What Is The Loudest Tweeter For A Car Stereo?

Last Updated on December 31, 2022 by Leepu Da Maxim

Among the options available today one of the strongest Tweeter for a car Stereo is Polk Audio DB 1001. Polk Audio DB 1001 has a 360-watt peak, 120-watt RMS, and 92-decibel sensitivity. Another option that is highly recommended is Alpine SPS – 110 W with an RMS of 100 watts, a peak of 300 watts, and finally a sensitivity of 88 decibels.

Key Takeaways

  • The loudest tweeter for a car stereo depends on quite a few factors like the size and power of the tweeter, the size, and design of the car, etc.
  • Usually, tweeters with higher power ratings produce louder sounds
  • You can install tweeters on the door panel, dashboard, speaker pods, or a-pillar of a car
  • Titanium tweeters are good options for high-frequency audio reproduction because titanium is a lightweight and rigid material

The Best Car Audio Tweeters – Pros & Cons

DS18 PRO-TW120BExcellent sound level Extended shelf life Optimal cost-benefit ratioNo wire or screws included
Rockford Fosgate PIT-S 1”High-quality materials. Reliable functionality Clear and high sound levelIntermediate level lifespan
Polk Audio DB1001 1”High-quality sound level. Appropriate shelf lifeLightweight optionInstallation with some complications The molded coating is immovable
Skar Audio SPX-T 1”High level of affordable most excellent sound qualityIntermediate quality materials
CT Sounds 1”Clear and crisp sounds. Secure and reliable functionality. Excellent performanceDifficult to install design 

Where Do You Put Tweeters In A Car?

Today, a large number of people around the world need to incorporate component speakers into their vehicles. Of course, a new audio tweeter is also needed to optimize functionality and fun. Beyond that, the different places a person may choose to install such components do not offer the same results.

It doesn’t even matter so much the type of vehicle or the size of the car the user owns. Here, are some secrets to getting the best audio quality with the new tweeter you purchase. Of course, some cars already have tweeters installed in certain locations.

Here, you will have the possibility to keep those positions and components in the same places. That’s why the party also can choose different locations to optimize audio quality. Some cars do not include tweeters when they come directly from the factory.

That’s why it’s an excellent time to choose the final locations for these types of audio components. At the same time, it is necessary to mention that the installation of this type of component is not too difficult. So, the whole procedure will take more than a few moments.

If you are not very experienced in it, you will be able to install a few steps. Most of the models of these audio components specially design the installation. Here, the important thing for manufacturers is that the installation is a simple and fast procedure for the user.

So, there can be three different types of tweeter assemblies. On the other hand, it is always advisable to consult the exact installation recommended by the manufacturer. Below, we can only mention some general recommendations that you may want to consider.

Mounting On A Surface

In this case, it is one of the simplest and most intuitive setups you should consider. Here you will have to choose a certain surface to be able to install the new tweeters you have purchased. In principle, it will be necessary to have some electrical tools to make some holes.

Once you have everything you need, then you can start making a small hole in the area you have chosen in your vehicle. After the first one in the building is made over the exact location, you will be able to place the tweeter.

The important thing here is to make a small hole to prevent the audio component from moving too much with the vibration of the vehicle. Additionally, consider running the cable from the audio component using the small hole you have created. Finally, you will simply need to use the tweeter holder to mount it and secure it to the chosen surface.

In this case, you are done, as most of the brackets for these audio components include the necessary elements to fix the unit. If you are not convinced by this type of mounting, then you still have two additional modes to choose from.

Mounting Could Be Recessed

To continue here, you can select another area where you will install the new audio component. Also, you will need to take your power tools to make a hole in the chosen place. Especially here you should consider that the hole is not the same as the small hole in the previous case.

On the contrary, you should consider that the hole is the same size as the tweeter. So, you should adjust the audio component at an angle or the level of the hole’s edge. The final position of this audio component will be exactly as you want it.

In this case, this is another very common assembly that people do by themselves. This type of assembly is usually chosen when your car does not include factory tweeters. In case each of the previous assemblies does not convince you, you still have another possibility to choose.

The Assembly Could Be Lower

If you choose this option, then it means that your vehicle may already contain some factory tweets. Here, you will have the possibility to replace all these components with new higher quality units. This is even a fairly common choice that people make to increase audio quality in the vehicle.

Here, you will be able to use the existing grid to place the tweeters so that they fit perfectly. Furthermore, you also need to consider that you might need a stand to complement the installation and get the right results. An excellent way to get good results is to install these components at 45 degrees from your ears.

Of course, the tweeters should be separated from each other and placed close to shoulder level. Here, you can get great sound and optimize every experience. In case you want to further optimize the results here, we can mention some useful locations for the tweeters.

Placing Tweets On A Pillar

One of the most commonly used pillars for these cases is between the front door window and the vehicle’s windshield. This pillar is one of the most used during tweeter installation in a factory car.

At the same time, it is one of the best places to do a surface mount due to the shallow depth. So, you should not have any major problems when doing this type of installation. 

Locating The Tweeters On The Top Door

For all those users who wish to achieve an optimal stereo sound result, the top of the doors is an excellent option. In particular, those vehicles that do not have factory tweeters can use this location to optimize sound quality.

Of course, here you should make a large hole in the panel so that you can solidly attach the tweeter. This way, the audio component will be completely secure over time.

Placing The Tweeters Considering The Dash

Nowadays, it is quite common to find tweeters installed exactly on the dashboard of a new vehicle. In the case of selecting this location then keep in mind that it is not a very simple task.

To begin with, you will need to create support underneath that surface to secure the audio component. After that, you simply need to take the same steps as in the case of the previous locations. Each of these locations and mounts will serve you to obtain an excellent audio level.

Are Titanium Tweeters Good?

In principle, it is necessary to consider that sound components made of this type of metal can offer excellent characteristics. Both titanium and aluminum are perfect materials for long life.

So, these sound components are much more resistant than the rest of the options that are available in the market. Beyond that, you need to keep in mind that the hard metal sound might be felt at too high a volume. While these sound components offer a high level of volume, the harsh sound may be noticeable.

This is usually a little different from other tweeters that are made of more conventional materials such as some type of plastic. In short, you should consider each of these aspects. So, if you want to get high-strength and durability tweeters, the best option is those that are made of titanium or aluminum.

On the contrary, if you prefer to obtain the highest sound fidelity, it would be preferable to opt for other types of materials. So, the best option is to choose those that are made of some kind of plastic, which is somewhat more flexible for sound vibrations.

Do Tweeters Go Bad?

Generally, this type of audio component can provide a long life. Of course, this advantage can be obtained with these audio components if the operation is moderate. As it is often the case with other audio components, here the deterioration could be more accelerated in some circumstances.

Too much power for the tweeters can cause the deterioration of the various components. This can be noticed when you appreciate the sound of these devices. So, if you have a sound system that matches the tweeters, then you have nothing to worry about.