Are Tesla’s Expensive To Fix?

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Well, whether a Tesla is expensive to fix or not totally depends on what type of fix your Tesla car needs. In most cases, the maintenance and fixing costs of Tesla cars are affordable compared to traditional cars. However, if you need to repair, or reinstall the engine of a Tesla car then you could find it more expensive compared to Tesla cars.

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla vehicles have fewer moving parts in the engine and transmission system compared to classic gasoline engine vehicles thus Tesla cars require less maintenance
  • According to RepairPal, the average yearly maintenance cost of a Tesla car is $832 per year while the average maintenance cost of a traditional car is $652 per year
  • If you have a Tesla car then you should always follow the recommended maintenance schedule to extend the lifespan of your vehicle
  • The batteries of Tesla cars are very expensive to replace so you should take proper care of the batteries like always keeping the battery charged, avoiding extreme temperatures, etc.

Most Common Repair Costs Of Tesla

Wheel Bearings Replacement$325 – $394
Cabin Air Filter$60 – $200
Window Motor Regulator Replacement$592 – $851
Wiper Blades$20 – $50
Oxygen Sensor Replacement$271 – $444
Brake System Flush$100 – $110
Brake Caliper Replacement$357 – $593

How Expensive Is It To Maintain A Tesla?

As mentioned by many owners as well as the manufacturer, the same repair costs are not required for a Tesla all-electric vehicle compared to other vehicles. This is primarily due to the difference between the design of a conventional gasoline engine and Tesla engines. On the one hand, conventional gasoline engines have more than 200 moving parts.

As the number of moving parts increases, so do repair costs. More moving parts mean a greater likelihood that some of those parts will be damaged or begin to fail. Of course, all of these parts have a certain life span, just like any other component of a vehicle or machinery.

On the other hand, tesla engines typically have only 17 moving parts. Here, the fewer moving parts, the less likely it is that one of those parts will start to fail. In principle, this saves an excellent amount of money on repairs or maintenance of a Tesla vehicle. 

A Tesla owner will easily notice that there are no belts that can wear out or fluids that can leak into the interior of the car. In many cases, these are some of the components that create problems for other parts of the vehicle. So, a Tesla owner simply does not have to deal with these issues.

Of course, some regular maintenance is required to have all the functions of the vehicle. Here, we can quickly mention what this regular maintenance is:

1. Cabin Air Filter

2. Tire Rotation

3. Brake Fluid Test

4. Air Conditioning Service

5. Winter Care

To have more complete information, we can analyze many opinions of Tesla vehicle owners. In this way, we can get more specific details about the overall cost of a Tesla vehicle. Of course, this is not a large amount of money compared to the regular maintenance of internal combustion vehicles.

1. Tire Rotation: $35 – $100

2. Cabin Air Filter: $60 – $200

3. Wipers: $20 – $50

4. Full Service, Inspection, And Inclusion Of The Above Items: $475 +

5. Flush Brake System: $100 – $110

6. Air Conditioning Service: $50

Beyond the fact that there is not much data online, we can count on a certain average cost. So, for all of the above, approximately $650 or less is required. For some people, this could be convenient since the costs are lower than with other similar options. 

On the other hand, there is a certain tesla maintenance plan for the first five years of use of these vehicles. In particular, this is a program that most owners must go through with their specific costs. So, the following costs are calculated if an owner pays the highest rate for the following services at a Tesla service center.

1. Year 1 Tire Rotation: $100

2. Full-Service Air Conditioning In Year 2: $525

3. Year 3 Tire Rotation: $100

4. Full Service With Brake Release In Year 4: $585

5. Year 5 Tire Rotation: $100

So, by simply analyzing these costs we can determine that the budget for 5 years of vehicle use is $1,490. Of course, this is a fairly low number for a large amount of time using a battery electric vehicle. Beyond that, specific usage and real-life costs may vary depending on several factors. 

So, when we divide this total budget over five years it gives us an average annual cost of $298. Of course, this is an excellent number for the simple, basic maintenance of a Tesla. In this case, we are considering an average annual cost for most Tesla vehicles. This means that this budget may vary depending on the specific model.

