All You Need to Know about No Response Error Display on a Ford Fusion Car

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

A no-response error in a Ford Fusion indicates that your car’s communication system is not functioning optimally. The main causes for this abnormality could be problems with the audio system, the Climate control system not functioning, problems with the door locks, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • If there is a malfunction in the vehicle’s communication system, specifically the communication between the various modules that control different functions of the car then you will see this error message
  • If the audio system of your car is not working properly then you will see the No Response Error
  • If there are any issues with the power windows and door locks then you will see the No Response Error message
  • If you encounter the “No Response” error on your Ford Fusion car then you should take your car to a qualified mechanic or dealership for diagnosis and repair

What Are the Reasons Why Your Ford Fusion Compass Doesn’t Function Properly?

Why Your Ford Fusion Compass Doesn't Function Properly

The primary reason that interferes with the functionality of your car’s compass is subjection to magnetic fields that polarize the compass needle. The advent of modern gadgets that emit magnetic fields is the major contributor to this scenario. 

Devices like GPS, mobile phones, and other equipment are notorious for polarizing the compass needle as they emit magnetic fields.

What Does Check Compass Module Display Mean?

At times your Ford fusion’s dashboard may display a “check compass module,” and you will wonder what the display implies. If you experience such a display, the compass has detected a problem. 

Your car’s compass is usually positioned behind the rearview mirror in the black plastic box.

The Compass Module: What is It?

The compass module is responsible for converting any available magnetic field to a differential voltage output on 3 axes. The resulting voltage shift is what is used to calculate headings. The same voltage also senses magnetic fields emanating from various directions.

Resetting the Compass on a Ford Fusion Car

When you realize an abnormality in the compass of your Ford Fusion car, the noble thing to do is check it to determine the cause of the error. The reason might be a faulty battery, an improperly installed rearview mirror, or your compass needs calibration.

Even though your car’s electronic compass comes while calibrated when you purchase it, it is possible to lose the calibration due to power lines interference, the presence of strong magnetic fields, or when replacing the battery.

Suppose calibration is the way to go; here is how to do it:

  • The first step is to crank the car.
  • Press the preset buttons on your car’s radio (Usually buttons 9 and 7).
  • Hold the preset buttons for close to 10 seconds.
  • Release the buttons immediately you see “CAL” on display.
  • Proceed and drive your car in a slow circle, ensuring you stay under 3 miles per hour.
  • Monitor your car’s display until you notice the disappearance of the “CAL” display. When this display goes away, you realize that your Ford’s compass indicates the accurate direction.

The Ford Fusion’s Compass Calibration Tips

  • When calibrating your car’s compass, ensure you make up to 5 circles to obtain desired results.
  • Ensure all electronics are off to thwart magnetic interference during the calibration process.
  • Ensure you close all doors.

Re-Magnetizing Your Ford Fusion’s Compass

Your car’s magnet should always point to the magnetic north as a rule of thumb. However, the compass may lose its functionality due to polarization from gadgets with magnetic fields.

Don’t lose hope if you find yourself in such an awkward situation. You can still re-magnetize your car’s compass by following simple hacks to reverse polarity. Here is what to do:

  • Position the compass on a flat surface, ensuring that it faces upwards.
  • Check to ensure that the compass needle floats freely.
  • Place your hands on a neodymium/ rare-earth. The neodymium is primarily used to reverse polarity by re-magnetizing the compass needle. A re-magnetized compass needle should point towards the magnetic north.

Fixing a Compass that Doesn’t Point to the Magnetic North

Fixing a Compass that Doesn't Point to the Magnetic North

Naturally, all vehicles’ compass needles should face the magnetic north. If your Ford Fusion’s compass doesn’t point north, you have no other option apart from re-magnetizing it with the aid of a strong magnet.

Kindly stick to the following hacks to remedy the situation:

  • Ensure you place the compass on a flat and stable surface.
  • The compass must face upwards.
  • Ensure you position the south pole of the strong magnet on top of the compass needle.
  • Slowly drag the magnet along the needle’s length towards the north end, and your situation is sorted!

How to Determine Whether Your Ford Fusion’s Compass is Functioning

It is crucial to determine whether your car’s compass is functional. A non-functional compass in your vehicle is useless as it doesn’t serve the intended purpose. Therefore, it is vital to ensure it is in better working condition.

The most significant dilemma for new Ford Fusion car owners is determining whether the compass is in working condition. Don’t stress yourself over the issue. Here is how to check whether your car’s compass is working:

  • Navigate to the “Sensors” section under “Features.”
  • Check whether it mentions a compass sensor or a magnetometer- if it doesn’t, know you don’t have one.

Note: Suppose your device doesn’t feature a magnetometer; you still have the option of using a compass app that is compatible with GPS

The Ford Fusion Compass Accuracy: Does it matter?

The Ford Fusion Compass Accuracy

Compass accuracy is vital in your car. Otherwise, inaccurate car compasses serve no meaning in your favorite wheels. However, you may realize that your vehicle has low compass accuracy in some instances.

Suppose a compass gives you the wrong location, and you are using your android phone; try the following hacks:

  • Restart your android device.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Calibrate your compass if the blue dot’s beam points in the wrong direction.

What Causes My Ford Fusion’s Compass to Turn Off?

The local disturbances may negatively impact your car’s compass due to variations in declinations brought about by the non-uniformity of the earth’s magnetic fields.

The magnetic field disturbances may force the compass needle to deviate from the magnetic and geographic North Poles.

How to Change the Home Screen on Ford Sync

When using your car’s compass on the dashboard, you can change the home screen on Ford sync to your preference. Here is how:

  • Ensure you press the “Display” button on the left side of the screen.
  • When the Display section appears on the right, choose “Edit Wallpaper.
  • The editor screen will open and press “Add.”- Up to this far, you are done with changing the home screen on your Ford Sync.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Ford Fusion Compasses

Can a Ford Fusion Compass Be Wrong?

Yes. A Ford Fusion compass can be wrong. Even though a compass is a failsafe kit, magnetic interference from modern-day gadgets like car speakers and phones might interfere with accuracy by providing reversed polarity.

How Does a Ford Focus Compass Lose Magnetism? 

A Ford Fusion compass may lose its magnetism due to interference from magnetic fields. For instance, if your compass is close to objects with strong magnets, such as car speakers, it will lose magnetism over an extended period.