Which Tesla Is The Cheapest To Buy?

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Well, currently the cheapest Tesla vehicle available in the market is the Model 3. The price of Model 3 starts at $36200, and a destination fee of $1200 is included. This model comes with a standard battery pack and a range of around 220 miles.

Key Takeaways

  • The base model of the Tesla Model 3 is available at $35,000 while other versions of the Model 3 are available at a higher price with added features
  • The Tesla Model 3 is an electric four-door sedan that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 3.1 seconds
  • The Model 3 has a range of up to 358 miles on a single charge and it is tesla’s most affordable car to date
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives a 5-star safety rating to the Tesla Model 3 for its excellent safety features

Main Features Of The Cheapest Cars In Tesla

FeaturesModel 3Model Y
BatteryBattery long rangeBattery long range
Acceleration 0-60 mph3.1 s3.5 s
Range315 miles326 miles
Drive Dual MotorAll-wheel driveAll-wheel drive
Seating5 Adults7 Adults
Wheels20”19” – 21”
Weight1844 kg2003 kg
ScreenDigital screen – 15”Digital screen – 15”
PriceStarting MSRP $36200Starting MSRP $49200

What Are The Main Features Of The Model Y?

In particular, it is a car designed to make the typical sport-utility vehicle of this manufacturer. In turn, here are some features in common with the Tesla Model 3.

1. More Interior Space: In particular, this is a great vehicle designed for a really large family. Here the amount of 7 seats for seven adults proposes more than enough space. Even this vehicle can provide available seats in a third row which is optional.

2. Distance Range: Here too it is another vehicle that can go farther on a single battery charge. This vehicle can provide up to 326 miles of range. 

3. Great Technology: As with other Tesla models, this vehicle also has excellent technology inside. Drivers can count on autopilot and a variety of sensors and cameras.

4. Value For Money: Here is another of the cheaper vehicles whose price starts at $49200. Beyond that, it’s a vehicle that includes a 15-inch touch screen, an expansive glass roof interior, and constant software updates. So, it may be one of the most convenient vehicles when it comes to transporting many passengers. 

What Comes On A Tesla Model 3?

Of course, a Tesla vehicle is something very different from most cars today. So people who want to enjoy this car should learn the main features of this model. In principle, this vehicle has three keys available for the owner. One of them is a mobile application for smartphones that works as a key.

The others are a key ring that costs $150 and a Tesla key card. Each of these ways of opening the vehicle is highly innovative. So, any owner can use one of these three ways to lock or unlock the vehicle.

In fact, by using the Tesla mobile application it is possible to lock and unlock the car remotely. So, we can start by mentioning what the best features of this car are.

1. Non-Ignition Vehicle

A big difference with today’s vehicles is that the owner should not start the car. Here the vehicle will be ready to run when the right lever on the steering column is pressed at the same time as the brake pedal is pressed. In turn, it will be more than enough to press the button on the side of the right stalk when you have reached your destination.

So here no owner will encounter the classic ignition problems of a car. However, this is not the only innovative feature that can be found here.

2. Simple Adjustments

Adjusting the mirrors or steering wheel correctly is a very simple task as you start using the central touch screen. Here the owner only needs to touch the car icon located in the lower left of the screen. Along with this, there are also quick controls to not waste too much time on the necessary adjustments.

Once the owner sets up the quick controls he or she can use the caster wheels and the steering wheel buttons. Also, these same controls serve to turn the lights on or off, adjust the brightness of the screen, block the windows, or turn the mirrors inward.

Even if you want a certain position the driver you can get it too. All these changes can be saved in one of the 10 available driver profiles so you don’t have to make adjustments every time you use the vehicle.

3. Driving, Autopilot, And Cruise Control

Here the main benefit is not that this vehicle does not produce any noise when you are driving. You never start the vehicle in the classic way we understand it. Additionally, this vehicle has an automatic pilot and a formidable driving for any person. So, this improves the driving skills of any driver.

When reversing, it is possible to notice a sharp buzzing sound that the vehicle produces. Of course, this is done to warn all the people behind the vehicle. Strong acceleration of the instantaneous torque could scare the driver. However, all these aspects will become common once you get used to this vehicle. 

