White Smoke From Motorcycle Exhaust (How To Stop It?)

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Well, white smoke from motorcycles is common during cold engine startup. However, if white smoke appears frequently from your motorcycle then it should be a concern for you. Usually, continuous white smoke coming from the exhaust has various reasons like a coolant leak, a fuel injection problem, problem with piston rings, a clogged air filter, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • If the white smoke is thin and dissipates quickly then it suggests that there is condensation in the exhaust
  • If there is any leak in the coolant then it can cause white smoke from motorcycle’s exhaust
  • If the fuel don’t brn properly because of defective fuel injection then white smoke can appear from the exhaust
  • If the piston rings wornout then the oil will leak into the combustion chamber and produce white smoke

What is White Smoke from Motorcycle Exhaust?

The white smoke that is emitted from the exhaust of a motorcycle is called ‘Pristine White Smoke’ or PWS. PWS is a result of unburned fuel from the engine and oil being burned off. The white smoke may appear to be coming out of the tailpipe, however, it does not actually come from there.

PWS is not harmful to humans, but it can cause air pollution problems as well as be an indicator that a vehicle needs care or maintenance.

The white smoke that you see coming out of a motorbike’s exhaust is actually just water vapor. It can also be referred to as steam and is made up of 50%-90% of water vapor and the rest is various hydrocarbons.

White Smoke From Motorcycle Exhaust

Why does white smoke come out of motorcycle exhaust?

White smoke is usually caused by fuel boiling in the engine. It comes out of the exhaust and this is an indication that there is a problem with the engine. This is an indication that there may be a problem with your cars, such as low compression or a leak in one of your cylinders.

The white smoke is a byproduct of unburned gasoline in the exhaust. When a motorbikes engine is running, the exhaust enters the muffler and then exits out. This process causes some of the fuel to combust before it reaches the end of the pipe. When it does, it releases white smoke and some gas fumes.

While white smoke is not a normal occurrence in motorcycle engines, it can be a warning sign of the engine failing. The white smoke may also be caused by the oil getting too hot and vaporizing.

The bright white smoke/Blue smoke is caused by heat exhaustion which may occur if there is too much fuel or oil being used at once. It could also mean that the engine is being overworked and needs to cool down before it can work properly again.

5 Ways to fix white smoke coming out of the motorcycle exhaust

There are many reasons why a motorcycle will have white smoke coming from the exhaust. It could be because of mechanical problems, engine temperature, or fuel mixture. Yes, you can fix the white smoke coming out of the exhaust by removing the carbon from the engine.

If you have white smoke coming from your exhaust, then there are three things that you need to do:

1) Stop riding immediately.
2) Turn off the engine and wait for a few minutes before restarting it again.
3) Check all of the valves in order to make sure that they are working properly and not leaking oil or coolant into the combustion chamber.

If the bike is in need of repair, here are 5 things to try to fix it:

  1. Check for vacuum leaks by looking for cracks, worn-out clamps, and loose hoses.
  2. Check the oil level- preferably in a full tank of gas.
  3. Adjust the idle speed to balance with the load within the engine.
  4. Inspect the spark plug and replace if necessary.
  5. Check your air filter and replace if necessary.
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Top 8 Signs of Head Gasket Failure

A head gasket failure is when the sealant that typically prevents oil from leaking out of the engine fails and causes oil to leak onto the cylinder walls of the engine. This can cause a lack of oil in the engine, which can lead to damage that can result in expensive repairs.

When a head gasket fails, hot coolant can leak into the oil, causing it to boil. This causes metal to oxidize and wear away, which can result in other parts of the engine deteriorating. If this occurs on a regular basis, it could lead to extensive repairs or even an engine replacement.

A head gasket failure is a common problem among vehicle owners, with the potential to cause major engine damage. Luckily, there are several signs of head gasket failure that you can look out for to avoid this issue in the future.

1. Exhaust Smoke Looked White Instead of Black

2. Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light Comes On

3. Loss of Power when Accelerating/Riding in Higher Gear

4. Smell Gasoline or Burning Oil near the Underneath of Motorcycle

5. Coolant Leaks (White Smoke from Exhaust)

6. Hissing and Clicking Sound coming from the Clutch Area or Water Pump Area

7. Slow to Start after Sitting for a While’s or Long-Term Storage Requiring Extra Cranking Time before Starting the Engine

8. Dirty Oil that Appears Greasy Instead of Clear and Clean, Heavy Metal Build-Up on Internal Parts

Effects of White Smoke from a Motorcycle Engine on the Environment

The Department of Transportation says that white smoke is produced by unburned fuel, which contains hydrocarbons that emit noxious fumes like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and other pollutants. These pollutants are harmful to human health and to the environment.

1) Motorcycle engines produce an excessive amount of white smoke. This smoke is composed of soot and other chemical compounds.

2) The white smoke becomes airborne and is unnoticeable to the naked eye, but it’s still harmful to the environment. It can also cause respiratory problems, heart disease, and cancer in humans.

3) Cleaner burning engines are not always an option for motorcycles because they reduce power output considerably. Cleaner burning engines also take up more space in the engine compartment which makes it difficult to work with a smaller motorcycle engine compartment.

4) Motorcycles emit exhaust which contains many harmful chemicals. One of these is Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) which reacts with oxygen in the air to produce nitric acid, and nitrates in rainwater run-off. The sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrocarbons from gasoline also react with sunlight to create ozone and smog. This is just one example of how motorcycles can adversely affect the environment.

