Do Tesla’s Have A Gear System?

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Well, Tesla doesn’t have a traditional gear system like other vehicles. Currently, all Tesla models have only one gear. The single-speed transmission of Tesla determines how much torque the drivetrain can deliver to the wheels and how fast the vehicle can go. The single-gear ratio of Tesla is highly optimized so you don’t have to worry about speed and performance of this type of vehicles.

Key Takeaways

  • The drivetrain of a Tesla vehicle has 17 moving parts compared to the 200 moving parts of the drivetrain of a conventional vehicle
  • The single-gear ratio of the Tesla can deliver maximum torque to the wheels from a standstill and it is one of the main reasons Tesla cars can accelerate the speed quickly
  • Unlike traditional gasoline-powered cars, electric vehicles like Tesla have an electric motor to power the wheels directly
  • The gears of electric cars don’t work like traditional cars and the driver doesn’t need to shift the gears manually

Features Of Tesla’s Gear System

Simple GearboxConstant torque power
A Low Number Of GearsThe drive train is much simpler
1 GearboxIt is one speed and automatic transmission
Only 17 Moving PartsThe relationship between powers is balanced in any RPM

Does An Electric Car Have Gears?

This type of vehicle does not require multi-speed transmissions due to the operation of the engine. In particular, internal combustion engines require gears for different power ratios. 

So, electric motors can produce a constant amount of torque power. Even this capacity is available at any number of revolutions per minute. That’s why the amount of moving parts in the powertrain of an electric vehicle is much lower, compared to internal combustion vehicles. 

Does Tesla Model 3 Have A Gearbox?

In particular, electric motors do not require several gears but only one fixed gear in the gearbox. In this case, the efficiency and torque characteristics are excellent at different loads or different speeds. 

Therefore, it may be necessary to have only one gearbox with features or simple operations. Sometimes a variable speed drive can also be incorporated so that the vehicle can effectively control the speed. 

Why Do Electric Cars Only Have 1 Gear?

Compared to a standard fuel engine, battery-electric motors can reach a high number of revolutions. This does not require a multi-speed assembly and an overly complex gearbox.

In particular, battery electric vehicles have a single-speed gearbox. For this, the torque power provided by the vehicle is constant over a wide range of speeds. 

Do Teslas Shift Gears?

One of the peculiarities of the gear system of these vehicles is that they only have 17 moving parts. In turn, the gearbox has only one gear since it is a fairly simple part.

These vehicles only need one speed and automatic transmission. This is why battery electric motors have a higher efficiency than internal combustion engines. 

What Makes A Tesla Vehicle Special?

In principle, Tesla electric motors are very different from conventional gasoline or diesel engines. That’s why drivers can enjoy a variety of formidable advantages when driving. However, the differences between the various engines are not the only differences that exist with Tesla vehicles.

1. Interior And Exterior Design

Of course, one of the main differences between tesla vehicles concerns the design of the entire vehicle. On the one hand, everyone can see that these vehicles are truly innovative in their exterior design. In these cases, some characteristics of today’s sports cars are included. That is why this is a set of very striking options.

On the other hand, efficient design is also based on the correct organization of spaces. In this case, you will notice that there is no transmission hump, nor is there a transmission shaft tunnel.

Even a whole Tesla vehicle is usually designed from the electric powertrain and the battery or battery pack. This makes many aspects different between these vehicles and conventional gasoline vehicles.

Anyone can count on plenty of cargo space and excellent interior space for passengers. To this end, we should note that the platform Tesla uses without any components resembles a flat skateboard. That is why, both in the back and in the front, the seats are spacious and comfortable.

Additionally, we can mention that Tesla vehicles have one of the most aerodynamic designs of today. This is because it does not require a large amount of space in the front for a conventional engine. Otherwise, wind resistance would be much more important, as is the case with gasoline vehicles.

Also, this same design allows for a much more efficient acceleration time compared to the competition. Here, the air can slide through the vehicle in a more formidable way producing a lower amount of braking. In total, the distance of each trip with a full battery charge is much more extensive. 

2. Front Luggage Compartment

Another very particular quality of Tesla vehicles is the front luggage compartment. Here it is a component that the manufacturer calls “frunk”. A large amount of space has been saved under the hood for this additional storage compartment. In this case, the manufacturer could integrate different parts of the car.

In this way, the electric motor, the electric controls, the power inverter, and the charger could be designed efficiently. Other electric vehicle manufacturers require all the space under the hood to organize those parts.

