Motorcycle Catalytic Converter

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A motorcycle catalytic converter is a type of emissions control device that you can install in the exhaust system of your motorcycle to reduce the emissions of harmful gases from the motorcycle’s engine. Catalytic converters reduce the levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases.

Key Takeaways

  • Using a catalytic converter can improve the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle and save you money
  • A motorcycle catalytic converter can increase the performance of the engine and offer you a smooth riding experience
  • Installing a catalytic converter is more expensive compared to other types of exhaust systems
  • A catalytic converter requires frequent maintenance or replacement which is a major issue for this type of converter

Removing A Catalytic Converter – Pros & Cons

1. Increase in power  
2. In some cases, fuel consumption is optimized  
3. It is possible to use leaded gasoline  
4. Exhaust sound is more aggressive
1. In some countries or states, it is not allowed to remove the catalytic converter  
2. Polluting emissions to the environment increase  
3. Not recommended for people who want a subtle escape sound

What Can A Universal Catalytic Converter Offer On Different Motorcycles?

In a large number of countries and areas of Europe, it is necessary to manufacture new motorcycles that include a catalytic converter. In this way, a very considerable set of benefits can be obtained. This type of component requires patented metallic fishbone substrate technology.

In this way, torque and power can be freely influenced and increased. In this way, some important benefits can be obtained that users should consider.

1. Excellent Fuel Consumption: In particular, a high level of fuel economy is achieved due to the operation of this component. Here, the flow is improved due to the lower cells per square inch.

2. Efficient With Emissions: When considering the removal of particulate matter from a vehicle, the most important effect is the emissions to the environment. In this sense, the removal of toxic and polluting particles is reduced by 44%.

3. Optimized Exhaust Sound: This aspect is one of the most appropriate for people who want to enjoy subtle exhaust sound. In this case, the harshness of the tone is muffled while the vibration and noise are reduced.

4. Better Torque And Power: This simply provides more power gain and reduces backpressure. Among the positive effects is performance optimization. The exhaust system design is lighter and smaller.

1. Harley Davidson And Universal Catalytic Converter

In principle, this component can provide excellent torque and increased horsepower. So, this is an excellent way to enjoy high speeds. Along with that, fuel consumption allows for greater efficiency in miles per gallon. So, you can go much farther on the same amount of fuel.

Of course, one of the most important aspects is the reduction of pollutant emissions into the environment. That’s why the catalytic converter is widely used on many motorcycles in various parts of the world. In combination, the design is much lighter and smaller, and the durability is one of the highest.

However, a large number of motorcyclists do not agree with the inclusion of a catalytic converter in a motorcycle. Beyond that, it is necessary to consider that today’s Harley Davidson motorcycles are much more efficient than previous models.

2. Catalytic Converter For A Sports Motorcycle

In particular, sports motorcycles can count on a high level of efficiency by including this component in their mechanics. The torque and horsepower increase exceptionally. That’s why many professional racing motorcycles need a catalytic converter to take advantage of these functions.

Additionally, of course, it allows for a much lighter and smaller exhaust system design. The reduced emissions are combined with the excellent durability of the catalytic converter-related mechanical components. In principle, this allows for a much longer life for motorcycle mechanics.

3. Dirt Bikes And Catalytic Converter

All those users who have this type of motorcycle will be able to go much further with the same amount of fuel. Here, the fuel deficiency is combined with a reduction in emissions. Also, a good catalytic converter can provide an increase in vehicle power.

This is why it is one of the components often used in professional racing. In many places in Europe and the United States, a catalytic converter is needed. In this way, you can enjoy a less polluted environment and a more efficient vehicle with high performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Removing A Catalytic Converter From A Motorcycle?

There are some benefits that users can obtain when they manage to remove the catalytic converter from a motorcycle. It’s a similar set of benefits when this component is removed from a car. So, we must mention the most important benefits along with some disadvantages.

On one hand, it is necessary to consider that some countries or states prohibited the removal of the catalytic converter. This component is responsible for reducing pollutant emissions into the environment. Therefore, removing this component can have some consequences. Moreover, you can get some benefits from it.

1. Increased Power

Usually, users who claim to remove the catalytic converter experience an increase in power on the motorcycle. This optimized engine power allows for a greater range in certain situations. It is necessary to consider that the back pressure suffered by the engine is largely due to the catalytic converters.

In particular, the engine’s exhaust gases must pass through a set of constrictive deficiencies. Therefore, power can reach much higher levels and a higher engine speed when this component is removed. Also, the gases produced by the engine’s combustion are released much more easily and quickly.

So, those users who enjoy high speeds on a motorcycle want to remove this component. Beyond that, it is not the only benefit that can be obtained with this procedure. Although a professional must remove the catalytic converter. When an inexperienced person does this procedure, some errors and failures could occur.

2. Optimized Fuel Consumption

Without a doubt, another important benefit that can be obtained with this procedure is fuel consumption. When this component is removed from the vehicle, the engine exhaust gases are released excessively. In this way, the engine stress is reduced as well as the backpressure from the catalytic converter.

In particular, this procedure can not only provide an increase in power. You can also enjoy an excellent increase in fuel consumption. It is one of the best ways to be able to reduce fuel usage in various situations. So, at the end of this procedure, you will have the possibility to save a good amount of money.

However, this does not always happen in the same quantity or quality on all motorcycles. Depending on the specific power of each vehicle, you may be able to get some increase in fuel efficiency. In general, most vehicles can offer increased performance and fuel efficiency.

3. Temperature Decrease

As we have mentioned, eliminating the catalytic converter means reducing the load on the vehicle’s engine. As a result, the engine can work more freely and carry less load. The engine exhaust can work in a much lighter way.

There is no doubt that this whole procedure is what will allow the operating temperature of the engine to be lowered. In particular, the temperature of any engine increases when the components have to work in a forced way. On the contrary, the temperature of these components is low when the working load is not too high.

A decrease in the temperature of the engine is what will make it possible to take care of the entire life of the various components. A too-high temperature could lead to the deterioration and deformation of some components.

Of course, this is not recommended, as failures and damage will start to appear. So it is necessary to achieve a lower load and less friction in the work of the engine.

4. More Options In The Use Of Fuel

In general, vehicles with a catalytic converter cannot use leaded gasoline. Instead, only unleaded gasoline can be used to avoid damaging the operation of this component. Gasoline with lead is what increases the number of pollutant emissions into the environment.

In particular, this is one of the reasons why vehicles have started using a catalytic converters. However, it is necessary to consider that leaded gasoline can provide better engine combustion and therefore more power. When a vehicle does not have a catalytic converter, it is possible to use different fuels.

In this case, the greater variety of options will allow you to have high-performance fuel for your engine. However, we must also consider leaded gasoline as it is not available in a large number of countries.

Driving without the catalytic converter is prohibited in a large number of geographical areas. So these are aspects that necessarily have to be considered.

5. Excellent Exhaust Sound

Finally, another aspect that many users value is the sound of the motorcycle exhaust system. In particular, a catalytic converter manages to reduce the sound of the exhaust, since it works like a muffler.  In this case, the engine’s exhaust gases are muffled, and along with this, the sound is also muffled.

When the catalytic converter is removed, the exhaust gases are released more easily. This is mostly true for the sound generated by the engine’s combustion. Here, the sound comes out freely which produces a higher noise level. So, users who want a distinctive and louder sound, decide to remove the catalytic converter.