Generally, the costs for the Tesla Model 3 vehicle are much lower compared to the Model S vehicle. A simple explanation for this is that the first vehicle is a cheaper and more convenient option for most users. So, people who don’t want to spend too much money overall end up opting for the Model 3.

Of course, Tesla vehicles are not immune to mechanical failure or damage. Over time many parts must be replaced to avoid damage or major problems. When it comes to some technological devices or digital displays, maintenance problems are also present here. While the costs are not very high it is necessary to know what level they are at. 

Cost Comparison Between Different Tesla Models

Firstly, we can determine that simple and superficial repairs have the same budget for the three main vehicles of this manufacturer. Here only $80 is required for a few Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X repairs. Of course, this amount of money is not very serious as it is a low amount.

The big difference is specifically in the more complex repairs. Here, the level of budget needed is very different depending on each of these vehicles. For one thing, the Model 3 vehicle may require $1,134 for the more expensive repairs. Compared to other options on the market, this is still a very convenient budget despite the serious repairs.

On the other hand, the Model S vehicle requires a $4,074 budget with these types of advanced repairs. So, those users who are considering purchasing this vehicle should look into this aspect. In particular, this is an amount of money that is almost four times the amount of the vehicle mentioned above.

Additionally, when it comes to the Model X sport utility vehicle, repair costs are at a high level of $769. So, this is another of the more convenient, and even more affordable, options than the Model 3. On those vehicles that are newer than Tesla, the repairs are also much more expensive than the older designs.

However, it is necessary to mention that this type of very expensive repair is not very frequent in these vehicles. Here most owners of these battery-electric vehicles mention that there are some average costs for most repairs. So, we can mention the following average budget for repairs on these vehicles:

1. Model 3: $216

2. Model S: $283

3. Model X: $171

Cost Comparison With Other Brands 

For readers who have reached this point, it is no news that tesla’s repair costs are lower than other brands. Of course, an exact comparison between different brands of electric vehicles and batteries cannot be made here. In these times, the Tesla company is a novelty because it is dedicated to manufacturing only all-electric vehicles.

That is why the best comparison that can be made is that of a Tesla vehicle with another luxury Coupe or Sedan vehicle. This way, it will be much easier to detect what is convenient for an owner who wants to buy a new vehicle. So, the approximate annual repair costs for some vehicles are

1. Tesla Model S: $298

2. Cadillac CTS: $663

3. Chevrolet Corvette: $737

4. Mercedes Benz E350: $788

5. Audi A6: $913

6. BMW i8: $979

7. Porsche 911: $1,072

In particular, one of the main reasons for the more affordable costs is the great difference in the design of the drivetrain of the different vehicles. As a result, Tesla vehicles are often much more efficient with a high level of performance. Some components could be damaged and are expensive to repair on Tesla vehicles.

However, as we have mentioned, this type of failure and damage is very rare. That’s why in most cases owners should not spend a lot of money on Tesla vehicle maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, this is a great advantage of these highly innovative battery-electric vehicles. 

What Is Tesla’s Extended Warranty?

Another of the excellent advantages that Tesla offers to increase the demand for its vehicles is different warranties. In particular, Tesla’s battery and drive unit warranties are excellent and very comprehensive. Depending on the model, you can get a warranty of up to 100,000 or 150,000 miles and up to 8 years. 

Beyond that, a disadvantage could be the basic bumper-to-bumper warranty. Here it is only a warranty of up to 50,000 miles or up to 4 years. Sometimes it is a good option to have an extended warranty. This way, you get longer coverage against some breakdowns and failures of Tesla parts.

In particular, this can be an excellent idea when it comes to failures in components or highly innovative electronic and technological devices. In other words, these are the most expensive parts that could be damaged in a Tesla vehicle.

So, to reduce the budget needed for maintenance and repairs, an extended warranty may be the best option. This provides a high level of confidence and peace of mind when using Tesla vehicles.