Valvoline Atv Oil VS Honda GN4 – What are the Differences?

Last Updated on December 31, 2022 by Leepu Da Maxim

There are some key differences between Valvoline Atv Oil and Honda GN4. Valvoline ATV oil is a mineral-based oil, while Honda GN4 is a synthetic blend. If you use Honda GN4 then you will get better performance in extreme temperatures. However, Honda GN4 is more expensive than Valvoline Atv Oil.

Difference Between Valvoline Atv Oil VS Honda GN4

Valvoline Atv OilHonda GN4
Valvoline ATV oil is a mineral-based oilHonda GN4 is a synthetic oil
This oil is made entirely from mineral-based oils This oil is made from a combination of synthetic and mineral-based oils
This type of oil has a shorter oil lifeHonda GN4 has a longer oil life
Valvoline ATV oil meets the API SJ specificationHonda GN4 meets the JASO MA specification
If you are using a different brand of ATV then you can use Valvoline ATV oil If you own a Honda ATV, then Honda GN4 will be a better option

Best Motorcycle Oils – Pros & Cons

Motul 7100 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 4TIn general, it is one of the best oils that offers excellent engine protection and cleanliness optimizes the response of the various components of a motorcycle engine provides excellent service life before the next oil and oil filter changeNot the best choice for low-capacity motorcycles because the cost could be a little high for some users, not the best choice for a walk around the city or short intervals
Castrol 06112 Power1 Synthetic Motorcycle OilOptimizes motorcycle engine performance the manufacturer of this oil guarantees a high level of reliability improves the acceleration capability of the motorcycle keeps the motorcycle clutch properly wet When you buy this oil, it comes in a pack of 6The price may be high for some users does not offer much time before the next oil change engine noise could increase with this oil 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Motorcycle Oil?

Just as with any type of vehicle, it is necessary to use some type of oil for the proper functioning of the motorcycle. This is also necessary for other types of vehicles similar to a motorcycle.

You will notice from the beginning that both the performance and the efficiency of the engine are increased with the proper oil. However, there are a lot of oils available on the market today. That’s why many users are not clear about the main benefits that motorcycle oil provides.

Increased Engine Lubrication

First of all, you will have adequate engine lubrication. This is important since any engine is composed of different components that work mechanically. So, if you don’t use motor oil in your vehicle, then the different moving parts could wear each other out very quickly.

So, the oil reduces the level of wear and friction that occurs between the different components of a motor. It’s the main and most important reason why it is ideal to add oil to a vehicle’s engine.

In this case, you will notice that all moving parts of the engine will be able to operate more flexibly. Here, the oil provides a thick, slippery film that covers each moving part.

Therefore, there must be a continuous flow of oil from the lubrication system for maximum effect. In this way, you will be able to obtain additional benefits that are just quite important for your vehicle.

Lower Engine Temperature

A high temperature is one of the main problems with the engines of any vehicle. Here, it is necessary to consider that all the engines are made with different components of high durability. For this purpose, different combinations of metals are usually used in the engine of any vehicle.

As you may notice a high temperature could make the metal in the engine too flexible. The moment a metal gets too hot, then it will expand and deform. Therefore, the high temperature of your vehicle will deform the different components of the engine.

Of course, if this happens, you will need a large amount of money to check all the necessary repairs on the vehicle. That’s why the oil you put in your engine will help lower the temperature. The oil returns to the oil pan when the engine is shut down.

In this case, high-quality oils can cool the engine when your vehicle is not running. For the best results, you should consider that the oil does not have a temperature above the flashpoint. We can also continue to mention other excellent benefits.

Much Cleaner Engine

Of course, a clean engine can provide much more efficient functionality and higher performance. For this purpose, engine oil can be made up of two main components in most of the options that are available on the market.

Each of these components is of course a base oil and different additives. In principle, the base oil is used to create the final product and serves as a lubricant for the various engine components. Additionally, a certain cleaning procedure is required for the various engine components to function more efficiently.

This particular task is carried out by additives, which offer greater protection for your vehicle’s engine. This means that the oil will be able to clean every part of the engine with which it comes into contact. One of the typical problems of the vast majority of vehicle engines is carbon build-up.

The additives in oil work efficiently to remove this type of accumulation in the engine. That’s why the highest quality oils can completely clean your vehicle’s engine parts.

High Level Of Performance And Efficiency

Of course, performance and efficiency are other aspects that need to be considered for the proper functioning of an engine. Both performance and efficiency in any vehicle are important to obtain the best results. In this case, a very efficient oil, in turn, allows for an increase in the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

In combination, the mechanical power of the vehicle’s engine can be increased by the performance of the engine oil. That’s why motor oil is one of the most important components for obtaining the best results in your vehicle. Of course, having the highest quality oil may not be enough in some vehicles.

Another important factor is knowing exactly when you should apply the new oil. You should have your oil and oil filter changed every few miles. Replacing these two components is just as important if you want the highest results.

Extended Engine Life

Ultimately, each of the above benefits will extend the life of your vehicle’s engine. As you may notice, an engine that is too worn out and not maintained enough will not provide a long life.

Instead, you can extend the life of your vehicle’s engine by applying excellent engine oil. This way, every internal component will be properly cleaned and lubricated at all times. Each of these factors is equally important if you want to continue to enjoy the excellent performance of your vehicle. 

What Are The Types Of Motorcycle Oil?

Today, there are three common types of oil used for motorcycles. Each one is manufactured differently and of course, has a different cost. By knowing each of these oils, you will be able to make a more accurate decision.

Mineral Oils

First, mineral oils are one of the best-known options in general. In this case, some petroleum compounds are combined with high-efficiency additives. In particular, each of these additives has the task of neutralizing the different acids in the oil.

Also, the lubrication of this type of oil is optimized using some friction modifiers. So, the lubrication level of this type of oil is much more appropriate for the engines of some vehicles.

Generally, users who have a new motorcycle decide to use this type of oil because of its great benefits. The first few miles of riding on a new motorcycle will provide an excellent level of protection. This oil is highly recommended for a large number of motorcycles, even those with a small engine capacity.

Synthetic Oils

In this case, it is an oil that includes pure crude oil and is combined with a certain essential additive. Of course, over time this type of oil has evolved and improved thanks to the high technology used for it.

In this case, these oils can diminish internal friction and smooth the different movements of the motorcycles’ engines. To this end, synthetic oils have a lower viscosity than other types of oil. Extended engine lifespan is one of the benefits of using this oil.

Besides, the level of protection obtained by the various components of an engine is high. However, one of the most obvious disadvantages is that the cost of these oils could be somewhat high for some users.

Semi-Synthetic Oils

In particular, this type of oil is usually a mixture of synthetic and mineral oils. In this case, the aim is to achieve the best advantages of each of the previous oils. In particular, motorcycles with an engine between 125 and 180 cylinders should use this type of oil.

In turn, mineral oils can work for a long time, cleaning the different components of the engine. Additionally, synthetic oil can provide an excellent level of lubrication to prevent friction from occurring in the engine. Without a doubt, this is one of the best options you can choose for your motorcycle engine today.