4. Driving Chart

Here another important utility of the 15-inch touch screen is the driving graphic that can be useful to the driver. In this case, it shows the driver’s vehicle, other cars, pedestrians, traffic lights, stop signs, arrows on the road, railroad crossings, bike lanes, lanes on the highway, and more.

Even the driving graphic can differentiate between sport utility vehicles, trucks, and automobiles. Of course, all of this amount of information greatly facilitates anyone’s driving experience. It is one of the most complete maps when comparing this driving chart to a GPS.

5. Using Summon And Smart Summon 

To use either of these two features, the Tesla mobile application is required. In particular, these are two highly innovative features among cars in the market today. On the one hand, Summon can move the car backward or forwards depending on where the driver is. To do so, the driver must be located 200 feet away from the vehicle.

On the other hand, Smart Summon can drive the vehicle to where the driver is. No driver is required to do this as it is only necessary to press the button in the Tesla mobile application. So, here the vehicle takes into account the driver’s location to move.

6. One Pedal For Driving

Without a doubt, another very innovative feature is the driving that requires only one pedal thanks to regenerative braking. Even this procedure also serves the vehicle to recharge some energy from the electric motor to the batteries. When a person releases the accelerator, the vehicle begins a process of automatic deceleration.

In this way, the electric motor runs in reverse to harness as much energy as possible. Beyond that, regenerative braking works at a lower level when the car is fully charged. This is where the vehicle will continue to move forward at inertial speed. So, if you’ve come a long way, regenerative braking will do its thing to reserve some battery power.

7. Touch Screen With A Size Of 15 Inches

If we notice the size of this touch screen we can realize that it is the same size as the screen of a laptop. Even few vehicles today include such a large screen for greater driver comfort. In turn, this allows for a much more minimalist style in the interior of the vehicle. So, this means that the number of knobs and buttons is significantly reduced.

So, here are most of the controls the driver will be able to find on the screen. Besides, two buttons that are wheels at the same time are located on either side of the steering wheel.

The rest of the controls and adjustments are made only from the display. Therefore, normal controls such as settings for the steering wheel, mirrors, air conditioning buttons, and normal radio design are not included here. 

Even if the driver wishes to open the glove box, he or she must do so through the touch screen. Beyond that, closing the glove box must be done manually.

Of course, this could be a little overwhelming when it comes to the owner of his first Tesla vehicle. However, many owners of these vehicles claim that this design is comfortable and efficient at the same time.

8. Tesla Model 3 Performance

One of the things owners are most interested in knowing is how well this vehicle performs. In its best version, the performance model, this vehicle only needs 3.5 seconds to get up to 60 miles per hour. An excellent time that many owners value to obtain a high level of response from the vehicle.

Also, a standard-range battery can deliver approximately 230 miles on this vehicle. If this vehicle is considered as an option for the city, this range could be more than sufficient. Of course, the company is still investing in research and development to optimize battery technology and lower costs at the same time. 

9. Loading The Vehicle At Home Or On The Road

One of the greatest comforts of these vehicles is that many times the driver does not have to go to a gas station. Therefore, these vehicles include a 20-foot cable to obtain medium or low-speed loads. Also, an adapter is usually included to be able to use a standard 120-volt outlet. If needed, Tesla also offers other adapters to allow for vehicle charging.

From this model, it is possible to get 3 miles of range for every hour of recharging. There are also special options to increase the vehicle’s charging capacity. This special equipment allows you to charge up to 48 miles of range for every hour of charge. This requires a 48 amp charge or an 11.5-kilowatt output.

Those who have solar panels can opt for the giant battery that plugs into the wall. So, this is where you can get clean, totally free energy for your vehicle.

In turn, drivers can use Tesla’s service stations in various parts of the world. In some cases, 150 or 250 kW of electric power can be obtained for the vehicle. Some urban chargers have the possibility of providing 72 kW of power.

In most cases, drivers spend between $5 and $15 depending on the charging station or the amount of energy needed. Also, it is possible to find the best service stations and use them for free in some shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels. So, this can be a good way to charge the vehicle for a few hours or using an entire night.