That’s why Tesla has been able to stand out from the competition in this simple aspect as well. So, it’s a space that people can use to their advantage. 

3. Fuel

Since you will not be able to include any Tesla vehicle with a fuel tank. Instead, there are several large battery packs for fuel storage. In this case, energy storage is provided by the cells in the battery pack. Along with this, some electronic controls and a cooling system are also included.

Between the frame rails, we can find a flat box that packs these components. A titanium shield is required here to protect these components from various road objects. This happens because the flat box is located under the floor tray and a few inches off the ground. 

So, a 4,600-pound model has a very low center of gravity and is close to the ground. We must take into account that only the battery weighs approximately 1200 pounds. That’s why drivers can enjoy great road-holding. This is very evident when driving around curves or corners anywhere. 

4. Instrument Panel

Some vehicles have joysticks, soft-touch buttons, switches, and various knobs. Beyond that, Tesla has decided not to have this type of design for its vehicles in the interior. Here, a minimalist design is incorporated along with a 17-inch touch screen. It is a screen size similar to a laptop today.

In this case, this large screen is located in the center to provide easy and simple use of the controls. On the contrary, there are also buttons on the dashboard although they are very few. These buttons are only for the emergency lights or the glove box release. When the driver wants to use any of the other functions he must use the touch screen only. 

5. Propulsion System

Additionally, conventional vehicles may continue to maintain digital and analog dials in their interior design. However, the power systems and speedometer information are projected digitally. This data can be seen on a screen that the driver looks at. That’s why the first uses of a Tesla can be somewhat overwhelming to a driver. 

Here, the most common thing is that cars have multi-speed transmissions and internal combustion engines. In case of any damage, an adjustment is required in a professional workshop. Regular maintenance may be necessary due to the hundreds of moving parts in these engines. However, none of this is the case with Tesla’s all-electric vehicles.

As mentioned, the transmission is single-speed, no gears are included, and the electric motor has only two moving parts. Besides, there are usually 17 moving parts in the drive train. In this case, the lower number of moving parts allows for much less frequent maintenance of Tesla vehicles.

Due to the large number of electronic components, many repairs can be done with some software adjustments. So, this reduces a lot of time and effort for professionals when repairing a Tesla vehicle.

Even the electric drive is produced because it is a battery-electric vehicle. So, that’s another big difference compared to the 99% of cars on sale in the United States today. 

6. Battery System

This manufacturer is constantly investing a great deal of money in further research and development of battery technology. It is for this very reason that the Tesla battery system is so different from all the competition. Here, cells manufactured with a common 18,650 cylindrical format are used. 

In contrast, the competition only uses large, flat lithium-ion battery cells, although they also come in a bag format. The format used by tesla is the same as that required for tablets and laptops on the market. While the chemistry is not the same, the efficiency is very formidable for Tesla vehicles.

Besides, Tesla batteries have 50% more density compared to the competition. This is thanks to the nickel-cobalt-aluminum-lithium composition that offers greater efficiency to the owners of these vehicles. In particular, the high performance and long range of a Tesla are what make these electric vehicles stand out. 

7. Battery Charging Speed

The rate of the charge depends on the heat management systems, battery chemistry, and charging systems of each battery-electric vehicle. Tesla vehicles greatly outperform the competition with today’s technological advances. The manufacturer’s series vehicles usually come with a 10 kW charger. It is also possible to order a 20 kW dual charger from Tesla. 

Most competitive battery electric vehicles can offer up to 20 miles per hour of range with chargers. In this case, a conventional Tesla has a higher battery charge rate. Here it is possible to have 30 miles per hour of range for battery charging.

Even people on a budget can multiply this battery charging capacity. Dual 20 kW chargers can achieve up to 60 miles per hour of range.

8. Wireless Upgrades

Tesla is one of the few manufacturers that can offer wireless upgrades to the owners of these vehicles. In this case, these are regular updates of the software used by these electric vehicles. In particular, these updates are performed to improve the cars’ functions and optimize the driver’s experience.

Also, this service is offered wirelessly and completely free of charge. On the one hand, this manufacturer provides all the hardware needed for the most complex functions. One of them is the driver assistance system or Tesla autopilot. Tesla here provides the necessary software wirelessly to activate this function.

On the other hand, the competition may require costly modification with each software update. A visit to the dealer for a simple update may also be necessary. So, it’s another great advantage that Tesla vehicle owners know how to value.

In short, several special features define a Tesla compared to the competition of these times. Also, we can continue to expect new developments due to the constant investment in research and development of Tesla technology.