5) White smoke from a motorcycle engine has many effects on the environment. It harms air quality and pollutes the environment, and it also negatively impacts CO2 emissions.

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap – Pros & Cons

1. Allows the engine temperature to be lowered  
2. Motorcycle aesthetics are optimized  
3. The installation procedure is very simple for anyone
4.The cost of this component is very affordable  
5. It is possible to paint the exhaust casing
1. A bad installation produces bad results  
2. This is a decision that cannot be undone  
3. Pipes may wear out more quickly  
4. Produces a bad smell in the first hours  
5. Resale value decreases

The Overview of White Smokes From A Motorcycle

1. In principle, we must consider that most of the mechanics of a motorcycle are exposed to the outside. Unlike a car, all these components do not have a hood or any metal protection piece. Even the frequency of use of a motorcycle or the roads you ride on can affect the life of some components.

Of course, here it is necessary to analyze the amount of smoke coming out of your motorcycle’s exhaust. Only when the amount of smoke is excessive should you be concerned about it. Also, it is a fairly common problem when you are riding a motorcycle that is several years old. Typically, piston rings could be very worn on an older motorcycle.

You even need to consider that these types of components need to be replaced every few years of their life. These particular components are responsible for the disposal of two engine compartments that are separated from each other. In this case, the lower half is the crankcase while the upper half of the cylinder is the combustion chamber.

So, the oil in the crankcase may be dripping into the lower part of the piston. This oil in turn is needed to keep the entire area properly lubricated against the other engine components.

Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the oil from being burned in the combustion chamber. When the piston rings are heavily worn, this is a situation that could easily happen. When the oil starts to burn in the combustion chamber, then the smoke could be excessive.

Even this situation can also lead to overheating of the engine and the various components. You should consider that regular use and normal wear of a motorcycle can be more than enough to produce this situation. So, it is not necessary to misuse the motorcycle to get to this problem.

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2. Another major reason is an oil leak that occurs on the outside of the engine. When this happens, the oil burns due to the high temperatures found on the outside of the engine.

In particular, this is a very easy situation to detect since you only need to check the outside of the engine. If you find traces of oil here, then it is due to an oil leak. You can look between the engine wings to check this. Also, you’ll see the lines around the engine because the cylinder comes in separate parts.

Even if the leak comes from the seals or those lines you will be able to detect the oil. In cases where you detect that the smoke is not coming from the engine or exhaust, the problem could be elsewhere. One of the common problems in these situations is that some of the cables on the motorcycle may be burning.

This is a particularly serious issue because of the results. You should detect this problem as soon as possible so that you can avoid an electrical fire.

Here, you will also notice the smell of burning rubber that is quite common in this type of electrical fire. Therefore you shouldn’t start your motorcycle and consult a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

3. Finally, we can mention another of the main reasons why excessive smoke is produced from your motorcycle. Here, it could simply be a new exhaust casing being inserted into the exhaust pipes. In particular, this is an innovative product with a fiberglass base.

You will notice that this is a method of safety and protection for the user. This component has the possibility of avoiding burns on the ankles and feet. It is a material that hardens and burns as you ride your motorcycle.

In the first moments, it is a product that burns and produces an unpleasant smell. However, this is a normal situation when the job is done properly.

How To Solve Excessive Smoking?

1. There are a few solutions that you can apply to solve this kind of problem easily. In particular, you will need a brief investigation and some basic tools to be able to get to work. However, most people who have a motorcycle also have some very useful tools.

Here, we should start by mentioning that the problem of damaged piston rings could be a problem with medium difficulty. An engine compression test could be a good start to fix this problem. Each cylinder has a certain pressure that you will check.

When the pressure is too low in one or more cylinders you will have to replace the piston ring. To replace parts you should go to a specialized store if you want to get a good job. Of course, if you are an experienced user, you will have the possibility to do the job yourself.

Here, we must consider the necessary steps when the problem is an engine oil leak. As we have mentioned, this is another inconvenience that could produce excessive smoke. You will need to tighten the bolts or replace the gaskets, in the worst case you should do both.

2. To change the gaskets you should not have too much specific knowledge. Instead, it is a very simple task that a large number of users can perform themselves. However, when you want to tighten the bolts you might encounter some difficulties. So, if you do not have the necessary experience, you should hire a professional.

If you want to do the job then you should consider the proper torque specifications according to the owner’s manual. If you do not have an owner’s manual you can also find this option online. If you do not want to do all this work you can simply consult a professional mechanic.

When you want to tighten the bolts, you should consider the possible failures in case you make mistakes. In this case, some of the engine parts could break, or simply more oil could leak. In other words, the situation could much more easily get worse than it can get better.

3. Of course, you should check the cables when the problem is in this place. Every single wire that is damaged should be replaced as soon as possible. Also, you should avoid future problems and splice the cables correctly.

Besides, all of this must be protected with a fuse and a certain wire must be grounded. All this will allow you to avoid an electrical fire, which is the worst thing that could happen. Also, the front or rear tire should not rub against the cables, and there should be no friction of any kind.

4. When you have incorporated exhaust wrappers into your motorcycle there is nothing you can do to avoid smoking. Here, the excessive smoke will simply disappear after a few hours of riding.

If this does not happen, then you should wrap the exhaust pipes again, wet the entire area, and perform the installation firmly.