jackknife RV Sofa In Your RV?

When you’re moving, the sofa must stay in one place. So the vehicle’s movement shouldn’t affect the sofa’s position.

But worry not.

You can use anchored stands, but you may need to pay extra for them. To ensure that the item remains secure, check for any pre-drilled bolt holes. Those will accept the stands, and your sofa will stay robust.

But don’t force anything. If you can’t seem to secure the sofa, get an expert. Pushing anything could damage your RVs wiring and plumbing.

And I’m sure you don’t want that.

How Do I Care For The Jackknife Sofa?

The maintenance of your jackknife sofa depends on its upholstery material. If you’re dealing with genuine leather, you may need special detergents. But, with faux (or PU) leather, you won’t need any unique cleaners.

With PU leather, use a kitchen cleaner to wipe any spills. For poly-fabrics, you can use vacuuming or shampooing.

How Do I Make My Jackknife Sofa More Comfortable?

Some sofas can be uncomfortable because of uneven parts, cracks, and seams. But, you can better the situation.

You can add sofa pads. Those should make the seat foamier, and you’ll enjoy the extra padding.

Or try getting cushions. They also work well, and you won’t spend much.


Hats off to the No products found.. It takes the first position because of its:

1. Excellent PolyHyde upholstery

2. Many color options

3. Comfortable padding.

Also, it is a lightweight item, meaning that you won’t need much energy to move it around.

With that review, you’re in a better position to buy the best jackknife sofas for RVs. If you have any concerns, drop them in the comment section.

And if everything’s clear, why don’t you get shopping?

All the best checking out!