E85 VS 87 – What are the Differences?

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Both E85 and 87 are types of gasoline but they have some differences. The main difference between E85 and 87 is the ethanol content. E85 contains a higher percentage of ethanol while 87 contains a lower percentage of ethanol. E85 has 85% ethanol while 87 has 10% – 20% ethanol.

Comparison Between E85 and 87  

E85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline87-octane gasoline is made up of just gasoline
E85 provides improved performance in certain types of vehicles87 octane gasoline is considered a more standard fuel
E85 has reduced fuel efficiency87 has a high fuel efficiency
E85 is not as widely available as 8787 is sold at all fuel stations
E85 is less expensive87 is a bit expensive compared to E85

Can E85 Be Mixed With Regular Gas?

Can E85 Be Mixed With Regular Gas

In general, it is possible to make this mixture without any concern for your vehicle. A lot of cars and vehicles can run on regular gasoline or e85.

So, since it is possible to use either of these options, it is also possible to use a mixture of these components. Here, it is not harmful to the engine or the various components of the vehicle. It is also not possible to notice a significant difference in the way a car works

Therefore, here we can also add that very expensive gasoline or very cheap gasoline can offer the same quality. So, the only difference is that the more expensive gasoline includes some additives in the formula. Thus, it is only possible to obtain superior performance in your vehicle.

Of course, to take advantage of this superior performance you need a really fast vehicle. On the contrary, the vast majority of vehicles have standard and average performance. That’s why here the vast majority of people prefer to use cheap gasoline since they won’t be damaging the engine and other vehicle components.

Will E85 Hurt My Engine?

Generally, this component can act in a corrosive way on some components of the interior of the vehicle. Here, the most common causes of corrosion are rubber, aluminum, magnesium, and other parts of the fuel system.

Therefore, when using e85 in a vehicle’s engine, some additional precautions must be taken. Some experts recommend changing key components to prevent further damage to the car. 

Otherwise, the damage could get worse and the amount of money needed for repairs could increase considerably. Some parts that need to be replaced are the throttle body, fuel injectors, fuel filter, seals, gaskets, fuel pumps, and fuel hoses.

On the other hand, other options can be used and will not damage your vehicle. Also, using ethanol and mixing it with regular gasoline is one of the options that a lot of people choose. In this way, superior functionality could be obtained in a standard vehicle

What Are The Benefits Of Using E85 Fuel?

What Are The Benefits Of Using E85 Fuel

One of the main benefits of blending this type of ethanol with regular gasoline is that it is truly environmentally friendly. Ethanol can significantly reduce the gases that accelerate the greenhouse effect.

That’s why in many places in the United States there are incentives to use ethanol in many fuels and vehicles. However, it is also necessary to mention here that the functionality of a vehicle can be increased at some point.

When a person decides to mix e85 with some type of gasoline, the performance can be increased. Especially if it is high-octane gasoline, then the vehicle will have more horsepower to use.

Of course, this difference is not very important from the vast majority of standard-size vehicles. On the contrary, only high-end, high-powered vehicles will be able to take advantage of this technology. Otherwise, doing this on a regular vehicle would only be a waste of time and money.

What Happens If You Put E85 In The Car By Mistake?

In principle, it is necessary to consider that formula 85 has 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. It is one of the most commonly used blends in several parts of the world. For this, a vehicle must have a tank of Flex Fuel gasoline.

Therefore, when a vehicle does not have this feature, the use of this gasoline produces some disadvantages. In principle, it is necessary to consider that the performance of the vehicle can be considerably reduced.

On the other hand, in some states, a person could be fined for using this gasoline in an inappropriate vehicle. Also, vehicles that cannot use this gasoline will be impaired in their performance and other respects.

So, ethanol is often corrosive to some parts and components of the fuel system. In other words, if your vehicle is not prepared for this type of gasoline, then the wear and tear will increase significantly.

If one person does this frequently, a large number of car parts and components will need to be replaced. Otherwise, the number of failures and damages could increase and move to other places. So, you will need more and more money to fix the various damages to the vehicle. 

Is E85 Better Than 93 Octanes?

In principle, people should consider that e85 gasoline has 85% ethanol in its formula. In the opinion of many experts, this may be more than enough for the vast majority of standard-size vehicles. Most vehicles are only used daily.

So, there is no need for extra power in a vehicle. Even standard vehicles cannot take advantage of the superior performance of high-quality gasoline. Therefore, e85 gasoline can be more than sufficient on a large number of occasions.

On the other hand, premium gasoline has a 93-octane rating. In this case, it is an option that can be useful for vehicles with the highest power and performance. This type of gasoline is usually used in high-speed racing vehicles. 

Therefore, for your vehicle to take advantage of this superior performance, it must be high-end and very fast. Here is the only benefit you get by switching to this type of gasoline. 

So, the different components of a vehicle will be cared for in the same way with one option or the other. Therefore, if you have a vehicle of standard size and operation, you will only spend more money on the 93-octane gasoline. 

Why Does E85 Give More Power?

In principle, it is necessary to mention that e85 gasoline can provide more potential due to two main reasons. On the one hand, the high-octane level is what allows a vehicle to obtain a greater amount of horsepower.

Of course, for this to be useful the vehicle must have different high-quality components. So, the engine must also be prepared to take advantage of this superior performance.

Another reason why more power can be obtained with e85 gasoline is the cooling capacity. Without going any further, it can be a convenient option for some urban vehicles. If you have a standard, average-size vehicle, it is advisable to use cheap gasoline.

When you use e85 gasoline, your vehicle will not be prepared to offer more power. If this is the case, the additional power is not too different from the regular power of the vehicle.

On the other hand, when you use regular gasoline you will get average performance. However, the most important thing here is that you will have the ability to save an excellent amount of money on fuel. 

Will One Tank Of E85 Hurt My Car?

Generally, in today’s world, a large number of vehicles are designed to be able to use e85 gasoline. That is why, in these cases, a vehicle does not necessarily have to suffer different damages in the interior. However, some vehicle components could suffer some corrosion due to ethanol.

Therefore, it would be necessary to replace the key components that make up the fuel system. Otherwise, your vehicle may not be properly maintained; failures and damage may increase. So, you will only notice that you will need more money to repair your entire vehicle. 

How Long Can E85 Sit In The Car?

When you use e85 fuel, it is recommended that this formula be kept in the fuel system for no more than one week. Otherwise, keep in mind that this formula can be corrosive to some key components of your vehicle.

It is also much easier for blockages to occur here, which of course is not desirable. When you constantly use the fuel, then these drawbacks will not appear.

What Cars Can Use E85 Gas?

To use e85 gasoline, you should have a General Motors vehicle. In this case, we can include Chevrolet Montecarlo, HHR, and Impala. Also included in this case are other SUVs, as well as large trucks.

Other vehicles that can use this type of gasoline are the Pontiac G6 and the Buick Lucerne. Without a doubt, each of these vehicles will be able to obtain additional power and performance on each trip.